Terms & Conditions

We don’t like to impose a heavy amount of rules and regulations, however some are required to ensure inconsiderate individuals don’t try to take advantage. Please find outlined below the main conditions of utilizing the Elite Muse travel consultancy services:

  • Please review our disclaimer for a full outline of our responsibilities, and our privacy policy for full details on how we use your information.
  • Changing travel plans at the last minute without letting us know is unwise; we may be unable to arrange refunds for booked plans.
  • Exchanging personal contact details with the travel companions is strictly prohibited. We cannot guarantee the safety of either party if engagements are arranged outside of the company. Any memberships will be terminated if this occurs.
  • The company and its owners, staff and operators take no responsibility for any unfortunate situations, damage, loss or harm that may result from you using the site and the service. While all measures are undertaken to protect everyone, from disclosing information or avoiding dangers, you agree to hold the company and its staff and operators exempt of any and all consequences of using the site or the service.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding any point, and we will discuss and clarify things.  We look forward to serving you with a warm, professional, welcoming experience you can come to rely upon.


Elite Muse Management