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Why use a travel consultant? Their elite connections and travel knowledge take the guess-work out of traveling and meeting VIP companions

A ‘Family Office’ is generally a private wealth management advisory firm that serves ultra-high-net-worth investors. These advisory firms are different from traditional wealth management companies in that they offer a total outsourced solution to managing the financial and investment side of an affluent individual or family.

Starting with hiring suitable family management staff, the family office will manage the family’s affairs like a business, keeping everything in perfect working order, to ensure all details are taken care of on time and with little fuss.

As a private concierge to the elite UHNWI and VIP, Elite Muse is a specialized kind of ‘family office’ of sorts. While we do have superb staff and contacts who specialize in wealth management and investments, (and we’re not novices in that arena), we specialize in managing secret travel arrangements and discreet, confidential companion introductions for the head of the household, whose stresses and earning capacity require a rest sometimes.

We can do as little or as much as you need but generally offer a total package solution for managing your private leisure time and confidential escapes. This allows you to make arrangements with us away from your full-time life management staff, keeping things extremely discreet and private. It’s between you and your Elite Muse Concierge Consultant, who has signed a Non-Disclosure agreement. Zero disclosure of what goes on in your personal leisure time.

For personalized attention, Elite Muse will attend to your every need when arranging private luxury travel. All you need to do is discuss your preferences or requirements during a consultation and arrive on the day. All other details will be attended to and intuited. Any additional options or changes will be checked with you, otherwise, your arrangements will be stress-free and entirely confidential forever.

Contact us today to see how we can assist you in arranging the leisure time and travel experience you really want.


Elite travel consultant arranging dinner companion dates.
Your elite travel consultant will arrange all your travel needs, including a dinner date with a stunning woman.


Why Use a Travel Consultant?

When you’re traveling, especially on business or for a luxury getaway, you expect it to be idyllic and functional, without stress or hassles. By securing the assistance of a professional high-end travel consultant, you can have the experience you deserve and expect because we take the guesswork out of all the planning. We use first-hand collective personal knowledge and our international connections for you to have the trip you desire.

When a travel concierge comes into your life, they work on your behalf, doing all the things you don’t have time to do. All the research is done efficiently and anonymously, and there are no middlemen to leak confidential information. You deserve this stress-free and smooth business trip or exotic vacation with the woman of your dreams. Especially when it’s planned by a professional travel consultant who has the expertise to create your perfect atmosphere. Some of the reasons for letting your travel concierge take care of all the bookings and arrangements include:


1) You deserve an enjoyable, confidential, and stress-free vacation, all planned by your professional travel consultant

As a VIP or UHNWI, planning any trip takes a lot of time out of your day. Rather than searching through websites and making guesses at the accommodations etc, hoping to meet someone local when you arrive, why not leave it all to us? Not only can your travel consultant book your flight or jet, assuming you don’t take your own for the sake of discretion, but we can also book your hotel accommodations, and ensure every detail is included. In addition, we will make recommendations for where to dine, shop, and sight-see during your visit. There are often must-see attractions you may not have considered visiting before, and we can often arrange for private entry and tours, where there are no other visitors present.

For Eg you may wish to shop at Chanel; we can arrange a time for a private VIP shopping time when other customers will be excused from the store so you can shop in peace.  We can also arrange luxury car hire, supercar hire, or a personal chauffeur to ferry you around as needed. Secure conveyance is imperative for a VIP. Depending on your status, you may require a helicopter or close security (personal bodyguard); we can arrange all of this for you locally.

We can advise which European top-star hotels will have the suite configuration you want, which luxury hotel in Asia is in the best location, and which American five-star hotels offer the services you will be expecting. Elegant restaurants and Michelin star eateries, or casual hole-in-the-wall burger spots are all on our list of contacts, with short notice reservations possible; we do our human best to get you everything you want during your stay. Seeking a walking tour, or museum information? We can give you the information and make the trip sensational for you.

Importantly, when you require information regarding visas etc, we will let you know the requirements and do as much of the work as we can on your behalf.  Any health requirements? We’re on top of it. Looking for a little company during your stay? We have many gorgeous, ‘normal’ beauties on staff who would love a night out to meet a successful gentleman for dinner. Models, actresses, beautiful career women; always high-end, elegant, and elite companions. Not professionals splashed all over internet sites, but truly VIP and distinctive young ladies; nobody would ever know she’s not your girlfriend.

In a nutshell, our expertise allows us to plan the ultimate travel experience, in a fraction of the time it would take you or perhaps even your secretary, to arrange.


2) Preserve your privacy while enhancing the quality of your trip.

We’re well accustomed to dealing with UHNWIs who require confidential assistance.  Discretion and privacy are our top priorities when making any assessments or plans. It’s our job to listen to your needs and make sure you’re entirely happy. While you may already have personal staff on whom you lean for your day-to-day organization and care, you may not wish to share this particular kind of trip with them. Or perhaps they’ve booked the trip for you, but you still require some discreet company, and a known adult agency is not the route you wish to take.

Billing as travel consultants and luxury holiday concierge, your arrangements with us are 100% confidential at all times. All of our people sign non-disclosure agreements for legal confidentiality, and there is no chance of disclosure, as all records are destroyed upon completion of your visit. When you don’t want anyone to know you’re meeting an elite model someone for dinner during your trip, simply contact Elite Muse to make the arrangements. You will be assigned one personal concierge to attend to all your needs.

It’s also our job to know all the currency exchange rates and the complexities that encircle the travel industry. We can ensure your payments are not noticed to look out of place or odd in your normal travel itinerary. This also includes knowing where the deals are, if you’re someone who likes to keep an eye on costs. We also can arrange for upgrades and complimentary additions wherever possible. We’ll be sure the General Manager of the hotel knows you’re a VIP and takes extra good care of you during your stay.

Let us do the work for you. By putting everything together ourselves, we fiercely protect your privacy and save you costs, while enhancing the quality of your trip.


3) Provide personal attention & service.

You’re a busy man. When you coordinate with your personal travel consultant and concierge, we know exactly what you want from your business trip or leisure holiday, and will work within your budget to make everything as perfect as possible. We assist you in making informed decisions and avoiding mistakes. We not only tailor the trip to meet your exacting VIP objectives, we also provide personalized attention and counsel throughout the trip planning process, and during the entire journey.

We are on call for you and the model 24/7 while you are with one of our companions. If you have a particular need or specific preference, our travel consultants specialize in certain areas, such as veganism/ vegan travel, fitness and bodybuilding/ weight lifting travel needs, space for activity practice, soundproof rooms for training, and of course, introductions to exquisitely beautiful, successful women. Our guidance will ensure you have the time of your life, and all your dreams come true during your trip.