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Meeting people in a new place can be difficult. Traveling to a city alone can also be uninteresting, and even lonely. Why spend those evenings or lunches dining alone? A beautiful and elegant escort companion, sunning image model or educated luxury travel escort can change all that and make your evening or weekend captivating and magical.

Elite Muse will secretly arrange for a beautiful and elite travel companion model to discreetly join you at your destination. She could also travel with you on your journey, whether a business trip or luxury exotic vacation. For eg., you may be in New York, traveling to London for business. You could request a model travel escort from NYC to travel with you, or to meet you there. You could request a gorgeous VIP escort from LA, Paris or London to join you anywhere in the world!

Even if you have your own secretary or assistant to arrange your travel plans and itinerary, please allow our personal concierge to arrange for a wonderful private escort visit. You don’t have to go out if you prefer to stay completely discreet. In-room dining and cocktails can be arranged. However if you’re able to go out, it is far more enjoyable to get to know each other in a social setting.

Nobody needs to know your lovely dinner date is an image model escort companion. She is a natural beauty, accomplished and intelligent, so nobody will guess where you met her, or that she is a private courtesan. You can enjoy your time with your beautiful date, without judgement or distraction. Spend your leisure time as a free man, with a 100% totally confidential meeting. Your meeting will be co-ordinated by the VIP concierge of the agency, so you don’t need to worry about a thing. The beautiful feminine companion will meet you at the agreed location, whether your hotel, the restaurant or the event. The evening will commence, and you can embark on building a beautiful connection with an incredible woman.


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Meeting A High End Image Model Travel Date

Meeting a beautiful, high quality image model escort or a VIP travel companion couldn’t be easier, as part of your travel plans. The model courtesan individuals we have collected for introduction to you are all very, very special. To work with us, they must be naturally gorgeous without makeup, and be pursuing established, successful careers. Models, actresses and industry professionals are at your fingertips to invite for lunch, dinner, cocktails, VIP events, hiking, sight seeing, to a movie, etc.

We do not work with professional adult-industry ladies. We hire fresh, real, successful women who are open to meeting equally successful gentlemen for special connections. We offer professional top models, talented VIP actresses, accomplished career women and businesswomen. We are very selective and you’ll only be shown the gorgeous, well bred VIP image model beauties you’d expect to meet at an elite courtesan escort service.

Modeling, acting, and many other careers offer intermittent and unreliable income, so the models always appreciate your support, in exchange for her time. While all but a few of our beautiful escorts are protected behind an exclusive VIP Member area, you can contact us for some more information. Find out about Membership here.


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Benefits Of Meeting An Elite VIP Travel Companion Escort

When you travel alone, you may find it relaxing initially. However soon after, you may feel bored or prefer to have a dinner date for the evening.  Some of the benefits of allowing us to arrange a confidential and secret escort companion to join you may be:

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1. You don’t have to dine alone

There are studies which support the fact that we digest better and absorb nutrients more efficiently when we have pleasant company at the dinner table. What better reason to have a beautiful image model date by your side than your own optimal health? Imagine having dinner with a gorgeous top model, a supermodel escort, or a stunning actress or businesswoman. The heightened youthful energy flowing through your veins at the sight of her will definitely have a positive effect on you.

Nobody likes to dine alone, especially in a city away from home. Invite an elite model escort companion to meet you for dinner dates during your trip, to never waste your evenings alone again. Loneliness can be detrimental to your well being. Some people actively enjoy being alone, however for social beings, as most humans are, having some company is imperative. When you book some time with a stunning elite image model escort, you can be sure you’re meeting some of the finest company available.


2. You can explore the city a little more

Sometimes going out alone is daunting, especially if the language is different. An elite travel escort companion will act as a bit of support to accompany you while exploring. You may like to have dinner and breakfast together, then enjoy an afternoon of swimming or sight-seeing.


3. You’ll have someone with you to share your thoughts

Sometimes in life you can feel misunderstood, or even neglected. When you feel like nobody understands you, or you’re overlooked by everyone around you, an elite VIP escort girl companion will be there just for you. We only work with models who like to listen and who really care. All her attention is focused on you.

She will create a warm mental connection, where you can talk, share and laugh together. She will get to know you, and appreciate you for who you are. See how it feels to be appreciated by someone. Our model escorts are always genuinely interested in you and your happiness.


4. You can feel younger

Whether you meet a beautiful elite escort woman  your own age or younger, having someone there just for you can make you feel special and youthful. You can forget all your stresses for an evening and just have some light hearted fun. The positive energy created by a beautiful, caring woman can revitalize you immensely. Sometimes the best solution for a stressful lifestyle is a night off, with a little personal attention and indulgence. You don’t have to be Mister Business all the time! You know what they say about all work and no play…


5. You can have a laugh

Laughter is the best medicine, and to see the humor in life with someone beautiful is just what you need.  Sharing a bottle of wine and some anecdotes with your beautiful escort date, or even just sharing jokes over dinner, can be very fulfilling and enjoyable. An elite courtesan can be as amusing as she is intelligent. It’s not all philosophy and deep conversations. A sense of humor is important for the image models and companions to possess, and you can enjoy great social benefits, depending on the direction of the conversation.


6. You will feel refreshed

Meeting with a new gorgeous escort model date can clear your mind. Hearing a fresh point of view on something can inspire you to feel differently.  When you discuss something with a cheerful and positive beauty, she can bring a new angle to things, and refresh your mind as to the situation. Two heads are better than one.

Solutions can be arrived at faster with a sympathetic ear, whose objective input can be beneficial. She may also be skilled at massage, and revitalize you with a wonderful massage to help you relax and unwind. Your refreshing and revitalizing GFE date will being you great relief from the stresses of daily life.


7. You can delegate jobs

Your elite VIP companion escort is usually well versed in business, admin, and/ or other fields of interest. She will be happy to make business calls for you, assist you with paperwork and filing, or attend to little secretarial jobs if necessary. While she’s certainly not your concierge – that’s our job – she can assist with little things you don’t have time for while she is with you, particularly during a long-duration booking. Your business commitments can be settled faster, and you can enjoy some more leisure time together with your beautiful luxury escort.


8. You can appreciate a beautiful view

The sight of a gorgeous woman in a bikini on board your yacht, or in an elegant outfit for dinner, is breathtaking. Why stare at a plain wall or brainless TV screen when you could be looking at and engaging with a stunning, intelligent model companion who will please your eyes? And she’s there just for you, all night.

Make every moment of the day more pleasant with a warm, caring and friendly travel companion escort by your side. She is purely supportive and enjoyable company. Meeting a beautiful image model travel date will change your life, knowing you never have to get through a night alone again.

You can contact us now for information regarding meeting a gorgeous VIP escort companion, and making luxury travel plans. Our elite models are available worldwide, but are not listed online for absolute privacy. She likes to protect her identity, which in turn keeps things entirely discreet and private for you.

Nobody will have seen your VIP escort’s face on the internet regarding companionship or anything distasteful. She is not flashing her body around for everyone to view, she’s not available to meet per hour, and she’s only available to meet you exclusively. Our elite beauties only meet a few gentlemen per year, as they’re all working on pursuing their successful careers. They’re available to meet a select few callers.

When you seek ultimate discretion, Elite Muse is the most private and secret companion concierge in the world. Most of our callers find us via word of mouth.

We don’t advertise in less appealing escort directories or on any kind of adult or escort platform (unless it has been added without our permission). Our elite escort agency is high end, and high quality. We don’t really work with ‘escort’ clients as such, who like to meet per-hour escorts that are available to meet anyone who calls. We cater for refined gentlemen seeking a beautiful experience with an equally refined woman. Elite Muse was created for the successful, UHNWI and VIP gentlemen who require careful attention, caring assistance and discreet introduction to elite, beautiful travel companions.

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