The Lovely Grand Bahamas


    November 24, 2022


    The Bahamas is a country located in the northwest West Indies of the Caribbean archipelago. Bahama’s capital, Nassau, is located approximately 310 kilometers off the coast of Florida and north Cuba. This coral-based archipelago includes approximately 700 islands, islets, and more than 2000 cays also known as coral reefs.

    Only 30 of the islands are inhabited to this day. The Bahamas shares maritime borders with Cuba, Haiti, and the United States. The land area of the islands when combined is slightly smaller than Connecticut and about the same size as Montenegro.


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    Christopher Columbus arrived on the island of San Salvador in 1492 to discover the Caribbean islands. At that time, the Caribbean islands were inhabited by Lucayans, a subgroup of Arawak Indians. Within the 25 years after Columbus’ arrival, the entire tribe was destroyed by slavery, disease, and other hardships.

    In 1647, a group of English Puritans known as the Company of Eleutheran Adventurers established a British settlement in The Bahamas. They took control of an island called Cigatoo by the Arawaks and named it Eleuthera or the Greek word for liberty. The British made the islands British colonies in 1717 and 1783.

    The Bahamas holds the true pirates of the Caribbean of the past. The islands were close to major shipping routes, which allowed the pirates’ activity to flourish in the late 17th century and early 18th centuries. Based at Nassau, the pirates attacked French and Spanish vessels, while French and Spanish forces set fire to Nassau many more times.

    The Bahamas is now one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. One of the greatest attractions that invite tourists over is the mild Bahamian climate perfect for summer vacation. The political capital and commercial center of The Bahamas is Nassau. Bahamian culture is a mixture of European and African heritages. It is also influenced by people from the Caribbean and the Americas.


    Bahamas with a Date

    The Bahamas islands are a popular tourist destination and a tropical paradise. This tropical archipelago is known for its beauty and amazing weather. Also, the fact that it is made up of islands and islets, is one of the many reasons why this archipelago is special.

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    You and your date won’t find a more memorable way to spend a vacation in The Bahamas than shark diving. With its pristine waters, the Bahamas holds a lot of natural wonders in the depths of its seas. You can choose from a number of companies that offer this tour and bring you to the perfect spot.

    Professional divers and tourists can see a variety of shark species while diving in The Bahamas, including bull sharks as well as hammerheads and tiger sharks. Grand Bahama is also a great place to shark dive. Other than sharks, you together with your date can also witness the rich and beautiful ecosystem of fishes and corals below. Witness different colors forming a beautiful and picturesque view underwater.

    Baha Mar, The Bahamas’ newest luxury resort is located on Cable Beach’s white sands. It is a group of hotels and has three iconic oceanfront hotels that are available: the richly refined Rosewood, the fun and hip SLS, and the Grand Hyatt. The stylish Grand Hyatt, one of the three hotels, offers spectacular views from its rooms and has an impressive selection of pools.

    Baha Mar allows you to create your own extraordinary luxury experience with a variety of top-quality dining options, an impressive casino with stunning ocean views, and a host of other amenities. Grand Hyatt Baha Mar celebrates the most memorable experiences of a vacation to Nassau, The Bahamas. This hotel is great for couples, families, friends, and all tourists there.

    The resort offers a variety of fun activities and nightlife options too. It also boasts one of the most beautiful beaches in The Bahamas right on its beachfront. You and your lovely companion can relax and unwind while taking in stunning views of the ocean and islands. Grand Hyatt Baha Mar has stylish and modern accommodations to meet your every need.


    elite travel companion previewBahamas Fine Dining

    The Bahamas is a place where you can experience fresh seafood that is as diverse as it is delicious. Food from the islands has a lot of South American and African influences. But, with the flock of tourists from all over the world, many restaurants emerged to cater to the visitor’s needs.

    Luxury restaurants also rise offering world-class gastronomy. Dishes served are twisted with creativity and imagination but still hold their roots of flavors from traditional produces and influences.

    Seafood lovers should not miss this renowned fine dining restaurant in the Bahamas. Local master chef, Jose Andres prepares the best Bahamian plates of seafood and creates one-of-a-kind creations. You can book a table and dine with your beautiful companion.

    You can pair your meals with handcrafted cocktails, or relax in décor inspired by the Bahamian ocean scape. You can also try the house specialty: whole-fried, lionfish. The invasive species, the lionfish, is detrimental to the health and well-being of coral reefs as well as local aquatic life.

    Chef Andres has made it a point to serve this dish. He will help keep the local coral reefs and fish populations healthy. In addition, a portion of your bill will go to the Atlantis Blue Project Foundation. This foundation is committed to marine conservation.

    If craving for the view and an exquisite dining experience is on your list, there is a restaurant in the Bahamas that is perfect for you. Enjoy a unique blend of Bahamian, Asian, and French cuisines paired with a wide selection of cocktails and stunning views.

    You can choose to sit in the dining room, or outside on the restaurant’s patio. The postcard-perfect view is the perfect accompaniment for you and your lovely date’s meal. Before ending the night, make sure to taste the restaurant’s famous banana cake topped with ice cream.

    The Bahamas offers countless options for dining exquisitely in their islands, check out their list here: