The Paradise Of Seychelles


    December 8, 2022


    The Seychelles are an African island republic made of 115 gorgeous islands scattered across 1,400,000 sq km. of water in the Indian Ocean, east of Kenya, and northeast of Madagascar. Before Europeans found Seychelles in the early 16th century, it was uninhabited. As a result, there are no indigenous inhabitants in Seychelles.

    The island was named after French finance minister Jean Moreau de Seychelles in 1756, by French Captain Corneille Nicholas Morphey. Seychelles is well-known for its gorgeous beaches, fascinating marine life, and luxury vacations that over 350,000 people visit the country each year.


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    Mother Nature was extremely kind to Seychelles, a paradise worthy of myths, with islands dispersed across the Indian Ocean. The major draw is the breathtaking beaches, and what gorgeous beaches they are! Beautiful sand ribbons lapped by blue waves, framed by verdant hills, palms, and Dali-esque stones.

    Beyond the beach, diving and snorkeling are fantastic in the warm seas surrounded by rich marine life, and few locations on the earth do ocean-side luxury like Seychelles. Mahé is the largest island and the gateway to the Seychelles, with some fantastic resorts, restaurants, and beaches, not to mention Victoria, the modest capital city.

    But it’s also the busiest island. Beautiful Praslin and La Digue are just a short boat trip away, and a little less touristic. There are some truly lost-world islands to be located much further out, like North Island, if you’re looking for a truly private getaway. There are so many islands or visit, you could take months to savor and absorb all the incredible beauty of each island in the Seychelles. Some of the islands include these:

    Bird Island, also known as Cousin or Cousine Island, is of the most unique and intimately private places to visit in Seychelles. Especially in June, you can find it towards the northern end of Seychelles. Bird Island is as heavenly as the rest of Seychelles, where more than 20 species of birds, and even some giant tortoises can be seen. There are also plenty of water sports adventures to be enjoyed, like snorkelling or scuba diving. What a perfect place for breathtaking photography! Day visits only, there is no accommodation, meaning far less people!

    Fregate Island is another exotic paradise within the Seychelles Republic, also know as the Anse Victorin Island. With nominations for the best beach, sink into the soothing waters of the Indian Ocean and let your cares melt away. The calm and tranquil aura of Fregate Island can also be enjoyed with more thrilling activities like old forest hiking. The flora and fauna will delight nature-lovers; you can expect to discover many species of turtles and tortoises. A perfect escape from the world, December to February is the best time to visit, though book another time of year to see less people.

    Aldabra Island, named after its Aldebra tortoises, Aldabra Island is the second-largest coral atoll in the world. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, home to a broad range of flora and fauna. May to December is the best time to visit, when you can enjoy wild-life tours, amazing photography, and leisure activities on the beautiful beach.


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    Mahe Island is the most visited and largest island, mostly outlined in this article below. May to September is best to visit this island.  Though other times allow you to avoid the tourist season. With more than 65 beaches, gorgeous high mountains overlook the shores. There are pink sand beaches which add  exquisite glamour to the atmosphere. When you consider the lovely bays, small caves, waterfalls, forests, and much more, Mahe Island is nothing less than paradise.

    La Digue is the second most popular destination in Seychelles. Its natural beauty is blissful, and the world seems a million miles away. Vanilla farms add to the charm of this island; May to September is best for  exploring and activities like snorkelling, swimming, photography, trekking, bike tours, and more.

    Praslin Island is a natural wonder, housing a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Vallée de Mai. From beaches to the wildlife, you can discover pure serenity at its best on Praslin Island. With hidden beaches and incredible beauty, you may spot the rare black parrot! May to September is the best time to visit, Whether you enjoy relaxing on the beach and quiet exploring, or more active days including snorkelling, scuba diving, there is something for everyone to feel disconnected from stress. You can also charter a boat to cruise.

    Cocos Islands, also known as Aux Cocos, are a small group of islets in Seychelles. They have been a designated marine park since 1996. This is an ideal spot for snorkeling and diving; most people take a boat from Praslin or La Digue Islands to explore the location. There is no accommodation on this island, so it’s only possible to enjoy it as a day trip. However that makes it an ideal escape from other tourists.


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    Félicité is a must if you want to feel like a shipwrecked Robinson Crusoe, cut off from the world. Absolute heaven. Félicité is a forested, granitic island 4 kilometres from La Digue. It’s the fifth-largest island in Seychelles and for a long time, it had a population of just 50.  It was slightly improved or destroyed, depending how you look at it, by the construction of a Six Senses Zil Pasyon resort.

    The resort offers 30 villas and a spa, and covers a third of the island. The other two-thirds of the island is covered by Ramos National Park, a protected area full of natural wonders. Stah as Six Senses, then hike and wander in nature all day. From Félicité one can access the tiny Marianne island, which is known as a world-class diving location if you want to escape other guests.

    Grand Soeur and Petite Soeur can be visited as day trips from La Digue or Praslin. The island was bought by hotel Château de Feuilles, and it organizes free full-day excursions on weekends, where guests have exclusive use of the island. If you want even more exclusivity, there are now several villas available for an overnight stay, with a staff house. This next level luxury can be booked with the Château de Feuilles hotel. There are only a very small number of visitors allowed to visit otherwise.

    Silhouette Island is located just 12 miles off Mahé and it has a population of 200. It offers some of the most dramatic and stunning scenery of all the islands, because of its mountainous terrain with peaks reaching over 500 m in elevation. Silhouette has no roads or cars, and can be considered a ‘living museum’, with many native and endangered plants and animal species under protection. It’s a hiker’s paradise.


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    Seychelles with a Date

    Seychelles is a paradise on Earth, with huge beaches, coral reefs, and natural reserves. Seychelles Tours has become the ideal location for people looking for an idealistic getaway, thanks to its beautiful shorelines, laid-back ambiance, and topaz waters.

    The tropical wonderland, blooming with colors of all types, is full of activities that will keep you occupied. Visiting this piece of heaven will definitely be more meaningful when you go with a gorgeous travel companion who is beautiful and intelligent, but is also kind and loving.

    This beautiful woman should have an adventurous spirit that will keep you entertained, and be a great conversationalist to remain interesting and connected with you. Her presence should make you very happy and relaxed. You’ll spend wonderful, memorable moments together, island hopping and horseback riding, exquisite dining, swimming and sleeping beneath the stars.

    Anse Lazio, on the main island’s northwest point, is picture-perfect wherever you look and it frequently appears on lists of the world’s most beautiful beaches. The lengthy beach features lapis lazuli seas with large waves, a dense fringe of palm and takamaka trees, and granite rocks at each end. There is some nice snorkeling amid the rocks along the bay’s arms, as well as a seaside restaurant. Despite its popularity, it seldom feels crowded.

    Explore the National Museum of history housed in Victoria’s restored colonial-era Supreme Court building. This terrific museum opened in late 2018. While the building is beautiful, the museum’s displays are excellent. Downstairs is an educational tour through 300 years of Seychelles’ history, with lots of information to contextualize the model ships, ancient cannons, and other historical objects. The upper level is dedicated to Creole culture, including exhibits on music, clothes, fishing, and architecture.

    If you enjoy and have tolerance for the gentleman’s game, Seychelles is the place to be. On the island, there are two huge golf courses where you may enjoy a round of golf. The Seychelles Golf Club and The Lemuria Champions Golf Course provide thrilling challenges and breathtaking vistas. You can even live in the luxurious resorts surrounding the club.

    Island hopping on an island is wonderful, but have you considered a helicopter flight above the islands? A helicopter flight over the beautiful Indian Ocean islands is one of the greatest ways to see the best of the magnificent archipelago. From the skies, be enthralled by the sheer beauty of nature that’s being offered by Seychelles.

    Don’t forget to step into La Misere Exotics Garden Centre which is located near Mahe. It is home to over 300 plant kinds as well as over 50,000 flowers and other botanicals. This lovely garden should not be missed by visitors. This and the Aride Island Nature Reserve should undoubtedly be on the agenda of any Seychelles visitor. It is home to one million seabirds from ten distinct species, five of which are unique to Seychelles.

    During your special time in Seychelles, stay at this world-class resort where luxurious villas are set enchantingly on a tropical hillside overlooking Petite Anse’s stunning white sandy beach. The bungalows are either erected on stilts on the jungle slopes or gently placed on the beach. The getaways are an oasis of peace and solitude with amazing views of the sea and Western Mahé’s coasts.

    Shaded patios and private infinity pools surrounded by coconut palms, mango, and cinnamon trees complete the feel-good experience at these villas, which are outfitted with every comfort. Furthermore, the spa, which is suspended 80 meters above the sea and provides a beautiful view of the ocean, meets lavish relaxation ambitions.

    Everything at the resort is arranged to perfection, guaranteeing that every second of your stay is a delight. With amazing cordiality, skilled and attentive professionals give outstanding care and pampering programs, allowing body and mind to melt into one. The bay’s fine sandy beach, one of the most beautiful in Seychelles, encourages lengthy walks and snorkeling adventures with your lovely companion.

    And with the luxury hotel’s marine biologist, you will be guided to explore this Indian Ocean paradise’s stunning undersea world. You and your travel date will have a terrific luxury experience.


    elite travel companion previewSeychelles Fine Dining

    The cuisine of Seychelles is a combination of all cuisines from the spice of the Middle East to the exotic flavors of India, with some subtleties from France. The Seychelles islands are well-known for their stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters, which are great for sailing, surfing, swimming, and snorkeling.

    After a day in the sun, You and your beautiful date will be spoiled for choice when it comes to finding a spot to eat. Dine at a restaurant in Mahe that specializes in high-end Italian cuisine with a Creole twist. This establishment has long been recognized as one of the best in Seychelles.

    The restaurant is handled by Italian Chefs, a husband-and-wife combination that loves and cares about what they do. Because the restaurant is generally always crowded, you should secure a table as long in advance as possible.

    Another location that appears to be gaining popularity is one of Praslin Island’s hidden beauties. It is not very widely publicized, and it does not even have its own website since it is so wonderful that it does not need one. The restaurant was created using traditional methods, with stone walls and a thatched roof, and it looks amazing.

    This alone distinguishes it, as these methods are no longer routinely employed, and the dish speaks for itself. The cuisine consists mostly of fresh local fish and shellfish offered in a variety of regional recipes. The mood is always fantastic, and the scenery is breathtaking. It is a bit out of the way because it is located on the coast road.

    Throughout Seychelles you can find and expect wonderful range of amazing restaurants that can satisfy your cravings. To help you on your quest to get the best dining experience, view this site: