The Jewel Of Rang Yai Island


    November 30, 2022


    Rang Yai Island is a 110-hectare private island off the east coast of Phuket. Located approximately 5km from Boat Lagoon Marina, this jewel of an island is one of Phuket’s most desirable tourist spots. It is an island popular with tourists and property owners alike and is the largest island currently for sale in the region.

    The island is close to Phuket and Coconut Island, which are home to many resorts and are very popular with tourists. Rang Yai Island has an advantageous location in the area. This tranquil island is covered with coconut and pine trees, with numerous walking and hiking trails, as well as miles of white sand beach on the west side perfect for swimming or sunbathing.


    Rang Yai Island getaway, near Phuket


    Acquired in 1990 by Richy Island Phuket Co. LTD, it was operated as an eco-tourism business. It later turned out to be an excellent source for pearl mining and is now registered as one of Phuket’s many pearl farms.

    It goes by the name of Phuket Pearl Farm and produces high-quality pearls that are distributed all over the world. They also show you live demonstrations showing how pearls are grown, harvested, and then turned into beautiful pieces of jewelry, just like the Island; a beautiful masterpiece.


    Rang Yai Island with a Date

    Rang Yai Island is a surprisingly tiny nirvana just 5 km away or a mere 20-minute ride from the east coast of Phuket Island. It is not a secret beach since it is part of some tour packages, and this island hosts varying activities for its guests that make the stay fun.

    Koh Rang Yai trip is more fun if spent alongside a beautiful woman who can bring the experience to a whole new level, and create unforgettable memories from your experiences. Someone who can make your stay more stimulating and add a burst of sunshine to your life.

    When enjoying luxury travel, you should be accompanied by a natural, gorgeous woman with a kind personality, and an appetite for the good thing in life. This is perfect for a tropical trip to one of the world’s exclusive destinations. She should be a well-bred, high quality, no-drama woman who is easily compatible with your own gentlemanly sophistication.

    Activities at Rang Yai Island that you and your model companion date can enjoy include volleyball, darts, hiking, mountain biking, sea canoeing, and mini golf. Play and enjoy everything they have to offer in this luxurious island.

    The most popular activity you can enjoy when on this island is that it is an excellent spot for snorkeling. Swimming leisurely along the warm, crystal-clear blue waters and sunbathing, especially along the rocks of the cape is a wonderful moment to do. Adventurous travelers can also undertake some kayaking on Rang Yai Island as well as good Phuket snorkeling near the headland rocks.

    Rang Yai Island is a tranquil tropical paradise. The beach is the most tempting place for relaxing and provides sleeping chairs. You can easily spend your day chilling in one of the many beach loungers set under the trees, or at tables of the exotic thatched-roof restaurant, drinking some champagne and having the best conversation with your date.

    The Pearl farm and shop are located on Koh Rang Yai. This is the highlight of the visit to the island found at the center of the main beach. So, if you want to visit here, you can book a tour. The Pearl shop receives visitors daily who are there to get souvenirs.

    You may also see the many phases of pearl creation. They sell a wide range of products that may very well become one of your sentimental possessions. The colors of the pearls determine how they are made naturally and thus it will vary in prices depending on shape, color and beauty. Pearls are unique and rare things.

    A beautiful hotel villa and a 5-star resort as well as an island hideaway located on Coconut Island is where you can retreat and relax when you get to Thailand. It is only 10 minutes by boat from Phuket’s mainland. It is great for calm getaways, romantic vacations, and solitary retreats.

    With modernity mixing in the ancient beauty of island life, stunning white sandy beach with local activities, this hotel is out-of-this-world. You and your travel companion may enjoy the resort’s wonderful amenities, beautiful gardens, spa and wellness programs, and adventure excursions.

    It is the ultimate vacation where life is celebrated, passion is sought, and happiness is completely achieved.


    elite travel companion previewRang Yai Island Fine Dining

    Rang Yai is a private island with a single restaurant and bar. They have the freshest ingredients and prepare meals in authentic Thai food or Asian fusion. The Thai food is fantastic, but what makes this restaurant unique is that it is located on a private island.

    You can sit on a beach chair in the shade of a tree and sip a beverage while enjoying a Phad Thai. Finish the cocktail with a dip in the sea. If you are chartering a private charter boat, you might consider visiting some of the fantastic island eateries that are only accessible by boat if you are staying in Phuket.

    Perched on stilts above the lake on Koh Yao Yai, this modest small eatery may easily be overlooked. It may not appear to be much, yet it serves delicious meals. The cuisine features outstanding barbecued seafood. Another hidden treasure of Koh Yao Yai is that provides delicious, genuine Thai cuisine.

    It is close to Pavilion Resort, so it will be easy to find if you are staying there. If you’re searching for something a little healthier, here is the place to go. A café that delivers not only healthful but also tasty meals. There are several possibilities for vegan travelers. The Buddha bowl and the coconut ice cream were would be a delight.

    If you enjoy trying new kinds of food, you will surely love the cuisine in the Phuket area. There are restaurants to suit every taste, providing a wide range of Western and Asian cuisine. One of the island’s main draws is its diverse food and dining experiences.

    Breakfast at your hotel, lunch at a local noodle stall, and supper with good wines in a sophisticated air-conditioned restaurant are all options. While Thai food is well-known for its great tastes and fresh ingredients, Phuket is particularly well-known for its seafood, and you don’t have to empty your bank account to enjoy the most luxurious of dishes.

    Rang Yai has dining options for you, view it here: