UHNWI Confidentiality Assurance

We have extensive experience in managing UHNW clients and family offices


We understand the priority importance of maintaining the strictest confidence and discretion around the lives of our UHNW clientele. Every small detail is contained and fiercely protected, in order to shield our clients.  By providing the highest quality of service to support these sectors, we’re able to cater for additional requirements that our affluent clients commonly expect.

What we offer

  • VIP client care – The ability to go beyond average levels of service, and offer exceptional support and assistance.
  • The strictest levels of privacy and data security – Uncompromising data security and flawless identity management.
  • Confidentiality – Privacy and ensuring that any processing of details is highly restricted and controlled.
  • 24×7 Support – The ability to offer support through global time-zones and outside of the normal working hours.
  • Exclusivity – What you don’t wish to share with your day-to-day staff, we ca competently and confidentially handle for you.


Privacy and Confidentiality

Of course we all wish for our private affairs to remain confidential, and are of little interest to media, business colleagues and local neighbors. However for the more noteworthy, whether by higher profile, higher value or higher significance, the increasing interest of media and public increases, often uncomfortably.

Many of these UHNW individuals cannot count the amount of staff, properties and assets they have. The assets span countries, and often they can’t say off the top of their head how many staff they employ.

Whether you’re moderately wealthy or in the UHNW range, security and confidentiality breaches by staff are a real risk.

Rather than allowing privacy issues to become an issue, those looking to spend discreet time with a beautiful model, whether for a chat over in-room dining, or for a vacation getaway, need to outsource that to an entirely independent company like Elite Muse, whose focus on security and privacy is stringent.


The Importance of Non Disclosure Agreements

Elite Muse employs well-considered and personally tailored Non-Disclosure Agreements, as well as diligent protocols to ensure 100% confidentiality forever. All our refined travel companions and discreet, beautiful models sign NDAs as a matter of standard practise upon being hired.

Confidentiality Agreements broadly serve two main purposes. Initially, when drafted correctly, the NDA  enables a high net worth individual (HNWI) to apply for an injunction to prevent the deliberate disclosure of information which can be protected under the terms of the agreement. This is particularly the case where the information is of a personal nature and could jeopardise the security of the HNWI or their family.

Of course, unfortunately one doesn’t always have the benefit of knowing about all threatened breaches of confidentiality. While this will often necessarily preclude seeking injunctive relief from a court, it does not mean that the NDA loses its deterrent value.

In the event that a staff member, supplier, contact etc. breaches the terms of the confidentiality agreement, they will more than likely find themselves liable to the HNWI for damages resulting from the disclosure of the confidential information.

The exact sum of the damages due can vary widely, depending on the nature and detail of the information disclosed.

However besides the legal and financial deterrents for NDA signers to honor their pledge to confidentiality, there is also a symbolic value to the execution of NDA’s, which in many cases will serve its own purpose – the unspoken threat to the recipient’s reputation.

The world of UHNWI’s isn’t a large one, and the grapevine travels quickly. By asking a household staff member or other close team member to sign an NDA before disclosing instructions, one implicitly binds them to the moral code that all staff in this exclusive circle are obliged to abide by – if they wish to continue mixing and working in those high end, upscale circles.

This serious reminder that one’s employment, a position of confidence and trust, is subject to destruction at their own hands, often discourages gossip. This allows the staff to think twice before breaching their ethics and moral code, which would result in a permanently tarnished reputation!


How we guarantee confidentiality

Privacy is our highest priority, next to safety. Apart from the practices mentioned above, we strive for excellent in all areas, including stringently processing and protecting our clients’ details. Any information shared internally is on a need-to-know basis only, with the least people involved as possible. 

Our mutual NDA for those wishing to meet VIP models and actresses, allows for a comfortable arrangement with peace of mind. We have never had a disclosure, and never will. Our management and admin staff sign the same NDA as the models.

However ultimately, we believe in karma. We have no interest in causing problems for anyone, least of all our valued and lovely clients. Our own moral ethics and respect for our own reputation for discretion and professionalism make us highly attentive to any potential issues, stopping them before they begin.

Our UHNWI clients can rest assured they are in safe hands. There is no robotic conduct, or clinical treatment. Our staff are hired for their focus and diligence, and we are all hyper-focused on maintaining our high standards. We guarantee confidentiality forever. Contact us for details.