Stunning St Tropez


    October 31, 2022


    Golden beaches encircling the aquamarine seas of the Mediterranean and its historic ports of fishing and the cobbled roads of the La Ponchon area, plus its magnetism for attracting the famous and wealthy, Saint Tropez promises to be a vacation that will be remembered. Saint Tropez is located in the southeastern part of France on the French Riviera and has a long and rich history.

    Once an old fishing village, Saint Tropez is an unmissable spot to visit during your vacation time. It was first recognized at the beginning of the 20th century as a painting village. It wasn’t until 1950 that Saint Tropez became a well-known tourism destination. It’s not difficult to recognize the appeal of this once-tiny fishing village. The appearance of the village changes with the seasons, but it is always delightful.


    Delight in St Tropez, the French Riviera seaside town in the South of France


    In the summer, Saint Tropez becomes a hip beach resort where the world’s elite gathers. Tourists enjoy walking along the harbor, taking in the beautiful variety of sailing boats and yachts. At this time of the year, the town is alive all day and at night and the area is always bustling with its gorgeous beaches, luxury boats, very exclusive shops, bars, and cafes offering the millionaire lifestyle, with an added touch to the French Riviera chic.

    However, Saint Tropez is not just an elegant party destination. The thing that is not widely known is that many of the original homes on the harbor were destroyed in the Second World War. Recently, they have been restored in their original style. Outside of the summer season, peace and authenticity prevail in this picturesque village of Provencal.

    Saint Tropez has managed a way to keep an ambiance of peace within its intricate streets, its traditional restaurant shaded by grapevines, and the charming harbor filled with wooden masts. The stunning white sand beaches of the Gulf de Saint-Tropez is amazing on its own, while the Provencal countryside is visible behind the town with the remains of medieval villages, vineyards, and lavender fields that sweep across those rolling hills create a picturesque memory to those that see it. Saint Tropez is a charming town that combines old-fashion along with its status as the most sought-after destination for the wealthy and famous.


    Saint Tropez with a Date

    It is the perfect moment to experience the entirety of Saint Tropez’s charming aspects. Begin your journey by visiting the most iconic locations in Saint Tropez. Apart from the glittering lifestyle which Saint Tropez is known for, it is also an elegant village with a beautiful avenue of cobbled streets that are filled with shops and charming cottages with painted shutters. Saint Tropez offers a myriad of things to do that are worth a trip.

    There are numerous historical structures and landmarks, museums, and art galleries located in the city. The best way to explore Saint Tropez is by having someone with you. Get lost in the beauty of Saint Tropez with a lady companion that has a mind deeper than Saint Tropez’s water, interesting as the wonders the city has to offer, and a woman that is striking in every way possible. She is a woman with a career, that is also knowledgeable, classy, and elegant.

    Take an early morning cruise to Porquerolle’s picturesque Notre Dame beach with your lovely date. It was voted the most beautiful beach in Europe for 2015, this is a great location for you and your date to relax and soak in the warm, turquoise waters before a delicious meal on board, prepared by a personal chef. Chartering a boat gives you the liberty to explore the coastline of Saint Tropez in the ultimate luxury manner for an unforgettable cruise along the Mediterranean coast.

    Saint Tropez may be one of the most beautiful resorts located on the French Riviera, but its huge popularity means that there’s a lot of traffic in the summer season. The best way to avoid this is to fly into the city by helicopter. Take your date with you and explore Saint Tropez from a different angle, overlooking its wonders. It’s possible to drop you off in the city at the most efficient Helipad so you and your date can travel to any location in the fastest and most private manner that is possible.

    Previously known as Chateau of la Messardiere from the year 2019, this hotel has been transformed into a stunning accommodation, featuring special services and amenities that have been introduced throughout the estate. Redesigned for summer 2021, the hotel which is now called Airelles Saint Tropez Chateau de la Messardiere is a 5-star hotel within Saint Tropez located in the Var region that spans both Provence as well as the French Riviera.

    Airelles Saint-Tropez Chateau de la Messardiere offers guests refreshed public spaces as well as a stylish new design of the hotel’s Valmont Spa for them to enjoy. Book a room for you and your beautiful date at this hotel, and relax and unwind after a long day exploring Saint Tropez. This exclusive hotel is Saint-Tropez’s biggest hotel with a spa, bar, a fine dining restaurant as well as an art gallery and stunning grounds of 25 acres that comprise an ornithological reserve called the Birdlife International Ornithological Reserve. You and your date can surely enjoy your stay in Saint Tropez.


    elite travel companion previewSaint Tropez Luxury Dining

    Gastronomy all over Provence or Saint-Tropez is due to the dry, warm Mediterranean climate, and plays a significant role in daily routine from fresh seafood markets to the abundant supply of locally grown fruits and vegetables. The vast Mediterranean region is renowned for its healthful, tasty, and vibrant cuisine and also traditional meals.

    The first and most important thing is that this Michelin-starred restaurant with three stars promises its guests a unique experience every single day. Take some time and treat yourself and your beautiful date to dinner in this restaurant. Furthermore, the food served here is worthy of numerous superlatives. Made with the finest ingredients such as the produce of markets in the area, fresh fish, and shellfish the restaurant offers an ode to the Mediterranean.

    Awe-inspiring marriages of flavors perfectly jus, sauces with a keen eye for the textures, it is impossible to stay unmoved by these enthralling and demanding standards. One of the most popular dishes is tortoni which is beignets made with Provence vegetables and Mediterranean seafood like crayfish. It’s one of the restaurant’s chef’s recommended dishes in which the core of his philosophy as a cook is given full expression.

    Another excellent fine-dining establishment in Saint Tropez is located within one of the city’s most luxurious hotspots, The Byblos Hotel. Enjoy lavish fine dining in an elegant atmosphere that is created under the direction of the restaurant’s famous chef. The menu is extensive that will provide the best local produce cooked to perfection.

    There are seafood, meat, and salad options to suit the season. The restaurant during the day also permits guests to enjoy an early breakfast or lunch, while sitting at the pool. Sit with your date, talk about Saint Tropez, and enjoy every bite of your meal as you get to know your date and Saint Tropez well.

    There are more fine dining establishments and amazing food places in Saint Tropez to discover and what is best is you can already check out the Michelin-starred eateries right now here: