The Exquisite Natural Beauty Of Saint Martinique


    November 30, 2022


    This department of France, located south of Dominica and north of Saint Lucia in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, knows how to serve up the best of both worlds for travelers looking to celebrate or simply have a nice weekend getaway from their hectic life.

    Martinique embodies the ideal concept of a treasure island. Martinique truly offers the best possible recipe for a week-long honeymoon, with tropical forests, paradise beaches of black and white sands, charming seaside villages, mountain and volcano hiking trails, turquoise waters, fishing coves, and sunsets on the Caribbean Sea.


    Stunning natural beauty of Saint Martinique


    The Caribbean Island of Martinique has become more popular for travelers over the past few years since airlines began offering more accessible routes. The country is famous for its natural beauty, which includes crystal blue lakes and stunning panoramas, as well as its French past and Creole culture. Martinique boasts an abundance of beautiful beaches for visitors to enjoy.

    Depending on how you choose to spend your time at the beach, whether you prefer to relax, snorkel, dive, or simply enjoy the scenery, you may select one that suits your needs. Some of the most popular is the black sandy enclave of Anse Noire or Diamant Beach, which is known for its breathtaking vistas of Diamond Rock as well as its ideal surfing waves.


    Saint Martinique with a Date

    Martinique is also known as the “Island of Flowers”, and nothing better exemplifies that natural beauty than the Jardin de Balata botanical park. Visitors may stroll the grounds and appreciate the numerous flowers and plants around the property, which is built around a classic Creole-style mansion.

    Enjoy the Saint Martinique trip with a gorgeous, fun loving model with whom you can enjoy making unforgettable memories. She should be naturally intelligent, caring and kind as well as yet well bred and polite. With an outstanding career and a lifestyle that matches someone like you, you’ll appreciate what high quality woman is.

    Explore the island of Saint Martinique and all it offers with your lovely date and have the best moments of your lives.

    One of the island’s most recognized features is the Diamond Rock. The white sandy beaches of Le Diamant Beach located on the island’s southwestern shore is a perfect place where you can enjoy an unobstructed view of Diamond Rock.

    You’ve seen photographs in thousands of tourist ads, but nothing beats witnessing the breathtaking scene in person. The isolated island is noted for reflecting sunlight, which is how it got its name, comparing it to a beautiful stone. It’s also one of the best spots in the area for scuba diving since the crystal blue waters are home to a diversity of marine life.

    Great beaches and clean waters are two of Martinique’s main charms. It is also a popular snorkeling site for swimmers and ocean enthusiasts. Most beaches on the island have instructors as well as shops to rent the equipment you’ll need for your expedition.

    While many of the beaches on the island provide excellent snorkeling opportunities, we believe that Anse Noire and Anse Dufour are the best places to see the colorful coral reefs and marine life in the area.

    Spend a day exploring the town of Saint-Anne if you’re searching for a pleasant day of sunbathing and sightseeing. This tiny and colorful seaside town welcomes anybody wishing to relax on the beach. During your visit, stop at La Pagerie Museum to learn about the island’s historical links to France.

    While at Fort-de-France, look for the monument of Marie Josèphe Rose Tascher de la Pagerie, the former empress of France and Napoleon’s bride, who has links to Martinique as she was born in the neighborhood of Les Trois-Ilets.

    The Musée de la Pagerie houses the French empress’s palace as well as historical items including love letters written by Napoleon and vintage machinery from the property’s days as a sugar mill.

    If you’re a history buff, a stop at La Savane des Esclaves will surely enthrall you. It is a museum that teaches tourists about the history of slavery in Martinique and you can also explore the grounds which include replicated dwellings from that era, a Creole medicinal garden, and other attractions. There is bilingual signage in French and English to help you navigate the site and offer information and context for what you’re viewing.

    Staying at Martinique’s most traditional luxury retreat is as French as it is tropical. This Resort hotel is located on the seaside and overlooks a lagoon with crystal-clear water. It comprises 18 gorgeous villas and 50 very exquisite, welcoming apartments.

    More than half of them have a private pool and open-air shower. The hotel also boasts two restaurants, a lounge bar, a Guerlain spa, a very beautiful swimming pool, classic French cuisine at a seafood restaurant, and a slew of sun-seeking locals.


    elite travel companion previewSaint Martinique Luxury Dining

    The majority of Martinique’s outstanding restaurants incorporate French influences, giving the indigenous Caribbean food a distinct edge that you won’t find anywhere else. The exquisite gardens and panoramas of the island are best experienced with a full stomach, and we’ve compiled a list of some locations to fill up that we believe you’ll like.

    Martinique has a unique variety of cuisines; however, the Creole and Caribbean seafood meals are the origins. The French influence is never far away, with exquisite meat stews and wonderful sweets available across the island.

    A restaurant located in Le François, Martinique 97240, is regularly popular with the stylish set and has a spectacular modern, creole appearance. But it’s the creative, expertly executed meal that cements the restaurant’s well-deserved reputation.

    It continues to get accolades for its utilization of cutting-edge French methods, as well as exceptional twists on local items. Take a long and leisurely meal on the terrace, which has a high sea view; by night, the ambiance is romantic, the service is excellent, and the music is intoxicating.

    Soups are like a mosaic of several mediums. A velouté can serve as the foundation for a ravioli filled with foie gras or pineapple. A thick tuna steak is frequently served as a main course for the evening’s three-course prix-fixe meal, but you’ll always have a choice of five main courses, two of which are fresh lobster and a steak.

    And desserts are just as unforgettable.

    There are many fine dining options in St Matinique. Visit this page to find out more about their excellent dining services: