The Ancient City Of Athens


    November 10, 2022


    One of the most ancient cities in all of the globe, Athens is famous for being the place where democracy was born as well as the science, art, and philosophy of western civilization. It is the home to Plato, Socrates, Pericles, Euripides, Sophocles, and Aeschylus. The recorded history of the city spans 3400 years and was believed to be inhabited from the year 1159 B.C. E.

    Presently, under an enveloping shadow from the Parthenon, the contemporary urban landscape of the city’s sprawling outskirts reflects its vibrant past as well as its multicultural contemporary character and its infrastructures. Athens is situated 5 miles away from the Bay of Phalerum, an inlet of the Aegean Sea in which Piraeus, the port city of Athens is located in the mountain-girt arid basin, which is separated north-south with a line formed by hills.


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    Athens, with its tall buildings and modern retail stores, is the most European city that is viewed by the west or further in Europe. The first thing that strikes visitors most is its influence from the East in the cuisine, music, and bustling street life, perhaps remnants of a past time when Athens was separated from European society by the oppression that was the Ottoman rule.

    However, it’s not true to claim the city of Athens is a mix between East and West. The city can be described as Greek and, in particular, Athenian. Athens has nurtured Western civilizations for centuries in the past. Athens continues to be on the international stage to this day.


    Athens with a Date

    The ideal Mediterranean climate that is renowned for its Greek sunshine, the distinctive combination of magnificent history and modern urban technology, the coexistence of incredible nature and culture, with stunning natural beauty. Also the top standard hotel accommodations, the modern transportation options like the cutting-edge modern metro, the lively energy of the locals, not to mention the many possibilities for shopping, dining and nightlife.

    Obviously though, the warm welcome of the Athenians make Athens the perfect all-year-round city getaway destination. It is no doubt that traveling with someone to this lovely city makes the whole experience even better. Travel with an educated, successful and beautiful companion. A woman that is not only poised and elegant but warm, charming, sweet and caring to you. A natural beauty whose presence is discreet and refined.

    It is believed that the Athens Riviera is an essential destination for an Athens city vacation. One way to experience Athens is by a personalized travel experience where experts can take you away in a limousine chauffeured by a professional driver for a sunset rendezvous with the majestic Poseidon Temple and be accompanied by archaeologists.

    You can also discover the Athens shoreline from the decks of your luxurious catamaran with a private half-day cruise tour, while you take a dip or swim in the clear blue waters along the route. For those who have the time, Milos at Sea, a new venture from the world-renowned seafood restaurant can also embark you on an epic culinary journey on a 113-foot boat.

    Enjoy freshly caught fish, get instruction in cooking, and tastings of wine and cheese, and burn off the delicious meals by paddle boarding or kayaking. That would be a delightful and memorable experience for you and your travel companion. Moreover, another great way to explore Athens is to experience a new perspective of the city and the Athens Riviera on a helicopter tour with your lovely date. The stunning landmarks and sparkling beaches are even more impressive from the air.

    Gatsby Athens is one of the most recent luxury hotels that welcomes guests to this historic and picturesque city. The hotel’s 33 rooms blend modern design with Greek customs, and guests will get personalized and professional service that is complemented by unique drinks, food, and entertainment options that reflect the very best of the cultural and social life of its central location.

    The hotel’s atmosphere is lively and reminiscent of the glamour of 1930s Athens which you and your lovely date will surely enjoy. The Gatsby restaurant is the principal social spot for the hotel and also has a rooftop garden bar that is a laid-back, casual ambiance, welcoming hotel guests to dine while enjoying amazing views mainly of the Acropolis.

    The suites and guest rooms have a modern design, think of signature headboards in pastel pink and showers that are diamond-tiled, along with modern technology. It’s not just an area to rest but a place to be active and have fun.


    elite travel companion previewAthens Dining Scene

    As the capital city of Greece, Athens is one of Greece’s most sought-after European destinations due to its rich past and distinctive architectural style. Not only that, but the city also offers an equally vast array of excellent dining choices.

    Beyond the standard Athenian pubs, a dazzling number of restaurants with gourmet cuisines are waiting to pamper you and your date by satisfying you with culinary senses. Michelin stars fine dining, featuring Parthenon views, exquisite seafood restaurants as well as French or Japanese food can pique anyone’s interest for sure.

    Whatever you want, Athens dishes it up. If you’re headed to Athens for a visit that includes food, you’re in for an unforgettable taste experience.

    There is a well-known urban restaurant that is laid-back and casual and located in the central residential area of Athens. This is even though it has a Michelin star and fine dining status, it has a menu that is ever-changing and features deliciously prepared meals.

    The restaurant serves Greek cuisine made from the freshest ingredients from the market and influenced by various cooking techniques. To experience a unique taste of contemporary Greek cuisine, try the 11-course blind-tasting menu.

    It’s like the name implies every dish will be a delight. In case you and your lovely date have got specific food preferences, inform the restaurant at least 48 hours in advance of the date of your reservation. The restaurant not only serves amazing food but also has an impressive dining area. The outdoor patio is very popular during the summer months.

    Another well-known restaurant located in Athens is a posh fine-dining restaurant, which is situated in a gorgeous mid-19th-century villa located in the middle of Athens. The elegant and comfortable atmosphere blends with a sophisticated and distinctive gastronomic experience, which results in traditional Greek cuisine with an added twist.

    The restaurant serves two fixed menus: “Earth and Sea” as well as “Garden and Nature.” The menus allow you to choose between 4, 5, or 6 courses. You and your gorgeous companion will find meat and seafood dishes on Earth and Sea set like crab and Greek meatballs. On the other hand, the Garden and Nature set is more focused on vegetable dishes like moussaka and pumpkin mousse.

    Wine pairings are also offered from the vast array of wine selections in the restaurant for you and your date to enjoy. Get the best dining experience for you and your lovely companion by checking out Athens’ curated dining list: