The Lovely Town Of Montreux


    November 10, 2022


    Montreux is a classic resort town located on Lake Geneva. Located near the magnificent Alps and breathtaking Lake Geneva, the lovely town of Montreux is a wonderful getaway for many. Although it’s a small town, it is a place that has a lot to offer to its visitors all through the year.

    It is known for its moderate microclimate. The promenade in the town is lined with flowering statues Mediterranean plants, as well as magnificent Belle Epoque buildings. Offshore is an island with a medieval castle called Chateau de Chillon with formal halls, ramparts as well as a chapel with 14th-century murals.


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    If you’re considering Montreux in Switzerland as your next vacation destination or happen to be passing by and want to know more about the stunning sights and exciting activities to enjoy, it would be best to stay for a few days. Between the lakes to vineyards and mountains, Montreux Riviera offers a postcard-worthy scene. It’s a genuine little slice of heaven that has drawn many writers, artists, and tourists looking for beauty, peace, and inspiration.


    Montreux with a Date

    The fascinating city of Montreux is an amazing experience, however, it’s much more enjoyable when you’re with someone who will educate and make your trip more thrilling, someone who might entice you with their knowledge of the city. A woman with elegance and grace and a charming personality will surely be a pleasure to meet. This lady will take you to the stunning places of Montreux.

    Begin your Montreux sightseeing with an excursion along the lakeside promenade which is a continuous stretch of the town. It starts in Vevey and continues to the town adjacent to it, and runs for 13 kilometers, passing through Montreux and then towards the Chateau de Chillon in Villeneuve.

    It is often referred to as the Chemin Fleuri, also known as the ‘Flower Path’ where you’ll find blossoming flowers, amazing artwork, and palm trees that surround the sparkling lake and the mountains in the background. The promenade along the lake is certainly one of the most enjoyable activities to experience in Montreux but, of course, it’s not necessary to walk for the whole distance.

    End your walk through The Flower Path to the most-visited historical site in Switzerland, Chateau de Chillon Montreux. It is without a doubt one of the most sought-after spots to go to in Montreux because being there feels like a scene in a fairytale.

    This magnificent castle is fortified and boasts an array of halls and courtyards, towers, and prison cells that dates back to the 12th century. Take a look across the lake to France to see views that have influenced artworks by Turner and written works by Lord Byron, whose name is engraved into the castle’s walls of the dungeon, and you’ll be able to see why this is among the most visited Montreux tourist destinations.

    Taking a private cruise at Lake Geneva, with the Alps as the dominant background, is a stunning sight to behold. If you are on the paddle steamer, it is possible to enjoy the beautiful scenery and lakeside towns by the serene water. The steamers are a classic that connects 40 ports on the Swiss and French parts of the lake, making it the most tranquil form of public transportation.

    If you want to experience something truly memorable what better way to spend your time than the pleasure of a delicious cruise aboard one of these stunning Belle Epoque steamers with your amazing travel date? It’s one of the most requested activities you can do when visiting Montreux, Switzerland.

    Additionally, the renowned Montreux Jazz festival, takes over the course of a fortnight during July every year. The Montreux Jazz Festival is another highlight in the town’s musical hat and it’s not just about jazz. The prestigious music festival has played host to many of the most well-known musicians and includes the likes of David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Lady Gaga, Elton John, Aretha Franklin, Prince as well as Van Morrison, and jazz legends like Nina Simone, Miles Davis and Ella Fitzgerald.

    The festival is also the focus of Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water, following the infamous incident that took place in 1971, during the performance of Frank Zappa which resulted in the creation of the formation of clouds of smoke that hung-over Lake Geneva.

    Finding the ideal place for your stay in Montreux isn’t a problem with more than 131 options to choose from. You can find a certain one that is surrounded by the majestic Alps and tucked away near the shores of the sparkling Lake Geneva, a 5-star grand hotel that has been delighting visitors for more than 100 years with its beautiful Belle-Epoque style architecture.


    It includes 236 suites and rooms as well as an impeccable reputation for service that dates back to its beginning at the time of its founding in 1906. If you’re looking for a place to rest or just to indulge yourself with live music or the best of Swiss food, you’ll find everything you need at this stunning location.


    elite travel companion previewMontreux Fine Dining

    In the gorgeous lakes of Montreux, the restaurants are stylish, classy and an experience on the palate. Catering to a mix of music enthusiasts and European adventurers, the dining options vary from Michelin-starred to local. Whether you want classic Swiss food, fresh sushi, or Argentinian grill favorites, Montreux has something for you to make the most of your time in this beautiful town.

    Just a few steps from the grounds of the festival and boasting stunning views of the Lake, this cafe is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing afternoon listening to music and sipping homemade cocktails.

    As you admire the traditional French cafe’s décor and surroundings, you’ll be able to choose from many delicious meals ranging from French traditional dishes like Frog legs baked made of puff pastry and wild garlic cream, to an opulent barbecue hamburger. In addition, they offer an extensive cocktail and wine menu.

    At the high point of Montreux village, which offers stunning panoramas of Lake Geneva, adjacent vineyards and France, a classic Swiss restaurant is ideal to enjoy a romantic evening meal. It is run and owned by a couple who are married the restaurant is warm and homely.

    The chef cooks Swiss and French recipes that incorporate local ingredients such as garlicky snails as well as filet mignon and prawns. Meanwhile, the chef of service ensures that you’re provided with everything to have a wonderful evening.

    There are plenty of great and luxurious dining places in Montreux and you can check them out here: