What Is A Travel Companion?

A travel companion is someone who either travels with you, or meets you at your destination, in order to enjoy the location together. It’s certainly more fun to sight-see or have romantic dinner dates with a travel companion, than to travel or dine alone! Travel companions are simply people traveling together. A common Traveling Companion definition is “a person or persons with whom you have coordinated travel arrangements, stays with or nearby you, and intends to travel with you during the trip.”

When you work with Elite Muse expert travel consultants, our concierge services will ensure your choice of companion is as close to perfect as possible. Our selection of successful models, actresses and career professionals are delightful company, with warm hearts, friendly natures, excellent education and clean lifestyles.


The Benefits of Having A Travel Companion

Luxury travel companion for international traveling dates.
Luxury travel companions for international traveling dates.

While not being alone is one of the most obvious benefits of bringing a travel companion with you, there are many other reasons.

A travel partner can provide moral support, especially if you have social anxiety and don’t like going out alone. It’s someone with whom to share funny moments, and some to whom you can point out interesting facts. Your traveling companion can share with you the enjoyment of experiencing unfamiliar locations and savoring new cultures.

Often your elite travel companion will have a lot of local information, which can streamline your experience, or prevent you from making mistakes or wasting time. To ensure that a travel companion is one who can add value to your journey, choose someone we recommend, who has similar travel preferences and personality characteristics.

Simple ask us, and we’ll suggest the most suitable young lady. As professional and expert matchmakers, we know very well which companion will be best for your mood and your trip each time.

Choosing a travel companion is kind of an important issue. The individual with whom you travel can directly affect how much you enjoy your trip while it’s happening, and the memories you will have after it’s over. You want both the experience and its memory to be not only pleasant, but unforgettable.

Our specialty is to match make the best choice for you. We’re expert matchmakers, experienced in creating beautiful chemistry, and your best bet for enjoying an extremely memorable vacation or business trip.


What to look for in a travel companion

Elite travel companion for uhnwi travel dating
Elite travel companion for high end travel dating.

1. Have some common interests. While we will always suggest ideal companions, the final choice is of course always yours. Your travel companion’s interests and lifestyle will have some effect on hoe your time is spent. If you enjoy museum visits and she prefers cocktails in a pool bar, there will be some conflict! Heeding our recommendations and informative consultation will mean the difference between a pleasant visit, and a sensational time. We want your travel experience with us to be unforgettable, not just nice. : )

2. Avoid people who exhibit extremes. If a model is exceptionally talkative, obsessive or neurotic, and you’re relaxed and zen, think twice before inviting her to share in your vacation and leisure time, no matter how beautiful she is. As professional and expert matchmakers, we will always ensure the elite travel companions we recommend are best suited to your environment. If you choose a different companion to our recommendation, we will always let you know that we do not guarantee the smooth, stress-free atmosphere we usually guarantee. She will still be elite and you’ll have a lovely time, but not a magical and unforgettable time!

3. Arrange any financial settlements before leaving. If your companion has requested a fee for her time, or has ideas for your activities during your trip together, it is best to arrange this well in advance. When working with the Elite Muse travel consultancy agency, this is all taken care of for you. We ensure your personalities are perfectly matched, the companion’s fee is settled, and your plans are established. That’s one less thing for your to worry about!

4. Age matters. Depending on your personality, traveling with someone much older or younger can be less enjoyable. You may want to settle in for the night, while they expect to go out looking around the area or visiting exciting lounge bars. Keeping the age group within 5 – 10 years difference is the ideal range, and you’ll get along swimmingly. However, if you are a particularly young-at-heart type, and at 60, you enjoy the company of 20-somethings, by all means please let us know. There are plenty of mature-minded 20-somethings who may well get along with your youthful soul perfectly! In that case, forget the age and just have a wonderful time with a gorgeous, successful, high end travel companion!