Visit Dreamy Santorini


    November 24, 2022


    Santorini lies approximately 200 km southeast of mainland Greece. Santorini is among the most romantic and beautiful places on the planet. It has a stunning landscape, unique beaches, and lively nightlife. Santorini has a surface of approximately 96 sq km and a coastline that stretches 69 km.

    Fira is the capital of Santorini, while the main port is Athinios. Santorini is world-famous for its caldera, surrounded by huge cliffs. The only sunken caldera on the planet and resembles a lagoon with a water depth of almost 400 meters. On top of the cliffs are beautiful villages that were uniquely built. Millions of tourist flock to Santorini every year and it gets extremely busy during summer. However Winter visits are wonderfully private, and there are always private locations to be rented for a private Summer escape.


    Discover beautiful Santorini with an elegant travel escort and dinner companion


    Santorini is the most important among the Cyclades islands because it dominates the archipelago’s cultural and economic life, and can only be reached by cruise, yacht, or by plane, either from Athens or from a European country. Santorini’s’ stunning black sand beaches, limestone cliffs, and unique culture are irresistible. Pumice is the island’s main export and there are ten wineries in Santorini.

    The wines of the region are dry and have mineral overtones. Vinsanto, the dessert wine from Santorini, is well-known as the wine of Holy Communion. Many local artists exhibit all over the island, making it a hub for arts and crafts. Santorini has remnants of the Phoenician Spartan and Minoan civilizations.


    Santorini With a Date

    Santorini is a perfect summer getaway due to its stunning places, mesmerizing atmosphere and surroundings and as the most popular among the Cyclades group of islands. Traveling to this incredibly beautiful and picturesque island isn’t as magical without an equally beautiful travel companion.

    Besides being stunning and fit, she should be warm, intelligent, genuine and charming, making your time in Santorini unforgettable. She will delight you with her authentic nature, which should be inviting and interesting, yet elegant. She’ll be at ease with even the most opulent of things, but also quite comfortable with a day on the beach or a lovely picnic.

    Just as charming as your companion, Fira offers a charming pedestrian-only capital in the world that can be reached only from the seaport by taking a short cable car trip that surely you and your beautiful companion will have a moment marveling at the breathtaking views as it climbs.

    As you wander around in Santorini’s whitewashed houses, blue-domed churches, colorful windows, and narrow cobblestone, engage in fruitful and genuine conversations that is perfect in making your travel unforgettable. Walk to reach Imerovigli, where you will be able to admire the stunning views from the small town. It is located at the highest point in Caldera cliffs.

    Experience Santorini’s beauty, explore hot springs and beaches and soak up the sun and sights as you sail around on a cruise ship or yacht at night or daytime, and sail around the island and its caldera or island-hopping while you discover places that you’ve never been to. Stop to bathe on any beaches such as the Red Beach in Santorini where you can swim, snorkel or unwind at beaches.

    Explore Nea Kameni springs with your companion. As evening comes around while you cruise, the twilight will provide awe-inspiring sunset views depending on the weather condition. Nevertheless, there are other secluded beaches, where you can avail yourself a privacy and ease up in nature.

    A visit to the spectacular Museum of Prehistoric Thera with your date will without a doubt bring you nothing short of wonderment with its unique collection of amazing art collections from ancient civilizations up to the bronze age such as the amazing frescos and impressive mural paintings.

    Fascinate yourself into the history of the islands and relish the beauty of the past as they are colorful representations of nature and everyday life and give a valuable insight into the way of life back then and the environment.

    After such a long day on the island, find retreat into the five-star hotels where style, opulence, and perfection meet a world of beauty and tradition. In this hotel, they architecturally designed a new concept of sanctuary that is different from other luxury suites with its distinct unique personality and combines courteous and warm service with authentic tradition. The suites were designed for the distinctive guest who can appreciate a singular kind of comfort, class, space, and tranquility.

    Each Luxury Suite is designed in the traditional Cycladic style and has a terrace with a swimming pool overlooking the Caldera and the Aegean Sea. The luxury suites are located on the highest point at Caldera, nestled among the colorful volcanic rocks in Imerovigli. They offer a unique combination of privacy, bespoke, luxury, and stunning views of Imerovigli’s most famous sunset and breathtaking views of the Island.


    elite travel companion previewSantorini Fine Dining

    Santorini is home to some exceptional dining establishments. The island is a paradise for luxury travelers, with luxurious superyachts littering every bay and plenty of extravagant hotels on every cliff but the island’s culinary scene is still rooted in traditional Greek island cuisine.

    Delight your palate in the utmost quality and luxurious Greek fine dining cuisines Santorini’s has to offer. Satisfy your cravings in fine dining deluxe with a variety of flavorful Hookahs, unique Greek wines, delightful Mediterranean foods, exquisite seafood, and cocktails.

    The most beautiful black beach on the island offers you a large and cozy place that is very private. In this manner you can savor the meal in a pleasant atmosphere and exhaust yourself in a vivid view of the sea and sunset that will exemplarily mesmerize you.

    This five-starred fine dining restaurant provides you with a romantic private dinner date offered to you. They make the most amazing seafood salad and salmon tartare in an exquisite presentation served to both of you by excellent chefs, where ingredients are locally produced and seafood that is fresh off the boat.

    Furthermore, fulfill your palates with Greek classics such as moussaka, lava, and tomato keftedes. Is your mouth wet yet?

    Another Greek serving cuisine located at Fira, in Santorini, is a fine dining restaurant led by a Michelin-starred chef. Influenced by the imposing aesthetics of the old Monastery in which the restaurant is based.

    The colors of the island, the abundance of the Aegean Sea and the perseverance of the rare local ingredients that flourish fearlessly among volcanic rocks make their food and service a worthy experience. They offer a primary dining area in a beautiful courtyard, next to a fountain, with an iron pergola and cocktails that are served.

    Immerse yourselves in an authentic gastronomic experience which seamlessly combines tradition, creativity, simplicity, and ingenuity. The earth and sea, nostalgia and innovation, float in the unique, intensely aromatic space occupied by the Greek cuisine.

    As you and your lovely date dine in this restaurant, try their most famous dishes, from the starters course such as Vegetarian Carpaccio, Caso Pensato, and Homage to Giorgos Hatzigiannakis, while their main course offers Sea Urchin, Lemon & ‘Nduja Spaghetti, Terroir, Milk-Fed Lamb, and Squab. Finally, delight yourself with a desert of Santorini Pistachio Pallete and Selene which has an enchanting taste of the island’s culture.

    Explore the Greek and international wine culture privately through their antique caves and discover why Santorini is among the top places to dine in the world. Check out more of Santorini’s culinary expertise through this guide here: