The Wonderful French Antilles


    November 30, 2022


    The French Antilles, which include St. Martin, St. Barthélemy (St Barths), Guadeloupe, and Martinique, create an intriguing foursome! Each provides something unique to visitors, while keeping their strong Franco-Caribbean culture and identity.

    Also called French West Indies, this place is part of France situated in the Antilles islands in the Caribbean. St. Barth is a wonderful blend of refinement, elegance, and barefoot luxury, while Guadeloupe and Martinique offer enticing Creole and French traditions, St. Martin will enchant you with its dual Dutch-French identity.


    Wonderful French Antilles - St Baths, St Martin, Martinique


    What they all have in common is a plethora of breathtaking beaches, ranging from empty to crowded, calm to rugged. These islands provide a variety of high-energy distractions for visitors seeking more than a tan. You may keep yourself entertained with jungle and coastal treks, boat trips, windsurfing, kayaking, diving, and snorkeling. A wonderful stop for the luxury travel enthusiast.


    French Antilles with a Date

    For all types of tourists, there are numerous lovely French Islands to discover. The French islands are ideal for a day trip or a relaxing weekend getaway with an amazing woman, who is not only breathtakingly beautiful but also has charm and elegance, adding to the excitement of your excursion.

    French-speaking islands at the far reaches of the world are ideal for an exotic holiday with a stunning travel companion date. With a plethora of places you can go to, here are some of the top picks for your excursion in the French Antilles:

    The French Caribbean you came to see is Grande Anse des Salines, a stunning, magnificent arc of white sand. Palm trees bend across the strip of sand that gradually shelves into a typical turquoise sea. It’s roughly 5 kilometers south of Ste-Anne along the D9, with hundreds of parking places just back from the beach.

    Snack bars and artisan sorbet vendors give cover, but otherwise, it’s a gloriously unspoiled bit of fabulously raw nature. Les Salines takes its name from the enormous salt pond that backs it up. There are observation sites for seeing local animals too.

    Jacques Cousteau made Pigeon Island famous by designating it one of the world’s best dive sites, and the waters surrounding the island are now protected as an underwater park. The bulk of the dive sites on Pigeon Island is beautiful, with large schools of fish and coral reefs shallow enough for snorkeling. The dive locations are only a 10 to 15-minute boat ride away, several operators operate tours from Malendure Beach.

    Îlet Pinel: This little offshore islet is ideal for a sunny afternoon. Pinel’s peaceful west-facing beach boasts good swimming and decent snorkeling and is part of the Reserve Naturelle Saint Martin or St-Martin Nature Reserve. Rent equipment from Caribbean Paddling at the ferry port in French Cul-de-Sac, where boats leave for the island every 30 minutes.

    Both Yellow Beach and the more affluent Karibuni provide food and sun loungers. Tiny pathways wind upward from the beach into the shrub-covered hinterland and to two other beaches on the northern and eastern shores with rougher seas. Iguanas should be avoided!

    French Caribbean Luxury TravelPlage de Colombier is the tropical paradise of your dreams. A brilliant, isolated white-sand beach surrounded by turquoise seas and flanked by rolling hills. The bay is perfect for swimming and snorkeling near the coral reef on the beach’s northeast side, although it is only accessible by boat or on foot.

    Visit this place with your beautiful, elite travel date and enjoy pristine, unspoiled beachfronts at your disposal. Set up wonderful lunch or dinners by the bay, enjoying the cool breezes while sipping champagne and having genuine conversations that enrich both of you.

    Visit the Maison du Cacao as it is one of Basse-most Terre’s most pleasurable attractions for everyone who likes chocolate. Presentations in English are held at 10 a.m., noon, and 3 p.m., but arrive 20 minutes before to explore the garden filled with various cocoa plants.

    After that, you’re welcomed to a lecture and demonstration on cocoa and chocolate, which takes you from raw cocoa seeds to a final product via several samples. Taste exquisite chocolate right from the source only when you visit.

    Plage Anse d’Arlet – This lovely length of the dark-golden beach in front of Anse d’Arlet Bourg, is backed by the village’s 18th-century church and is one of Martinique’s most beautiful swimming spots. The beach is flanked by restaurants and bars, and it’s rarely difficult to locate your own area among the many trees that line the shore.

    If you’ve looked through the tourist brochures before visiting the island, you’ve probably seen the view of the church and beach from the end of the pier – one of Martinique’s most stunning panoramas and a great place for a selfie. On weekends, weddings stream onto the square in front of a Creole rhythm. And of course, there are a lot more things to do in the French Antilles than you may expect to be.

    There is a hotel in Saint Barth, French West Indies which is sophisticated and fresh, as beautiful and soothing as its gorgeous beachside setting. The hotel celebrates its stylish Parisian history while enjoying in its laidback Caribbean location, with décor by acclaimed designers.

    It’s lovely, without extraneous pretension. Therefore at this Grande hotel, you may make sandcastles, snorkel, or do nothing at all. Retreat to this hotel with your gorgeous model travel date and relax in the service and hospitality that this exquisite hotel offers.


    elite travel companion previewFrench Antilles Dining

    Creole cuisine in the French West Indies is an amazing fusion of Caribbean, European, Indian, African, and Middle Eastern influences. Traditional French tastes are combined with regional components including seafood, vegetables, sauces, and spices.

    If you’re looking for a culinary treat with a Caribbean twist, these are the best fine-dining French Caribbean restaurants to visit the next time you’re in Saint Martin, Saint Barthelemy, Martinique, or Guadeloupe.

    La Villa Restaurant, located at 93 Boulevard de Grand Case in Saint Martin, provides French, seafood, and European cuisine. Chilled cucumber soup or classic French onion soup, conch ravioli, escargots tempura, tuna tartar, frog legs with garlic and parsley butter, and sautéed foie gras are all available here.

    Diners have been raving about the cuisine at the Guadeloupe hotel. It undoubtedly serves more French cuisine than Creole, with dishes like sea urchin flan, octopus, Feuille of langouste, and conch ravioli.

    Another restaurant in Martinique is located in Village de la Poterie, Trois-Ilets, and serves a French Caribbean and vegetarian menu. The smoked marlin maki, as well as the tuna tartare, duck, and fresh tuna wrapped in seaweed and served with a salad and spicy wasabi, have all received wonderful reviews.

    A terrific spot to eat is in Chemin Matouba, Guadeloupe, where customers rave about the fresh and unusual creole food and the lovely environment. This restaurant was founded by a cordon bleu chef with a focus on simplicity, taste, and freshness.

    With a variety of classic culinary techniques, she has centered the restaurant on fresh, local, and seasonal food.

    Get the most out of French Antilles’ fine dining scene when you visit and check this site for the ultimate curated list: