The Undiscovered Country of Oman


    November 11, 2022


    Oman is a country located along the southeastern part of the Arabian Peninsula at the confluence of the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea. The majority of the country’s interior is located in the sandy unforested, treeless, and mostly non-watered area that is part of the Arabian Peninsula known as the Rub al-Khali.

    It is an area of Bedouin nomads; however, it is now also traversed by pipelines for gas and oil. Oman is an agricultural country. Fishing, as well as trading overseas, are significant for the people living along the coast. Commercial quantities of oil were found within Oman in 1964 and first exported in the year 1967. In the following years, the export and production of petroleum quickly came to dominate the economy of Oman.

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    Contrasting with the stark interior, the coastal areas are more welcoming. Oman’s lush northern coastline lies between the sea and the inland mountains. This fertile, verdant region is famous for its grapes, as well as other fruits and vegetables as well as the Dhofar region to the south of the country.

    The capital city, Muscat, is located on the northern part of the coast. Combining traditional and modern architecture, the city has views over Oman’s Gulf and serves as a port and a commercial center. The climate of the region is dry and hot in the interior, and humid and hot in the coastal areas.

    Omani artisans are famous for weaving, woodcarving and metal and goldsmithing, and also the production of swords and daggers. Their work is part of the many things available at the souk, also known as the market in Muscat which is a bustling cultural hub.

    Muscat’s Ministry of National Heritage and Culture is responsible for preserving historical buildings, excavating archeological sites, and encouraging traditional arts and crafts like weaving and the making of jewelry made of gold and silver. It also supports Omani writing and published an encyclopedia on Omani traditions. Its annual Muscat International Book Fair promotes books from across the world that are Arabic-speaking.


    Oman with a Date    

    If you’re in Oman to visit a friend, for a business trip, or even for a longer vacation, Oman is yours to explore. Because of its many scenic locations – which ranges across the Rocky Mountains with green terrace fields, bustling markets selling camels in the desert, or watching baby turtles hatch along the beaches, even the Sultanate – Oman is a great destination for anyone looking for the adventure of a lifetime. With all that awaiting you, the only thing left to do is to bring someone special with you.

    Bring a discreet, beautiful companion that can spark your interest, and who also exudes class and elegance. Ideally an Arabic-speaking one! Even without the Arab language, this woman will be knowledgeable of international/ Arabic customs, and refined in nature. She’ll be capable of being independent yet attentive, with a warm demeanor. Oman is a beautiful place worthy of being discovered with such a woman, to make your trip worthwhile and highly memorable.

    There is this incredible diving trip that will take you and your date to the very best diving experience that can only be done in Oman. Divers of Muscat as well as the dives in Salalah are completely different, which makes this a great trip that offers a great contrast in conditions for diving and marine life.

    The trip begins in Muscat, with its golden beaches and spectacular mountains that frame it. There are more than 40 dive spots to explore near the coastline of Muscat which includes the famous Daymaniyat Islands Banda Khairan, and Fahal Islands. With deep drop-offs and wrecks and coral-flanked walls, your diving trip will yield amazing experiences. The reef in Oman has plenty to offer.

    The cool water upwelling produces plenty of plankton that may affect diving visibility but is what makes this area an ideal feeding ground for a variety of marine species including turtles, dolphins, other stingrays, reef sharks, barracuda, whale sharks, and more. Then, you and your date can fly towards Salalah which happens to be the capital city of the Dhofar region.

    It is located on a long, palm-fringed beach. Because of the June-September monsoon season, the area can be lush and green, offering an impressive alternative to Muscat. Explore miles of white sand deserted beaches, and discover where Frankincense trees can be seen in the mountains.

    When you need to retreat from all of the activities, this place offers the best hospitality. It is located on the edge of an abyss; this luxury hotel has stunning panoramas of the Hajar Mountains. The hotel is the ideal spot to relax during hikes, as well as other kinds of adventures. Guests who stay in one of the spacious and beautiful villas can enjoy their private pool as well as other extravagant amenities.

    You and your lovely companion can book a villa and enjoy your stay in Oman. The stone pathways meander through the vast garden which has fountains set in it and is a beautiful area to walk around before dinner. Visitors are also able to play a game on two tennis courts or just enjoy some relaxation in the spa that is located on the premises which includes a sauna as well as a traditional Hammam.


    elite travel companion previewOman Luxury Dining

    While Oman isn’t necessarily known for it’s traditional ‘luxury’, one must first define what luxury means to them…Luxury can be the opportunity to visit such exotic and fascinating regions of historical wealth. Luxury can mean the enriched flavors of recipes, with centuries of history behind them.

    When you travel to Oman, you’ll find a variety of traditional dishes to enjoy since its food is extremely delicious and diverse. Spices are the most prominent ingredient in Omani food, along with lamb, chicken, vegetables, and rice. The diversity of the cuisine of Oman is difficult to define within a couple of lines.

    Omani food scene is vibrant and evolving yet still sticks to Middle Eastern tradition. Treat yourself and your gorgeous lady companion to a dining experience only Oman has to offer and find the best restaurants to check here:

    At one of Muscat’s most romantic dining restaurants, enjoy dining with your lovely companion along the 370-meter-long private beach, with a menu of fresh seafood that is accompanied by an incredible Gulf of Oman panorama, and is accompanied by an equally impressive wine menu.

    Relax in the cool sea cool breeze and fresh air on the large terrace or look out from the contemporary dining area with high ceilings. Freshly caught Omani lobster is the most notable characteristic of this restaurant on the beach.

    The elegantly curved Omani arches create a striking initial impression when you and your stunning model date walk into this vaulted crystal chandelier-lit dining area featuring contemporary stylish dark gray terrazzo flooring, vast bay windows that overlook the garden as well as the live music of a piano.

    Four open kitchens provide the smells and entertainment as some of the most renowned chefs create Western, Asian, Middle Eastern, and Indian food, which is served alongside beverages from their award-winning wine list. Enjoy a meal on the patio, and savor the anticipation, quiet excitement and heat of the Middle Eastern environment.