Travel Companion Conditions

When inviting one of the elite travel companions to join you on a business trip or vacation, there are a few considerations of which you must be aware and please concur with.  By arranging a meeting with one of our recommended elite travel companions, you agree to comply with these guidelines:


  1. The travel companion is there of her own free will and acceptance. She is not to be given rude orders, or treated in any way other than equal and respectful.
  2. She is to be kept in her usual five star lifestyle, within a five star hotel or resort, or super yacht cabin.
  3. Her accommodations must of course include her adequate daily meals and beverages of high quality.
  4. She is to have her own key for accommodations, to be able to come and go at her leisure.
  5. She is to have contact with the office at all times; her personal phone is to remain with her at all times. If you are offshore, the vessel contact must be made available at any time via the captain.
  6. The elite companion will be given 8 hours sleep, without interruptions, every 24 hours.
  7. She is entitled to 2 hours daily to her self for gym training, spa treatments, hair dresser, personal calls, or such.
  8. She is to be provided with any additional items required during your trip; moving to a cold area means you will need to take her shopping/ give her funds for a coat, if she wasn’t advised to bring one with her.


While all these points should be understood and common sense for any educated and well bred gentleman, surprisingly some people need to be told… So there are the basics that any decent man should know about taking care of a guest and companion he invites to travel with him. : )  You are responsible for providing your guest with whatever she requires, within reason. Thank you.