The Unforgettable Exumas


    November 24, 2022


    The Exumas is known for its stunning sapphire-blue water, idyllic beaches, world-class dive spots, and peaceful resorts that seem to melt away any worries. More than 365 islands and cays are scattered throughout the central Bahamas. These cays offer secluded beaches, deserted cays, as well as exclusive resorts. Nature prevails over man in this area, where coastlines are unaltered and private islands host some of the greatest celebrities on the planet.

    Exumas Island has three major parts. First, there’s Great Exuma or Little Exuma which are wonderful in their respective ways. Second, there are Exuma Cays which are uninhabited islands that are surrounded and protected by beautiful reefs and other amazing ecological treasures. Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park is the crowning jewel.


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    It contains a large expanse of islands, water, and a reef that was established in 1958 as the world’s first land and sea reserve. Great and Little Exuma is home to historic ruins and lively settlements. They also have beautiful beaches and some outstanding hotels, restaurants, and resorts.

    You can choose to explore the principal islands or sail through the stunning Cays that are surrounded by reefs. Or you may be lucky enough to combine both. Your Bahamian adventure will be unforgettable if you spend time in the Exumas.


    The Exumas With a Date

    The beauty of a destination is what makes it special. No matter if you’re looking for a sunset cruise with crystal clear water, a romantic stroll on a beautiful beach, or a dinner on a quiet sandbar for two, there are plenty of options. You will find plenty to do on the islands, with a gentle Bahamian breeze.

    The place is perfect to spend time with someone who can keep your interest not only on the island but also with her as a person. Visit the Exumas with someone that can appreciate the raw beauty of nature around you, while maintaining her elegance and poise. She’s caring and curious, and always aware of your happiness too.

    While you take in the beauty and charm of the Exumas, your beautiful vip travel companion will help you appreciate it more, and enjoy exploring things with you. You, along with your educated travel companion can enjoy the picturesque islands in the Exumas and discover what they can offer.

    Your exclusive travel date should be someone who exudes charm and grace, which complements her fit beauty. She should be genuine as well as kind in the way she conducts herself. Her intelligence and presence will make your trip highly memorable during your stay in the Exumas. You and your gorgeous model companion have many options for exciting activities and places to visit in such a place as this.

    Exuma Land and Sea Park is a section of the protected area you may visit to view wildlife, see Exuma’s biodiversity, and just enjoy the best of nature. The beautiful beaches of the park are breathtaking, and the boat rides that can be organized to take you there are easy enough to book. Exuma Land and Sea Park is worth a visit if you are looking to swim, snorkel, or simply lounge on the beach.

    The Sea Aquarium is situated right next to O’Briens Cay in the Exuma Land and Sea Park. This place is known as a wonderful spot for snorkeling. This is the area where you will find the best variety and the highest numbers of fish. You’ll find a stunning array of corals here, as well as a sunken airplane. It will be fascinating to observe. Exuma’s Sea Aquarium offers a great diving experience.

    Most people are familiar with Great Exuma Bahamas but Staniel Cay is another great Exuma Island. It is also closer to the Exuma Cays’ most popular attractions than Great Exuma. Staniel Cay is home to about 100 people. Apart from apartment rentals, there is a resort that is the only accommodation available. If you’re into boating, there’s a Yacht Club that has been around since 1960.

    Even if you’re staying on one of the many Exuma Islands, a visit to the Staniel Cay Yacht Club will be worthwhile. This is where Exumas residents gather. Due to the fact that Staniel Cay Yacht Club has been operating since 1960, it attracts celebrities as well as the powerful and wealthy who anchor mega-yachts in the waters. It is a perfect island atmosphere that transports you to the Caribbean and puts you in touch with nature.

    During your excursions, you can enter beautiful caverns that lies in the middle of a small, unassuming island by swimming through the caves at low tide. It is stunning from above and below the water. As the sun shines through, the corals and rocks glow, and the bright colors of fish shimmer in the sunlight. It looks almost like a huge fishbowl when you look back at the Grotto’s opening. The bright colors from the sun shining through the holes in its ceiling make it a breathtaking sight.

    elite travel companion previewThe Exumas and Compass Cay are the best places to swim with sharks. You and your companion can enjoy the thrill of swimming with nurse sharks and other marine animals present in the reef. You will never forget your first experience with nurse sharks that it is a must-do activity while visiting the Exuma Cays.

    While staying at the Exumas there are a lot of places that offer high-end accommodation, and the best place to get a room is at Staniel Cay because it is considered the jewel in the crown of the Bahamas Islands with its close proximity to prime attractions. The Villas are situated on the lagoon’s edge and are near Ocean Beach Village. This tiny island oasis in the Exuma Cays has much more to offer than being a vacation spot. It is the hub of the Exuma archipelago exploration. You and your date can enjoy an adventure at nearby Pig Beach or the sharks of Compass Cay.


    The Exumas Fine Dining

    When it comes to dining, Exuma can offer food with local influence, and you can even find authentic Japanese and Italian cuisine, and even French dishes though it is a hard find. The specialty here is seafood due to its abundance, and they are intricately prepared.

    Fine dining options in The Exumas are few, and most of the luxurious restaurants are not stand-alone establishments but are attached to the high-end resorts. There is a restaurant in an Exuma beach resort that is a relatively upscale and yet pretty convenient location which makes it perfect for an elegant dinner date with a wide array of menus.

    There is a charming patio on which you can have your dinner with your date showcasing a great view of the ocean. This and much more in the Islands of Exuma where it is sure that you could be delighted by their unique cuisine. Find out more about their amazing dining and cuisine here: