The Diverse, Luxury City Of Abu Dhabi


    November 12, 2022


    Abu Dhabi is the largest of the seven emirates and is the capital city of the United Arab Emirates. It is comprised of more than 200 small islands. The Emirate has diverse landscapes that range from beaches to unspoiled desert landscapes and islands with famous tourist attractions.

    Abu Dhabi occupies a triangular-shaped island located on the Persian Gulf coast and is connected to the mainland through a bridge that is only a few feet long. Abu Dhabi was formerly an isolated town with no significance, however, the oil revenue of the emirate allowed the city to develop into a modern city, with extensive infrastructure.


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    Tourism plays an important part in Abu Dhabi’s economic growth. A major investment in luxurious resorts and hotels for business is in the works. Abu Dhabi has many things to offer its guests and residents. It has a wide area, an enviable business hub, and an incredibly welcoming atmosphere boasting one of most lucrative per capita incomes as well as some of the lowest rates of crime anywhere in the world.


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    With a wide range of cultural and tourist attractions, Abu Dhabi is popular with tourists all over the world. If you’re visiting as a stopover or for an extended break, there’s plenty to do and see. Highlights include the Sheikh Zayed, Grand Mosque, Yas Island, the oasis city of Al Ain among all other equally marvelous spots within the city.

    Knowing about the local customs and culture can help tourists comprehend and make the most of their stay in Abu Dhabi. There’s a long cultural and historical background to discover at the popular landmarks and on exciting tours. Take a beautiful, discreet and charming lady companion with you, who is knowledgeable about the city of Abu Dhabi. A woman who exudes elegance, with an interesting appeal and beauty that will make your trip memorable and fun. Elite Muse can introduce you to suitable high end luxury travel companion for a dinner date in Abu Dhabi.

    Louvre Abu Dhabi

    Take yourself and your gorgeous date to this museum that is a sister to Paris’ Le Louvre’s colossal museum which was opened in 2017. Now it is a show, with 600 art pieces spread across 23 galleries that are built on the sloping edges of an inlet on the Arabian coast. The huge structure’s mushroom-shaped roof can be visible through the road.

    A dome made of aluminum and metal creates gaps that allow light to pass through, like the cracked roof of a souk that lets out shards of the scorching Middle Eastern sun. Surely a work of art on its own. The idea is that The Louvre Abu Dhabi shows works from around the globe that span all eras to show the world’s past. The structure puts Abu Dhabi on the culture map. With plans for a neighboring National Museum as well as a brand-new Guggenheim, Saadiyat Island will become a must-visit location for the world’s culture.

    Qasr Al Watan

    You and your lovely companion can visit the recently opened Qasr Al Watan. It is a first-of-its-kind glimpse of the Arab royalty. It’s like a feeling of total satisfaction when walking through the massive maple doors, a vast hall with sparkling marble and silver trims as well as 5,000 geometrical floral designs along with crystal chandeliers.

    Translated as ‘Place of the Nation’, Qasr Al Watan is part museum, and also a Presidential Palace. This palace is home to numerous heads of state, and there are rooms dedicated to President gifts from around the world. Its House of Knowledge is especially fascinating, with a remarkable collection of artifacts that reflect Arab tradition, identity, and the contributions made to the world.

    Rosewood Hotel

    Exquisite is the name of the game at Rosewood Hotel, which is modeled upon the beauty of the Arabian Sea that evokes a sensation of pure tranquility in the city. You can book yourself and your lovely date a room at this hotel while in Abu Dhabi. The hotel does not only offer an array of luxury rooms, but the luxurious suites are an absolute delight to see.

    The hotel is home to an ocean and golf club, along with a fitness center as well as a pool and spa. The dining options are diverse and include nine restaurants and bars that you can choose from. Whatever mood you’re in for eating or for wine-sipping, you’ll find something to satisfy yourself. Contact us to meet a wonderful luxury travel escort companion or GFE courtesan dinner date in Abu Dhabi.


    elite travel companion previewAbu Dhabi Fine Dining

    Generosity and hospitality are two important ingredients in food preparation within the Arabian Gulf. Over the years eating out has been viewed as a social event and food was shared with lots of warmth at a table or, in the past, under the shade of Bedouin tents and under the stars while on a blanket.

    Travelers on their own can still enjoy traditional hospitality, friendship, and authentic food in Abu Dhabi’s numerous restaurants and cafes on the streets as well as heritage desert camps and the traditional Dhows or wooden vessels. As a major historical trading post along the coast, it is never a shortage of fresh food available within the city.

    Nation Riviera Beach Club

    The grounds within the premises of Nation Riviera Beach Club, a well-known fine dining restaurant is the most recent addition to the award-winning restaurants at The St. Regis Abu Dhabi. It offers a setting that is both elegant and classic.

    The restaurant welcomes all seafood enthusiasts and gourmands to experience modern and western cuisine that is full of flavor and creative presentation featuring a focus on Caviar Sturgeons, Oysters, Sushi, and Crabs. Explore the culinary delights that are Abu Dhabi’s main and let your lovely date’s senses take in the aromas and flavors of unique dishes.

    Another fine-dining restaurant in Abu Dhabi elevates hospitality to the level of the most renowned artists within the surroundings of the Louvre Abu Dhabi, designed by the famous designer Jean Nouvel. In a distinctive setting which combines elegance and glamour, the restaurant’s chef signs with a skilled hand a menu that is in pure tradition at Parisian brasseries that are true to the spirit that gives the name synonymous to the restaurant.

    Parisian Double: an upscale ambiance and an energetic fresh selection of the most renowned producers, cuts of meat cooked to perfection, in the dining area the dance of servers with an unmistakable fashion, the terrace with a panoramic view of the waters in the Persian Gulf, and French gastronomy is anything but a dream. Dining here with your gorgeous companion will surely be a memory of a lifetime. We have experience in dealing with luxury lifestyle management and provide our clients with Discreet Dinner Date along with the concierge services for the arrangements.

    Abu Dhabi’s culinary scene is anything but ordinary. You can find everything and anything you’re looking for from the many restaurants that caters to countless amazing and delectable dishes from all over the world. To know more about Abu Dhabi’s fine dining, view this updated list:

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