The Sparkling Island Of Mykonos


    November 10, 2022


    The Island of Mykonos is among the most sought-after destinations for tourists, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Greek Islands. It is renowned for its beautiful beaches, luxury resorts, summer vibe, and exciting nightlife. Enjoy delicious food and stunning sunsets when you visit Mykonos. It’s the ideal destination for lots of sun and fun.

    Mykonos is the Cyclades’ party animal, Greece’s equivalent to Ibiza, but it also has a peaceful charm and a dining scene to rival the other Greek islands. The queen of the Cyclades may be famous for its lively nightlife and partying but the island of wind, which is commonly known due to the seasonal ‘meltemia winds’ that keep the island cool, dry, and relaxing during long summer months, also has more to offer its guests.


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    When Mykonos is mentioned, images are likely to pop up regardless of whether it’s famous people or sunbathing on yachts floating on sparkling clear beaches, or idyllic Cycladic structures. The most well-known islands of the Aegean, Mykonos has a friendly, cosmopolitan vibe and is widely recognized as a gay-friendly spot.

    It is a must to spend the most time you can in the chic and artistic city that is Mykonos, Chora, getting pictures that will be shared on social media of the iconic windmills and white homes. Even the cracks in the paver stones of the marble are white in this stunning town.


    Mykonos with a Date

    Many people are surprised to learn that Greece is much less expensive compared to other European destinations. However, Mykonos tends to be expensive and comparable to the most famous European cities. This place is famous for its beautiful beaches, amazing food, charming resorts, and raucous nightlife scene. It’s a popular destination for tourists, especially the rich and celebrities.

    Although it is a well-known destination the summer crowds tend to be young and seeking a fun time. It’s the perfect spot to spend time with someone who can keep you interested not just in the island but with her too. It is great to go out and experience the nightlife and other laidback moments Mykonos has to offer with someone as beautiful and interesting as a high-class, sophisticated and yet adventurous sweet woman.

    Explore and indulge in many memorable activities in the Greek island of Mykonos with your travel partner and enrich your lives in each other’s company. A lady with elegance to complement the beauty and grace she has. A woman you can indulge in and admire. She will delight you with her expertise and presence as you travel Mykonos.

    Visit the Greek island and enjoy the luxury of laying beneath the sun on one of its pristine beaches, soaking up its warmth, and enjoying the salty air of the endless blue sea. To keep your moment away from the overcrowded and overpriced beaches of Mykonos, such as Psarrou with its infamous celebrity clientele and Paradise Beach with its wild parties, you can check out other equally special places in the island.

    On the opposite part of the rock, there is a more secluded, nearly private beach that offers the luxury of having privacy. Moreover, you can also choose to go to the more private beach called “Lia”. The beach is located on the southern part of the island the stunning beach is walled by rocks, giving an excellent opportunity to experience the thrill of diving in Mykonos with your companion.

    Greece is awash with history at every twist and turn. You can enrich your time with Greek tradition by visiting Lena’s House Museum in the ‘Tria Pigadia’ region located in Mykonos Town. A part of Mykonos’ Folklore Museum, it is comprised of a typical 19th century, furnished with a fashionable Mykonian house that accurately reflects the Cycladic architectural style and its traditional design for interiors that is prominent throughout the island.

    The museum is named in honor of its previous patron, Lena Skrivanou. It has a wide selection of past furniture, images, embroideries, mirrors, and decorative plates with an old-fashioned charm. The majority of the exhibitions are donated by local Mykonians and the museum’s vast collection of various kinds of laces was created by local embroidery artists. Particularly interesting are the replicas of traditional female costumes from the 18th century that are on display inside the residence. This may not be something romantic but it is one of those fascinating activities you can do with your travel companion.

    If you’re looking for romantic locations, nothing can be better than a sunset in the Cyclades. Of course, Mykonos is no exception to the general rule and its sunsets are among the most enchanting moments you can have. There’s an abundance of choices for the perfect location to observe the sun disappear into the ocean such as at the Sunset Bar for the optimum sunset viewing experience.

    With a stunning view of the entire island and delicious drinks, this bar is a standout not just among guests but also among residents too. There is a hotel that is just a short walk from the Old Town on the island, where you will find many restaurants and other entertainment options. The hotel’s chic white and brown palette blends well with the deserted surroundings and the sandy beach beyond.

    The minimalist design doesn’t feel ostentatious. A restaurant and bar are set around the pool in an open design, with views over the Aegean Sea. It is a stunning view that includes a tiny church located right next to the hotel and islands rising up from the ocean in a Neverland-esque scene. From here, the rooms can be accessed by small winding paths with cacti, shrubbery, and palms.


    elite travel companion previewMykonos Fine Dining

    Mykonos is a paradise of luxury and unsurpassed pampering. It is known for its vibrant nightlife and intense party vibes. But it is also known for its exquisite gastronomy, fine dining, and superb cuisine.

    For an amazing culinary experience featuring authentic Greek island tastes, Mykonean flavors, a VIP atmosphere, and inventive dishes that speak of the island’s rich food traditions, being in the island is surely a treat to your palate.

    There is a restaurant where creativity and contemporary blend with tradition are hands down one of the best restaurants in Mykonos that always finds a way to surprise its guests.

    Coming forward with modern dishes and Michelin-star quality in everyone, it manages to bewilder with its mouth-watering fusion cuisine starring some of the freshest ingredients.

    It is not as loud and fancy as other restaurants, but it hides in a narrow alley in Little Venice. There, you will find it waiting to seduce you with its stunning terrace views, mouth-watering seafood options, exquisite courses, and a superb selection of Greek wines and beers.

    To know more about fine dining and culinary scene in Mykonos, check out this updated list of high-end restaurants: