Visit Amazing Jamaica


    April 21, 2020


    Jamaica is an island located in the West Indies about 90 miles south of Cuba and 100 miles to the west of Haiti. Its land area is less than that of Connecticut. In terms of size, it is the third biggest island in the Caribbean. The island is composed of lowlands that it has narrow coastal plains, caves, and sandy beaches.

    It is predominantly hilly with lush green rainforest and has a limestone plateau that is the largest portion of the island’s Karst formations. The island is also home to the Blue Mountains, a group of volcanic hills situated in the island’s eastern part that is the main feature of Jamaica.

    In the pre-Columbian era, Jamaica was home to around of sixty thousand Arawak Indians. In 1494, Christopher Columbus “discovered” the island and took it as his own in the name of the King and Queen of Spain. In 1517, the first Africans were transported into Jamaica from Spain.


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    British came to the island in the year 1655, defeated the Spaniards, and claimed the island as the property of the King of England.

    Jamaica’s economy is diverse but is increasingly based on services, including travel and finance. Since the declaration of independence in 1962, the country has grown significantly, but not in a uniform way. Mines and manufacturing began to become more significant to the economy during the latter half in the second half of the 20th Century while exports of agricultural products declined.


    Jamaica with a Date

    Jamaica being an island with wonderful coastlines and rich history has everything for every visitor. With each stop, a statement of its own, it is hard to get enough of Jamaica’s beauty. To fully enjoy the island, it is recommended to travel with someone.

    A gorgeous bikini model companion is just what the doctor ordered. A sweet woman who has similar interests to you, with her own thriving career. An educated, refined, and elegant natural beauty to share this experience with you. Bring her to this stunning island and explore every corner. Let yourself be free, and enjoy every moment with your beautiful angel on this lovely island.

    When you are on the island, it would be regrettable if you will not be able to experience the beauty of the ocean. You and your lovely companion must cruise through the Caribbean on a catamaran starting from the point where the Dunn’s River Falls empties into the sea. Take a break to snorkel with different schools of exotic fish, see coral formations, and have a wonderful snorkeling experience.

    In Dunn’s River Falls, you and your companion can hike up the pools with terraces high above the waterfall for you to see the stunning panoramas of the landscape. When you return from your cruise, you can have a sip of rum or cocktail while listening to the Island music.

    When you travel to Jamaica for business or leisure, it’s always better to have a place to relax at the end of your day. GoldenEye isn’t a typical hotel, but rather a cluster of private cottages, villas, and beach huts. Each is situated in tropical landscapes, exclusive beaches, and private coves making it a Jamaica vacation spot home far away from home. It is truly a myth that is far-reaching and came to life from a collective imagination.

    There is no other place like GoldenEye other than GoldenEye itself. Each villa is its private paradise situated in a lush landscape of native vegetation and situated directly on the shore or in the lagoon. Booking one or two villas for yourself and your date will be worthwhile and worth every cent paid. A famous Jamaican architect has designed every villa to provide the most casual, barefoot living.

    Think hardwood flooring, high ceilings, cool linens, and large furniture. A hot outdoor shower inside every villa’s private garden will enhance the sights, smells, and sounds of nature. The fully-equipped kitchen and dining tables outside make dining outside eating an integral part of the villa’s enjoyment. GoldenEye also provides world-class treatments and therapies, and water sports to guests. There is also a restaurant for guests to sit down at, and a bistro to drink drinks.


    elite travel companion previewJamaican Fine Dining

    Cooking in Jamaica is a mixture of spices, flavors, and techniques. It has its very own style and distinct characteristics. Jamaican food is a mix of African, American, British, Chinese, and Indian food styles. Fish, meats, fruits, and vegetables can surely be found in the dishes that are served.

    With the increasing number of tourists, restaurants with exquisite cuisine have risen in popularity. For visitors, many resorts offer exquisite restaurants on-site, however, this doesn’t mean that it’s only available to guests. Get a tasting from Jamaica in a different way by enjoying the finest dining experience.

    A highly-regarded restaurant in Jamaica has a team of highly skilled chefs who will surely guide you on a unique culinary adventure. Enjoy a romantic meal with your beautiful companion and take in the best of contemporary Jamaican food that is telling a story of the customs of the farmers and fishermen in the rural areas.

    Experience authentic Italian food that is influenced by the imagination and creativity of the chefs from the surroundings. Enjoy the freshness of each seasonally-inspired ingredient in every dish. Take a sip and enjoy the restaurant’s signature cocktail at the bar and take a seat outside to enjoy breathtaking ocean views.

    The restaurant also offers stunning views over the tropical lush landscape of the water wheel that was once part of the Rose Hall Sugar Plantation.

    Recipient of the Norma Shirley Award for Restaurant of the Year, Jamaica Observer Table Talk Food Awards 2021, and Solomon Gardner Award for Best Service, your palate will revel on this Jamaican restaurant.

    Beautifully and stunningly decorated with artwork from the local area, this award-winning seafood establishment with Italian cuisine influences is situated on the white sandy shores of Eclipse Beach Resort. Offering the freshest fish, including Red Snapper, Grouper and Shrimp, the restaurant effortlessly blends fine dining and an island with one of the world’s most beautiful landscapes.

    Dine al fresco with your gorgeous date and enjoy a delicious dinner during sunset. Have a glass of wine from the vast array of wine options available to go with your meal. You could also have a meaningful conversation with her to truly enjoy the evening as you savor each bite of your meal.

    Whether you’re in Jamaica for business or pleasure, it is always a treat to dine with the best restaurants within the area. Get to know the Jamaica through their culinary scene here: