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    December 8, 2022


    Fiji, officially the Republic of Fiji, is a country and archipelago in the South Pacific Ocean. It is located east of Vanuatu and southwest of Samoa. It has an area of 7,055 square miles and a population of approximately 895,700 people as of today, with Suva as its capital.

    Fijians are predominantly of mixed Melanesian-Polynesian ancestry, with a South Asian minority. The country’s official language is English and Fijian. Christianity is the majority religion of the country, and Fiji dollar is their official currency.


    Explore the islands of Fiji with your luxury travel companion


    Fiji is located 2,100 kilometers north of New Zealand and consists of 540 islets and 300 islands, about 100 of which are inhabited. Vanua Levu and Viti Levu are the two main islands. Fiji also includes Rotuma, an island about 640 kilometers to the northwest. The two largest islands are mountainous and volcanic in origin, rising abruptly from densely populated coasts to forested central mountains.

    The smaller islands are also volcanic, and they are all surrounded by rocky shoals and coral reefs. The majority of the fertile arable land is found in the coastal deltas of the major rivers. Fiji’s geologic history is complex. The Fiji Islands, which are built on an ancient submerged platform, are largely the result of volcanic activity, sedimentary deposits, and coral formations.

    Before Fiji became a republic, first traders and missionaries arrived in 1835, and European settlers began to arrive in the 1860s. In 1874, Fiji was declared a crown colony. It gained independence as a Commonwealth member in 1970 and was declared a republic in 1987 following a military coup.

    Elections in 1992 brought civilian rule back. In 1997, a new constitution was approved. Coups in 2000 and 2006 contributed to ongoing political instability in the early twenty-first century. Fiji’s weather is tropical and oceanic. Fiji’s economy is based primarily on agriculture, particularly sugar production, tourism, and light industries; gold and silver are mined.


    Fiji with a Date

    Fiji is all about five-star resorts and five-star experiences. Beautiful coral atolls, rugged volcanic peaks, and verdant tropical jungles deserve to be experienced in a unique way, which Fiji can certainly provide with its array of exclusive island experiences.

    From flying over turquoise waters in a seaplane to scuba diving among the kaleidoscope reefs, Fiji has plenty of adventure for those who seek it. Otherwise, if you just want to relax with an island and have an exquisite massage or eat delicious Pacific cuisine, there’s plenty of that too.

    Also, meeting new people from the local community is a pleasant and warm feeling, however, having someone with you to share these memories is preferable. Bring along a stunning and beautiful travel companion to enhance your visit.

    She will be with you to create wonderful memories with her outgoing and adventurous spirit. Tour around the beautiful islands in Fiji with this woman of elegance and sophistication who will leave you enchanted and breathless with her captivating personality and mind.

    Arrive at your resort by helicopter or seaplane to set the tone for your luxury Fiji getaway. Fly to your preferred luxury resort while taking in breathtaking aerial views of the islands, coral reefs, and sparkling waters. Chartered helicopter and seaplane flights depart from Nadi International Airport, Port Denarau, and Wailoaloa Beach, with destinations throughout Fiji.

    It’s certainly a unique way to enjoy Fiji by exploring the Mamanucas. The Mamanuca Islands are simply paradise, with their glistening waters scattered with white sandy islands topped with lush palms. Relax with a luxurious massage at one of the island’s spas.

    If you want to spend your “Fiji time” in complete peace with your date, consider staying at one of the Mamanuca Islands’ adult-only luxury resorts. The five-star resorts in the Mamanucas are all boutique resorts, where you are one of the very few exclusive guests and your needs met. Without the distraction of day-trippers or guests, you will feel as if you have the entire island to yourself.

    Scuba diving is the ultimate treat-yourself activity in the Mamanucas, and indeed throughout Fiji. With over 30 dive sites to choose from, your scuba diving trip in the Mamanucas will be filled with vibrant corals and a diverse array of tropical fish. If you go to the ocean-side reefs, you might encounter dolphins, manta rays, and large pelagic fish.

    All resorts offer island hopping, but some special excursions include a sunset sailing cruise. Sail around the lagoon resort on Malolo Island, known by locals as “Na Siga e dromi I Malolo,” which translates to “the place where the sun comes to rest.” Fiji’s seascape is nothing short of spectacular.

    Coral gardens are teeming with tropical fish that can be seen while kayaking, snorkeling, or, most notably, scuba diving. While scuba diving is available in all island groups, some of the best dive sites are just off the coast of Vanua Levu, including Rainbow Reef, Namena Marine Reserve, and the Great Sea Reef.

    After a series of excursions, exhaust yourself in an eco-friendly resort surrounded by crystal clear waters and sandy beaches, making it a haven for ocean enthusiasts like you, a perfect tropical paradise. Set in lush vegetation, choose a panoramic beachfront, ocean, or marina view.

    The coconut-flavored barefoot luxury cake and pampering spa use locally sourced unguents for amazing spa experiences. The beachfront restaurant and bar use locally grown ingredients, and the entire facility is solar powered. Begin your days with outdoor yoga and end the day with movie nights under the stars with your amazing travel companion.


    elite travel companion previewFine Dining in Fiji

    Fiji cuisine creates delicious memories through a modern take on Fijian, regional, and international dishes that will entice your taste buds to try something new. Fresh and organic, locally produced and sourced ingredients are used in Fiji restaurants, with the most appetizing and flavorful coming from their herb garden and farm.

    An award-winning luxury resort is located on a secluded coral coast island, where you can enjoy delectable selections of grilled seafood, chargrilled steaks, and decadent desserts while listening to the waves. It is a perfect place to appreciate a beautiful ocean setting with surrounding calm waters that make the restaurant an ideal place for an outdoor romantic meal.

    Even if you don’t sit outside, the sandy floor created inside allows you to feel the sand between your toes. Expect Fiji’s best fresh seafood grills, including fresh crab and lobster.

    One of the islands’ fine dining cuisines is located in a lush tropical garden that serves expertly prepared traditional Japanese dishes. Expect high-class, fresh food at this dining cuisine after a stroll through the tranquil palm tree-sheltered gardens.

    Enjoy a floating breakfast at the pool and savor a bottle of Veuve Clicquot French Champagne served with your choice from the breakfast menu. Ask the chef for fresh seafood and he will prepare it to your specifications, enjoy the chef’s creations at sunset, hire a butler, and savor a three-course dinner on a beach with your date while you listen to their talented Serenader.

    Enjoy 4 hours of romance on nearby Monu island, about a 15-minute boat ride. Feast on a sumptuous picnic lunch with a bottle of Veuve Cliquot Champagne. Furthermore, other resorts provide a beautiful sunset cruise while you enjoy delicious refreshments and drinks throughout the evening.

    To fins out more about the best dining places in Fiji, check this out: