The Exciting City Of Riyadh


    November 12, 2022


    Riyadh is an urban area and the capital city of Saudi Arabia. The name of the city comes from the plural of Arabic rawdah which means meadows or gardens, and is named in honor of the natural fertility facilitated by its location at the junction between Wadis Hanifah as well as Al-Batha`.

    The stunning view of Riyadh from above which is illuminated at night with city lights is a reminder of the meadows that are named after it; the bright light show is visible in the desert as if flowers in fluorescent lights and were suddenly blooming in the shadowy contours. The city is situated in the province of Mintaqat Al-Riyad, one of 13 provinces of the country, and is located in the middle of both the country as well as the greater Arabian Peninsula.


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    The cities of the world have never seen such rapid change as Riyadh recently which developed from a small fortified desert settlement in the 17th century to an urban city with more than a million people during the 20th century. No longer a mysterious, unfamiliar country, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has opened to tourists and business, increasingly becoming a part of popular culture.

    Riyadh is a significant business, financial, and manufacturing center. Many banks have their headquarters in the city and include Saudi Arabia’s central banking institution, as well as many national banks. Numerous private firms are also based there and every publicly traded business is legally required to have a presence within the capital city.

    Around one-third of Saudi Arabia’s factories are situated in Riyadh manufacturing machines and equipment, metallurgical products as well as construction materials, chemicals, food items, furniture, textiles, and even publications.

    Life in Riyadh is focused around the city’s nearly 4000 mosques as well as the numerous retail centers. The city’s central area and the numerous souks or markets draw a lot of pedestrians which highlights the city’s pulsating energy. Foreigners are pleasantly surprised by the variety of choices for entertainment and activities. Both genders can join teams to play road hockey on the ground which is part of the Diplomatic Quarter. Some groups organize overnight camping excursions.

    There is tennis, soccer, or golf. Dance lessons with salsa have been gaining popularity. Many salsa dancers go across the desert to Dubai or Beirut for dance parties on weekends. For those who are not interested in traveling, it is possible to shop in the old souks or at one of the vast malls. Restaurants are very popular with both tourists and locals.


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    As the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh is a cultural center that seamlessly blends old fortresses and modern glass towers that are positioned in a row. While Riyadh is a massive city that covers over 1,800 square miles, it is located in its historic core or downtown where the majority of important attractions are situated and include the remains of the city’s old walls, which once protected the historic city along the trade route to the desert.

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    One of the most well-known museums in the nation for its size is the National Museum of Riyadh. The National Museum in Riyadh is an excellent spot that provides numerous attractions to visitors. If you’re thinking of where you and your lovely date can go to know more about the rich history of Saudi Arabia, you should pay a visit to the National Museum.

    The National Museum has to be one of the most popular activities to experience during your visit to this majestic city in the middle of the desert. The museum is located at the King Abdul Aziz Historical Centre which is a cultural center within the town of Riyadh. There are eight galleries in the museum, which showcase human history and antiquities, galleries, and much more for guests.

    In a city that effortlessly blends modernity with tradition, Al Faisaliah Hotel Riyadh, a Rosewood Hotel, defines the most modern and elegant, and enviable place. The luxurious hotel is home to the biggest banquet that is column-free and meeting spaces that are available in the Kingdom. With the introduction of a 24/7 butler service, this hotel’s 224 rooms have elevated the concept of personal service to higher heights within Saudi Arabia.

    The perfect choice for the discerning business traveler, Al Fassiah provides one of the world’s best accommodations to get you rested and give a sense of being pampered. Al Faisaliah Hotel forms an integral part of Riyadh’s iconic centerpiece which is the Al Faisaliah Center, which offers luxurious shopping, top-of-the-line entertainment, and an office tower that is 250 meters high. Booking a room in this hotel for you and your lady companion will surely be worth every penny.

    You and your date can thoroughly enjoy your stay with the services offered.  Nobody does luxury like the Middle East. The hotel and the center are located in Riyadh’s highly sought-after residential and commercial Olaya area. Olaya offers ease of connection to the city’s Diplomatic Quarter ministerial buildings and shopping, government offices, as well as business and leisure centers.


    elite travel companion previewRiyadh’s Fine Dining

    One of the most enjoyable methods to experience Riyadh’s rich cultural blend is through its food. Najd Village combines the dining and experiences of the past, using authentically recreated Najd structures and genuine dishes such as jeesh, kabsa, and hashi.

    Modern versions are available at different elegant restaurants serving Saudi Fusion cuisine that is inspired by the region of the country and Suhail, which puts a contemporary take on traditional Saudi dishes. Some restaurants serve international cuisines to accommodate international guests.

    If you and your elegant date are a fan of classic Italian classical dishes, a fine dining restaurant located in Riyadh should be a place to visit. With its glass chandeliers with blue and white flooring, terrazzo-patterned floors as well as high gloss oak tables and custom seats made of blue leather, guests can enjoy authentic Italian food.

    The menu showcases Venetian food with a contemporary twist. Pizzas and pasta aside, there’s the mouthwatering veal brisket on the menu, which is oven-roasted to create a soft texture and is served with potato mash. Treat you and your beautiful companion to this and other top restaurants in Riyadh, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    Another restaurant features authentic cuisine for sophisticated diners, and the legendary elegance that brings The French Riviera to the heart of the Kingdom. There are white tablecloths that have been smoky and starched, as stunning abstract paintings in the rooms.

    The menu is centered around French Mediterranean and Nicoise cuisine as well as mouth-watering carpaccio made of beef as well as plenty of seafood. Some of the best dishes include burrata made with basil and tomatoes as well as escargots made that are topped with parsley and garlic butter and homemade gnocchi made with cherry tomatoes.

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