Stunning Sacramento


    August 9, 2022


    One of the most historical cities in California, Sacramento boasts an incredible array of historical landmarks as well as local favorite spots. It is The State of California’s capital city and it is also a historic district that lies near the confluence of the Sacramento and the American Rivers. The area is home to numerous important tourist attractions, parks, historical attractions, as well as other must-see places.

    Sacramento is considered the River City. It has an integrated territory that is 99.2 square miles where the 97.2 square miles are land and 2 square miles is water. Sacramento is a city with an interesting and rich story that dates all the way back to 1839 when John Sutter arrived on the shores of the river near the union between the American and Sacramento Rivers. Sutter’s Fort was founded in 1839 with the intention of developing an agricultural community.


    stunning sacramento


    Eventually, it began to attract businessmen seeking opportunities. The discovery of gold near the foothills near the sawmill in 1848 as well as the river’s proximity changed Sutter’s Fort from a Sutter’s Fort community into a mining and trading hub of what would later be called the “Gold Rush”.

    Tourists can get a glimpse of Sacramento’s history by exploring the many restaurants, shops, and galleries along the sidewalks made of wood, taking a ride in a carriage pulled by horses, and exploring the many history museums. Downtown Sacramento is, in addition, where you will find Capitol Park. It is home to the Neoclassical California State Capitol as well as its sprawling museum. Along with being the capital city of California, Sacramento is known as the “Farm-to-Fork Capital” of America, and for the right reason.

    Sacramento showcases its bounty from the local area in its numerous gourmet restaurants and upscale bars for cocktails, and weekly farmers’ markets. Apart from having a top eating market, Sacramento also has a lively cultural and arts scene, including the many theaters that host Broadway productions and the numerous museums that exhibit stunning art to the beautiful murals that decorate city walls. There is something for everyone in this city’s sprawling metropolitan area.


    Sacramento With a Date

    There is no lie when you say that Sacramento City is a bright and colorful place to travel. The city proudly shows their shared cultural indifferences while maintaining history resulting in this harmonious place. Visit local favorite spots and known tourist attractions that are nestled within the city’s premises. A trip to a city like Sacramento is not complete without an educated, high quality travel companion escort that radiates beauty, refinement and elegance.

    If you are in a company of a woman who thirsts for knowledge a has good taste in arts, The Crocker Museum of Art is a sure place not to miss. The museum holds an impressive collection of art pieces all the way from the Gold-rush era up until the present day. American photographs, as well as European drawings and paintings, are also proudly displayed in the museum. The Crocker Museum of Art’s building in itself is also a show stopper with its grand Italianate Victorian-era mansion. The building is included in the National Register’s list of Historical Landmarks.

    Traveling the world is every traveler’s dream but how about traveling back in time? In Sacramento City, nothing is impossible. Dive into the past as you and your stunning date visit the riverfront historic district, also known as Old Sacramento, of Sacramento.  It covers 8 acres or 28 blocks of an area packed with significantly historical buildings that were built all the way back from the Gold-rush era.

    Old Sacramento’s more than 50 buildings represent the city’s original commercial district. It is an area that once thrive and flourished from the commerce boosted by the transcontinental railroad. Today, Old Sacramento houses locally owned shops, restaurants, museums, and hotels in both locals and tourists can enjoy. What a lovely experience to enjoy with your beautiful GFE escort companion.


    elite travel companion previewUpscale Dining in Sacramento

    A fine and classy woman deserves a treat from a gentleman like you and a gentleman deserves to have a great time with a fine date. With all kinds of cuisine popping in every street, looking for that perfect spot to taste Sacramento and have that wholesome experience can be quite a trouble. Plan ahead and skip that time of wandering around the streets of Sacramento. Use this food guide for the best and luxury dining experience, especially if you’re in the lookout for Michelin star places to dine with your lovely date:

    Taking a stroll in downtown Sacramento can surely consume a lot of your energy. A brunch place located at Capitol Avenue offers Mexican-inspired cuisine. Their dishes can lightly fill up your stomach and you can enjoy every bite as well. This restaurant proudly shows off its heavy wooden doors, dark metal chandeliers, and plenty of lush greenery while having that spacious outdoor patio. Other than the beautiful ambiance of its dining place, this restaurant’s kitchen menu offers regional highlights from all over the country.

    For instance, their Puebla-style chicken enchiladas that are smothered in handcrafted mole poblano burst with so much flavor. Other than the chicken enchiladas, the restaurant also shows off an extensive selection of drinks that tequila nerds will surely thrill about. If you are more of a margarita person the restaurant’ also proudly serves their Mango fresco with a rim coated in tajin salt. It is a sure winner.

    If you are going for that rich yet fresh taste of pasta, an Italian-Californian restaurant that is located at Folsom Street, Sacramento can proudly satisfy your palette. Dine and experience the restaurant’s clean, modern, and welcoming dining space that is passionately and carefully decorated. The restaurant’s kitchen menu mostly focused on fresh and sustainable produce with seafood being top on the list. Their dishes are supremely enticing.

    Their wide range of pasta selections is consistently woven to maintain freshness. Local fish are also proudly served. Their Cavatelli is made from top-quality resources before being napped with their in-home garlic and tomato sauce filled with chunks of sausages and summer squash. Other than their famous entrees, desserts are pretty straightforward, with their original gelato. If you are not into desserts, the restaurant has a wide range of Italian wine selections where you and your date can have a toast. The wines are displayed in a glassed endorsed cellar within the restaurant’s dining area.