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    December 8, 2022


    Marrakesh (or Marrakech) is a vibrant city in the south of Morocco, where the default blue of the sky contrasts with the peach-gold architecture. It is the capital of Marrakesh-mid-southwestern Safi’s area, located in the Tensift River valley which runs along the city’s northern perimeter.

    Marrakesh, sometimes known as the “Red City,” is a culturally significant historical city in Morocco. Furthermore, Marrakech is divided into two sections: the medina, which is the historic and fortified city, and Gueliz, which is the contemporary part of the city, mostly frequented by tourists.

    Surprisingly, Marrakech boasts the biggest traditional market, known as a souk or souq. It also boasts a market square, which is said to be the busiest in Africa. There are fascinating storytellers, water sellers, acrobats, dancers, and musicians in the area. The city also houses some exquisite five star hotels, offering tours of the ancient city.


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    At night, food vendors set up around the area, transforming it into a bustling open-air restaurant. The city itself is the main draw. Marrakech’s brilliant colors and distinctive vibe transports any visitor into a world of fascinating history and unique culture.

    If you plan to spend most of your time in or around the medina, Marrakech’s walled old city, you will have the privilege to admire old, ornately adorned sites such as the Saadian Tombs, the Badi Palace, and the Koutoubia Mosque. Don’t forget to leave time for traditional Moroccan activities like camel rides in the desert and hammam soaks.



    Marrakech with a Date

    Marrakech, also spelled as Marrakesh in the west, understands how to put up a show. Its intoxicating sights and sounds dazzle, frazzle, and fascinate, as they have for millennia. Bustle takes on a whole new meaning in the Marrakesh medina. Discover this wonderful place with a travel date and see how she will transform your trip into a better, more fulfilling one.

    Exploring the city’s twists and turns with your lovely date adds levels to the adventure. If you treat her well, she will delight you with her wit and brains, her kindness and sweet personality that is equal to her charm and attractiveness. Stroll around Marrakesh’s fascinating streets and take in everything the city has to offer. Marrakech has a certain appeal that no other place will captivate.

    It is Africa’s first official Cultural Capital, a tornado of excitement and activity packed with wonderful cuisine and a very real sense of importance that cannot be produced. Make no mistake, Marrakech is one of the world’s most alluring places, a city that targets all of the senses and holds nothing back in the process.


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    Explore Musée Yves Saint Laurent, a mesmerizing museum that shows beautifully selected collections of haute couture apparel and accessories from the iconic French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent’s 40-year creative output. The twisted and wefted structure mimics woven cloth and has a 150-seat theatre, research library, bookstore, and terrace café selling light refreshments.

    The Musée Yves Saint Laurent, undoubtedly the most exciting example of modern architecture in Marrakesh, rises on a granite base of Moroccan marble and stone, covered in a lacework of terracotta bricks. The rough arrangement of the bricks is meant to mirror the fabric’s weft and warp. Step inside, and you’ll notice a stark difference, with a silky-smooth surface designed to complement the appearance much like the lining of a couture jacket.

    Visit Jardin Majorelle, a very fashionable place with magnificent gardens, art deco architecture, and a great museum. Yves Saint Laurent and his partner Pierre Bergé purchased Jardin Majorelle in 1980 to preserve the vision of its previous owner, French landscape painter Jacques Majorelle and kept it available to the public. Started in 1924, the garden is a kaleidoscopic desert hallucination comprising 300 plant species from five continents. At its core is Majorelle’s electric-blue art deco studio, which houses the Musée Berbère that shows 600 objects from Morocco’s indigenous inhabitants.

    Discover with your lovely date the Bahia Palace in Marrakech, Morocco, which is a 19th-century edifice with chambers covered with magnificent stuccos, paintings, and mosaics. The Bahia Palace was designed to be the most magnificent palace of its period. The word Bahia Palace means “brilliance” in Arabic. It was designed to portray the spirit of the Islamic and Moroccan styles, as were other structures of the time in other countries.

    The Musée de Marrakech, which displays a range of Moroccan art forms amid the opulent salons of the Mnebhi Palace, will astound you. The central internal courtyard is the highlight, with its riot of cedar archways, stained-glass windows, intricately painted door panels, and, of course, lashings of colorful geometric mosaic tilework.

    Don’t miss the display of exquisite Fez ceramics in the courtyard’s main room or the palace’s hammam. This is one of Marrakesh’s oldest museums, and it appears antiquated in comparison to others.


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    After the exploration, you and your companion can stay at a hotel that is one of the few in the world that defies hotel excellence codes. A few steps from the fabled Jemaa El Fna square beats the heart of Marrakech’s magnificent palace, revealing to visitors its unique notion of the medina inside the medina. Each room is conceived of here as a sensory experience that seduces naturally.

    Enter the enchanted and luxurious past of one of the world’s most stunning hotels. When you walk through the doors of the hotel, the pulse of the city quickens. Typical architecture, beautiful gardens, and riads of exquisite refinement await you and your date.

    The design of this luxury hotel in Marrakech follows the norms of a traditional medina where one may promenade and discover the joys that arouse all of the senses. The rooms and suites have been replaced with beautiful riads, and the hallways have been replaced by twisting lanes. It is Morocco’s only hotel that offers this one-of-a-kind idea.


    elite travel companion previewMarrakesh Fine Dining

    Marrakech’s vibrant and exciting city is a sensory overload. It captivates tourists with flashes of brilliant color, a plethora of lively sounds, and the constant heat of the desert. But it’s the flavors and scents of the city’s cuisine that will truly take your breath away.

    Moroccan cookery has been inspired by a wide range of cuisines and civilizations over the years. And the country’s cuisine has gained popularity all around the world. A visit to Marrakech, Morocco’s cultural capital, would be incomplete without sampling the city’s burgeoning cuisine scene.

    At a chic restaurant situated in the heart of the exclusive Hivernage district of Marrakech with a 1920s Art Deco design style, you can find that French-inspired food is over the top and the opulent decor is matched only by the clientele.

    The lighting throughout the space is rich and warm, and the owner credits it for much of the restaurant’s success. Most diners begin the evening sitting inside, but then make their way to the boudoir-Esque basement, festooned in photos of Yves Saint Laurent, and dancing on the furniture goes late into the night.

    Alternatively, visit another well-known restaurant with an exquisite, jewelry-box décor, where Moroccan culture meets modern fine dining. The restaurant is divided into several dining rooms, each with a decor that reflects the building’s past.

    The Arabian-Andalusian lounge with a large cupola and fountain distinguishes the Royal Room, while the Marjane Room is designed in wood, copper, and traditional mosaic. In line with the surroundings, the menu features exquisite Moroccan meals with a variety of delicious options.

    Marrakech showcases Morocco’s amazing and magical choices of delectable and unique cuisines. Find the best ones to dine during your stay there from here: