The Cosmopolitan Island of Saint Martin


    November 30, 2022


    Saint Martin is the northernmost part of an island republic shared by France and the Netherlands. Saint Martin is a French territory that occupies around two-thirds of the island in the Leeward Island area.

    The island stretches around 12 miles north to south and approximately the same distance east to west, including a thin looping sand spit that extends westward from the steep main body of the island.

    The southern third is historically and administratively linked to the Netherlands, whereas the northern two-thirds is linked to France.

    Christopher Columbus discovered the island in November of 1493 and named it after Saint Martin of Tours, whose festival day it was. The island alternated multiple times between Dutch and Spanish control because it was prized for its naturally occurring salt lakes, a valuable resource in Europe.


    Saint Martin Island escape


    When the Dutch returned to the island in 1648, they discovered it had been captured by the French, with whom they negotiated a division contract. Sugarcane plantations, (sadly operated by African slaves, ancestors of the majority of the current residents), were vital for awhile, but faded in the nineteenth century.

    According to research, what distinguishes Saint Martini as a nation is its distinctly bi-national and cosmopolitan nature, a diverse range of culinary preferences derived from that, award-winning hospitality standards, its well-connected location among a wider archipelago, and a diverse range of activities to do on land and water totaling over 1000 experiences.

    Last but not least, there are 37 gorgeous beaches ranging from cosmopolitan and busy to very private.


    Saint Martin with a Date

    The hidden bays and private coves have a series of lengthy sandy stretches. Come listen to the calm lapping of the crystal-clear waves and admire the vivid colors of blue and turquoise! St. Martin’s 37 beaches have everything from wild and windswept to exquisite locations with rows of coconut trees and pristine sand.

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    On Saint Martin, you and your luxury travel companion may explore the water on a luxury yacht, a modest motor boat, a kayak, or a Hobie Cat which is a small sailing catamaran. Come discover the surrounding islands! Saint Martin is a popular sailing destination in the Caribbean due to its tropical temperature, blue seas, international airport, and convenient location.

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    You will set sail from Saint Martin for the wildness of uninhabited islets, or you will travel for the adjacent islands, which are all so lovely that you won’t know which one to select. Relax on the deck with your top model travel escort, tour the coral reefs, plunge into the crystal-clear sea before a substantial lunch, play Robinson Crusoe on the pristine beaches, watch the sunset, and relish the moment.

    An exquisite itinerary for your fantasy cruise!

    Imagine viewing the dawn over Grand Case Bay from your private terrace, with the sound of low-rolling ripples serenading you in the distance and a fresh sea of air lulling you into a state of serenity. If that sounds tempting, the Hotel L’Esplanade is the place to be.

    It provides extraordinary luxury and is perched on a hill above the settlement of Grand Case on the French side of the island. Each of the hotel’s 24 rooms has its own balcony with breathtaking views of the bay. The tropical design, which includes Balinese furniture, complements the surrounding acres of beautiful tropical plants.

    Walk down the hill to enjoy Case Beach, or relax by the outdoor pool and spa, which specializes in therapies that create harmony for the mind, body, and soul.


    elite travel companion previewSaint Martin Fine Dining

    Every restaurant in Saint Martin has something to pass on, something to give you. They are located along the shore, in the heart of genuine and conserved locales where the lovely backdrop is blended with the Chefs’ fantastic inventions.

    Flavorful, creative, and artistic is the best way to describe the dishes that represent the gastronomy of Saint Martin. St Martin’s newest and best restaurant, offers a relaxed bistro-style eating experience. For lunch, the restaurant provides a well-rounded selection of well-known basics and Caribbean delicacies for you to try and enjoy.

    By night, the restaurant transforms into a gourmet dining experience with the finest of international and Caribbean cuisine. The restaurant is located at the base of Dutch Cul de Sac’s brand-new Rainforest Adventure Park.

    Located in the heart of Grand Case, this exquisite fine dining restaurant invites you and your lovely date to one of the island’s oldest characteristic Creole residences.

    Enjoy dinner and wine pairings inside, or allow yourself and your date to be enticed by the Caribbean wind on the restaurant’s front terrace. The restaurant’s professional staff will plan every detail of your course to make this one of the most unforgettable and perfect moments of your trip to Saint Martin.

    You can find what your palate is definitely craving for in St. Martin’s more than 300 restaurants! View each of them here: