Long Term Arrangements

Happy long term companion escort travel mateSometimes it’s necessary to book a companion or image model for a long term arrangement. You may be divorced and just looking for someone to be there for you as you need, while you transition back into dating and normal single life.

Perhaps you’re going on a long vacation or luxury travel trip and want someone to join you. Or maybe you’re just particular, and like your travel companion to be exclusively at your beck and call!

When you need a long term companion, ie a minimum of 3 months, we can arrange a reasonable package for you. We recommend you meet the model first, at least once, to ensure your chemistry is aligned and there’s a fun connection between you.

Once you know the model you’d like to invite, we have different packages for different levels, starting in the five figures.

Keep your favorite angel by your side as a full time live-in girlfriend. She can travel with you, or just live  in your suitable home for the sake of appearances.

Our models are all fresh and natural looking, with excellent reputations and education. They are modestly presented, well mannered, naturally beautiful and will maintain appearances perfectly as your girlfriend.

Whether for family, work, public, revenge, or otherwise, for all intents and purposes, you will be in a “relationship” with this woman.

Contact us now to discuss your full time, long term arrangement with a naturally beautiful, intelligent, discreet GFE companion or image model.

Fun travel companion arrangement