Elite Muse Staff

Elite Muse is a VIP concierge company with skilled, dedicated people at the helm. With many years’ experience in travel agent services, personal elite dating introduction services, and personal concierge services, the amalgamation of all three talents has resulted in the hybrid of Elite Muse travel consultancy services.

Our adept office assistants are all equally experienced in suitable fields. They bring their skills with great enthusiasm to the new and exciting concept of Elite Muse as a VIP travel consultant.


Travel Agency Experience

Your travel consultant and personal luxury concierge for charter services

With our expert elite travel agent experience, we’re accustomed to catering for successful, professional businessmen, VIPs and UHNWIs. Our travel company staff know how important confidentiality and privacy is, as well as suitable luxury and quality environments.

We’re able to source information on locations, flights and hotel details quickly and efficiently.

As your personal travel bureau and private consultants, we’re deft and devoted; You can rest assured you’re in good hands.

Contacts within the VIP travel industry allow us to source yachts and jets worldwide. Knowing the more intimate details of an area and what is available there, can largely affect the experience one has when visiting.

Knowing what activities you can do, in which area to stay, areas to avoid etc, can make all the difference to your leisure vacation or business trip.




Personal Elite Dating Introduction Experience

Our staff with high-end travel companion agency experience have spent years matchmaking for high society gents and VIP model companions. They are extremely skilled at finding the perfect companion for you to meet, and share a dinner date or some sight seeing travel with.

The selection process of the VIP models, actresses and businesswomen is the secret to our success. We are very selective, and only introduce naturally beautiful, fit, healthy, ‘normal’, fresh, educated and successful women. They make themselves available as elite companions with us, for a select few occasional meetings.

You will not be subjected to meeting anyone with tattoos, an unnatural body, or obvious facial surgery. There are no rude attitudes or inappropriate lifestyle habits such as smoking, drug taking or low quality ‘adult work’.  Be assured we are on another level.

You will not meet a ‘professional’ companion, but an unaffected and very warm-hearted, friendly woman of your choice. She is not a full-time companion; she is just available to meet a few lovely gentlemen in return for some financial compensation to support her career and goals. We offer ladies of varying degrees of status and success, but they are all discreet and never available full time, or at the last minute.

Discreetly arranged exclusive travel companion, elite travel consultancy

The girlfriend experience (GFE) you can enjoy with our beautiful and talented travel companions and VIP models is second to none. Our attention to detail in our match making is exceptional; expect a very high standard.

No more lonely trips, no more risky dating. Fully vetted and secured VIP travel companions for your security and comfort.


Personal Concierge and VIP Consultation Services

Our experienced staff who have a personal concierge background are well versed in every aspect of providing whatever is required for VIPs.

When you need a referral for a high quality local service, an elite tour guide, a reliable dry cleaner, suitable luxury hotel accommodations, etc., we’re at your service.

When you need a last-minute private jet charter, a ticket to that fabulous show, or an exclusive fine dining restaurant reservation, we are always at your disposal.

Particularly when traveling, it is essential to have someone to contact if something goes awry, or when you need something taken care of. You should be able to relax and enjoy your travel experience, and reach your destination feeling fresh and stress-free with your model muse.

When traveling for business, sometimes you simply don’t have time to make arrangements for the destination to which you’re headed. We’re there for you, and can ensure everything is ready for you upon your arrival.

No more mediocre treatment or lost opportunities. We are an extension of your own desires, and will follow your every instruction, taking initiative as needed.

The more we get to know you, the more you will see our intuition and initiative shine, making sure everything is to your utmost desires. Like any relationship, the closer we are, the more we will intuit your preferences.

Personal virtual concierge and travel assistant