The Ideal Travel Companion

Ideal business travel companion for helicopter and uhnwi jet traveling

The experience we want you to have is one that is smooth, stress-free and brings glowing feelings of joy and fun whenever the memory is recalled. This list outlines the ideal travel companion characteristics, and the type of person we seek out for introduction to you. See if the elite companion you have your eye on meets the expectations:


She enjoys travel

The ideal travel companion most importantly enjoys traveling! Kind of an important point. If you have a person who is afraid to fly, or doesn’t have much travel experience, she may not be the best option for you.

What if her passport is limited and she can’t travel everywhere? You need to be aware of that, to allow time for arranging visas and appropriate travel documentation.


She is charming, elegant and intelligent

Otherwise, the perfect travel companion is an elegant, tasteful young lady who pursues a full time career. She’s smart and adaptive, and she is not only educated but intelligent. As a well rounded young woman, she is easy to speak with and keeps the conversation flowing. She’s genuinely interested in you, and considers your opinions and preferences.

Getting to know you is part of the reason why she has accepted the trip. She admires successful and powerful men. An ideal travel date is never rude to anyone, and behaves with grace at all times. While everyone is only human and have their little issues, polite conduct and charm is not something she’s short of.


She is positive minded and easy going

Positive and easy-going travel companions are best

She is positive and cheerful most of the time, and relatively easy going. Rather than moaning about things that aren’t to her liking, she looks at the silver linings, and is grateful for the things that she is blessed with. A glass-half-full type, she handles disappointments with aplomb.

She copes relatively well with stress; in case there are some last-minute travel plan changes, she goes with the flow, and seeks solutions rather than complaining. Travel plans can change any time for many reasons, so her expectations are fluid, and if the plans are changed, she also changes her intentions and plans to fit.


She is well presented, polite and discreet

Her attire is always stylish, modest, tasteful and refined. She chooses high quality clothing, even if she is in a casual environment. Even in swimwear, she is not bawdy or flashy, and her physique will not be attention-grabbing in the wrong way.

She is not money-obsessed, but rather quality-focused. She is kind, considerate of others, and well mannered. A polite treatment of everyone from the maid to the Queen signifies her class and grace. She overlooks mistakes, mentions successes and is easy with compliments.


She is immaculately presented and hygienic

A perfect travel companion takes excellent care of herself, with immaculate hygiene and attentive skin care. She ensures her feet and hands are always smooth and manicured, and her skin is moisturized. Her hair is always professionally managed by a talented hairdresser, and her evening attire is dry cleaned and flawless.

Every item of clothing is in good condition, and she wears beautiful feminine under-garments to make herself feel soft and pretty. Everything about her is elite and beautiful.


She is accustomed to high society

While she is not a ‘gold-digger’, she is accustomed to luxury, and appreciates a quality environment. She is usually from a high society background, and will blend seamlessly into the UHNWI and VIP lifestyle; she has always been around high quality atmosphere’s and knows how to conduct herself tastefully, with correct etiquette.

Whether you plan a casual environment or a white tie occasion, the perfect travel companion is versatile and can associate comfortably in any situation. She will always be elegant, refined, polite and well presented, no matter the style or atmosphere.


She is always respectful, reliable and confidential

Luxury travel companions know how to handle the uhnwi's high society

Always feminine, gently confident and conducting herself with respect, people find her unoffensive and discreet. She genuinely cares about others and is not self-absorbed or egotistical. She’s generally humble and considers herself a normal woman, even when she is clearly very high end. Discretion and confidentiality is something she takes very seriously.

She expects it for herself and  gives it freely to others. She respects other people’s privacy and will never disclose a confidentiality. A level-headed and reliable person, she can be depended upon to do what she says, and to provide excellent support to her traveling date.


She is successful and understands business

She is at the top of her field professionally, a source of pride and confidence for her. She converses easily and intelligently with everyone, and smiles often. She understands image, and how important business will be to the UHNWI.

If you are unavailable at some point, or plans change because of business commitments, she will entertain herself, amd go with the flow as needed. She is there to enjoy your company and enjoy things together. Anytime you’re unavailable, she will attend to her own agenda until you’re available again.


She is exclusive, private and high end

Positive and light hearted travel companions are easy-going and fun

Being a professional, she is not available to anyone, anytime. She accepts occasional invitations to accompany someone special on a business trip or vacation. She doesn’t damage her body or her femininity by posting tattoos on her body, and she doesn’t present herself in any way other than elegant, mainstream, tasteful and neat.

No odd piercings or out of proportion surgery will be seen on a high end companion. She wold never damage her look, so that her future potential opportunities are not affected.

(As we know, much of high society shuns tattoos and prohibits them. Those ladies with aspirations for high profile careers would never jeopardize her future chances.) She doesn’t cater for per-hour meetings, or meet hundreds of men for ‘services’ so to speak.

She doesn’t wander around in the middle of the night leaving a date alone, she remains his companion until a reasonable hour (generally breakfast).


When you contact Elite Muse for one of the gorgeous and accomplished beauties available as a travel companion, we will show you a selection of these incredible women. We will recommend the most suitable, and you can ultimately make the choice of which you’d like to invite and get to know better. We will check her availability, and arrange a magical meeting with a wonderful woman for you to add that little cherry on top of your business trip or vacation.