The Vibrant City of Brussels (Bruxelles)


    November 10, 2022


    We almost titled this ‘The Delicious City’! Welcome to Brussels (Bruxelles), the capital city of the Kingdom of Belgium. It is less than two hours away by train away from London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Cologne. Are you aware that many languages are spoken in this area? This isn’t a random thing.

    When you visit Brussels, you are in the most vibrant town of Europe. It’s a city that’s pulsing and busy throughout the day and at night. It is possible to attend more than 23,000 events of culture throughout the year. The city, which is a component of Belgium’s French and Flemish community, is among the most popular tourist destinations across Europe.

    Brussels began as a fortress, but later morphed into a marketplace, and then became the political, economic, and social heart of Belgium, the Flemish capital. Brussels offers a completely new world for its guests, where the old and contemporary worlds are connected. The multitude of attractions, people, culture, and the many restaurants that serve delicious meals here invite guests to explore everything that Brussels offers.


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    As the capital of the European Union and NATO, this city is often known as The Capital of Europe. Although it is certainly an international city, it has more than just government buildings to justify this prestigious title. This place has a fantastic variety of different cultures and languages that have made the way for a lively nightlife and dining scene. With more than 80 museums, the King’s Palace, and rich history as well as culture, there is plenty to explore.

    Brussels is one of the cities that operates on a human scale. A city compact enough that you can easily navigate by bicycle, on foot, or with the tram, bus, or by metro, it is a must to meet the residents of Brussels. You’ll be amazed by how welcoming and friendly the people are. Maybe they’re unusual but, then again, Brussels is the capital of Surrealism, comics, Art Nouveau, and chocolate.

    Brussels is considered to be the capital city of Belgium which is a tiny but interesting kingdom situated in central Europe. The city has everything you wish for, all within less than 31,000 sq. km. Beautiful nature, historical sites, incredible architecture, ocean, art, and amazing gastronomy.


    Brussels with a Date

    Brussels is a bustling city that’s always moving and improving. It is home to an amazing richness of culture, heritage, and architectural treasures eager to be explored. But seeing and touring Brussels is more enjoyable in the presence of an individual who can bring you into the history of the town, as well as its architecture and culture.

    Discover the must-see spots and museums, exhibits in interesting corners, and exciting events. Be with someone who will delight you by sharing the highlights of Brussels. A visit to Brussels with a woman who has elegance, beauty and charm will make your visit a magical, unforgettable experience. There are a lot of places to discover in Brussels with your travel companion.

    The most significant courthouse in Belgium and the world, the Palace of Justice, is an impressive sight that is worth seeing. When the palace was first completed in 1883 it was the largest structure ever built. You’ll be amazed by the gorgeous exterior. Moreover, when you finally get inside, it will surely leave you feeling awe-inspired and in wonderment of its beauty.

    Go to visit the Van Buuren Museum with your traveling companion. Famous for its stunning style, the museum was created in the late 1920s by Alice Van Buuren and David Van Buuren who have spent their entire lives creating and enhancing their home as well as their garden, making them into works of art. The place then attracted the attention of the public and was a major draw.

    Alice transformed the home into a museum certified by the government, dedicated to her husband who died. But she didn’t stop there, redefining the garden and having it created through the work of famous designers, the garden is now among the most romantic spots in Brussels because of its energy and peace. Called the Garden of Hearts, the garden is adorned with heart-stringed plants throughout, making it the perfect place for a romantic moment with your loved one.

    The place also houses an art gallery, which has high-end decor throughout the interior, a variety of unique artifacts, and much more. This pays homage to the love story of her life. It is an amazing moment to share with your loved one.

    It is impossible to discuss Brussels without mention of BOZAR. It is renowned worldwide for its stunning architecture and extensive collection of fine art. BOZAR is the perfect place to take your date to immerse yourself in the arts and culture that surrounds it. Designed through the work of Victor Horta, this architectural masterpiece is simply stunning.

    With a wide and varied schedule, the venue has established a name for its inclusiveness of the best of art. With numerous events occurring all through the year, including concerts, art exhibits and other artistic delights, you can go to the place at any time and discover things to bring home with the experience.

    When you need to retreat and have a rest after the many adventures you did in the city, there is a luxury hotel that is fit for royalty, billed as a contender for the most luxurious hotel in Brussels with a rich tradition and stunning interior, paired with the finest facilities that you can book into. This hotel was established in 1913.

    While its facilities have been updated throughout the years, a lot of the grand and luxurious design has been retained. The spa is the ideal spot to relax and unwind since it has an infinity-edged swimming pool steam rooms, as well as a sauna. There are 42 suites to pick from and the 320 square-meter Royal Suite is the largest of the lot.


    elite travel companion previewFine Dining Scene in Brussels

    The standard of food prepared at Belgian restaurants is very high. The Belgians themselves have a well-adopted adept sense of what tastes good. They prefer it being seasonal and with high-quality ingredients, prepared using a fine sense of taste, and providing good value for the money.

    Thus, almost all dishes are healthy and delicious in Brussels. With many to choose from, expect nothing but the best. There is a well-known restaurant located in Brussels with the distinction of having two Michelin stars to support its reputation.

    The restaurant is known for its exquisitely cooked and presented food that is of the highest quality that conforms to the French Haute-culinary mold. The renowned chef earned the restaurant’s name over the course of many years, prior to handing over the restaurant to his son-in-law in 2006.

    The dining area, which is Art Nouveau-style is tiny, with just 40 chairs, and the kitchen is visible from the dining area. The appetizer of mackerel pan-fried with crab and asparagus from Mechelen and a delicate fennel flower cream create a mood.

    Another restaurant that has a distinctive note rings out and is notable to mention because of the amazing epicurean delights they offer each day. When you enter the restaurant, passing by the display of fresh meats in the windows and the bustling kitchen, you will have access to a dining area that is decorated by marine-themed tiles.

    Vincent Restaurant is a specialist in traditional Belgian food, focusing on steaks and seafood. It is delicious, robust, and hearty food that is cooked to perfection.

    To know more about the fine dining and culinary scene of the city, check out the list curated bu none other than Michelin here: