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    November 21, 2022


    Grenada is known as the Isle of Spice or Spice Island. It is an island and a nation in one located in the West Indies. It is the southernmost island in the north-south region of the Lesser Antilles, lying in the eastern part of the Caribbean Sea about 100 miles north of the coast of Venezuela.

    Grenada is comprised of Grenada, the principal island of Grenada, and eight smaller satellite islands: Carriacou, Petit Martinique, Ronde Island, Caille Island, Diamond Island, Large Island, Saline Island, and Frigate Island. Grenada has a volcanic origin and has a ridge of mountains running between the north and south. The steeper slopes are to the west and the more gradual slope is towards the southeast of the island.


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    Grenada is an island state of the Commonwealth of Nations in the West Indies and is one of the smallest independent countries in the western part of the hemisphere. It comprises the southern part of the archipelago, known as the Grenadines which includes the three islands Grenada, Carriacou, and Petite Martinique as well as an uninhabited group of tiny islands and islets located north of Grenada in Windward Islands.

    Grenada was taken by the Marxist military council in October 1983. The island was then attacked by US forces and six additional Caribbean nations. They quickly took the leader of the group and the hundreds of Cuban advisors.

    Food production and tourism are the two most important economic sectors in this place, however, fishing and agriculture-related industries are gaining more importance. Grenada depends on financial assistance from Britain, United Kingdom and other sources to boost the economy.


    Grenada with a Date

    In the south, Grenada offers an amazing flavor from the Old Caribbean. Nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves, vanilla, and cocoa thrive in its rich volcanic soil, which has earned the island the title, “the Spice Island,” and Grenada’s rich traditions make it a popular option for travelers looking for the authentic Caribbean experience. Grenada is also sure to impress you with its timeless Caribbean beauty.

    The lushly cloaked mountains, the plantations, rainforests, and colorful seaside towns provide stunning photo opportunities, and you can bask in stunning beaches that are framed by frangipani and colorful trees. There’s only one thing left to do and that is to pack your bags and head straight to Grenada. To make your travel even more memorable, explore Grenada with an elite travel companion.

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    On the West coast of Grenada located just a few minutes south of St. George’s at Moliniere Bay, there’s an Underwater Sculpture Park which is a unique submerged gallery that functions in the capacity of an artificial reef within an area of marine protection. It was created by the artist Jason deCaires Taylor.

    The sculptures vary from Amerindian fossils to large-scale models created by local children. You and your companion will definitely enjoy visiting this spot. Divers, snorkelers, and glass-bottom boat travelers can enjoy this exhibition underwater but being able to interact with these artifacts at ocean level would be the most effective method to appreciate the talent being poured into each installation.

    With all the excursions in Grenada, having a place to rest is a must. If you’re looking for a compact hotel with plenty of sports options you should book a stay in Mount Cinnamon. The facilities on site offer tennis, boules and volleyball, snorkeling, Hobie cat sailing, kayaking, scuba diving, swimming pool, yoga, and most importantly, plenty of beach swimming.

    If you want to just relax, you and your companion can have their private cabana on the beach or make a reservation for a massage within the wellness center. The hotel is situated on the western part of Grand Anse bay and Mount Cinnamon offers stunning views. The décor within the suites and larger villas is bright and lively, as you’d expect from a typical Caribbean hotel, just with modern twists and upgrades.

    The food served at Savvy’s Restaurant & Bar echoes the classic West Indian experience in its menu and produce comes from the plantation estates by the owner. The poolside barbecues that are served at lunchtime are very popular and offer a great getaway atmosphere. Don’t miss the locally caught fish that’s grilled.


    elite travel companion previewGrenada Fine Dining

    Anyone planning to visit Grenada is likely to want to savor the seafood that is available here and there. But, Grenadian cuisine is known for more than this. In Grenada, the scent of nutmeg is lingering in the air as you travel through picturesque white sand beaches, lush plantations, and colonial heritage with an array of distinctive food items that entice the palates of food enthusiasts from around the world.

    All over the island, spices like nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, bay leaf, clove and thyme, and lemongrass flourish in abundance. The fruits and vegetables are abundant and include young sweet potatoes, coconuts, mangoes, and breadfruit bringing flavor and nutrients to local dishes.

    The award-winning restaurant for fine dining located in the Spice Island Beach Resort gained a reputation for its culinary excellence. It serves Creole and international cuisines exquisitely presented with the highest quality. Utilizing Grenada’s abundant supply of exotic spices, in conjunction with the on-site garden the restaurant serves fresh, farm-to-table food for morning breakfast and dinner.

    The restaurant has a comprehensive menu of table d’hote that includes seven courses, which has vegetarian dishes and traditional local dishes. The menu takes inspiration from the family cookbook of the proprietor which was compiled by the resort’s Grenadian-born chef-in-chief.

    It’s also the perfect place to host a memorable event and appreciate the chic open-air dining area, with live entertainment adding to the beachfront atmosphere and the Caribbean buffet on Fridays. The restaurant is sure to provide the best dining experience and is waiting for you and your lovely companion.

    A relaxing atmosphere during the day and an elegant dining experience at night is waiting for you at this well-known restaurant at Silversands Resort. Take your pick of mouthwatering dishes that feature Mediterranean food and authentic Grenadian food. Take advantage of freshly caught fish and seafood along with Black Angus cuts prepared to perfection in the Josper oven.

    Sit back and enjoy a drink while enjoying the classic Caribbean Sea and sunset views across the famous Grand Anse Beach. Arrive early with your date to enjoy amazing sunset cocktails at The Beach Lounge or stay late after dinner for a night of lively songs from the DJs who are in-house and live bands from the local area.

    Grenada’s culinary expertise is something that cannot be found anywhere else. To know more about Grenada’s fine dining places, check out this site: