Travel Companions

Elite Muse luxury travel companionsAs professional leisure consultants, we can introduce you to the most refined, elegant & beautiful travel companions and dinner companions. Intelligent actresses, model and successful career ladies to enchant you. Please contact us to be introduced to high quality, well bred ladies, who are not splashed across public websites in questionable outfits…

Our elite model companions are the kind of women you see at Ascot, Cannes Film Festival and White Tie formal events. Not in Ibiza nightclubs. They’re committed to excellent careers and a healthy lifestyle, with no tattoos or inappropriate surgery enhancements.

Your companions arranged via Elite Muse will be entirely discreet, confident, educated and intelligent, naturally beautiful and always beautifully presented. Carefully protected, nobody would ever suspect where you met her. We’ll give you exclusive access to our private database, not available to just anyone.

Expect the very finest quality, as you deserve. Contact us now.