Stunning Parrot Cay, Turks & Caicos


    November 30, 2022


    Parrot Cay belongs to the Turks and Caicos group of Islands in the Caribbean. The largest of the little islands between Providenciales and North Caicos is Parrot Cay. The majority of the island’s north coast is made up of impossibly stunning beaches, with fine white sand and sparkling water.

    Much of the island’s south side is made up of maritime wetlands that are home to a dense network of red mangroves, just like many of the other cays. The low limestone iron beach shoreline can also be seen in some areas. The 270-foot Parrot Cay Canal divides the Parrot Cay from the North Caicos on its east side.


    Stunning Parrot Cay, Turks & Caicos


    A similar-sized river may be found between Parrot Cay and Dellis Cay to the west. Low-elevation bluffs and fine sand dominate a significant portion of the island’s interior geography, which also has a low-density tropical dry forest. The east side of the cay, where a private resort is located, does have a ridge of higher terrain that rises to roughly 40 feet in elevation.

    Three hundred years ago, Parrot Cay, previously and originally known as Pirate Cay, was an ideal hiding place for pirates preparing to assault Spanish treasure fleets or to hide from the police, with Anne Bonny being the most well-known of the vagabonds.

    She made up camp on the highest point of the island, where Pirate House, one of the private resort’s private estates is now located, offering a breathtaking view of the horizon. What a piece of history!


    Parrot Cay with a Date

    Every place on earth offers its atmosphere and attractions, and Parrot Cay’s contribution to the world is its tranquility and seclusion. Parrot Cay is where the rich and famous play and unwind on pristine acres of nature at the magnificent Parrot Cay Resort. Impress your stunning luxury travel companion with a visit to this paradise.

    This private island is well-known for its celebrity visitors and award-winning holistic spa. Unfortunately, the island is not accessible to non-hotel guests or locals because of its exclusivity, although it might be amusing to pass past it while on a yacht! If a tranquil vacation is on your bucket list, Parrot Cay is the place to go.

    Exploring Parrot Cay is best done with a beautiful travel companion. Someone elegant and easy going, who knows how to enjoy life’s greatest pleasures. One who enjoys adventure, is constantly open to new experiences, and who genuinely shares your enthusiasm for the experience. What wonderful memories can be created together. Enjoy Parrot Cay with this charming natural beauty by your side, elevating the experience with her warmth and beauty.

    To explore the peaceful seas around Parrot Cay, boats may be chartered from the island’s resort. These boats may carry kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, snorkeling equipment, or simply a picnic meal and a bottle of wine. You and your lovely date can surely rent one of the few boats available and have a water excursion around Parrot Cay.

    Sunset cruises are extremely popular among guests. If you and your date happen to visit during the cold season, in the winter, whale watching for migrating humpback whales is also a popular choice. The boats may also be utilized to visit nearby attractions such as the Iguana Sanctuary.

    Staying on your boat and watching everything from afar can be boring. You can actually opt for the water excursion where you get to explore different remarkable parts around Parrot Cay. Swim or dine down in the crystal-clear waters that surround you. You and your lovely companion can do snorkeling as it is one of the most popular activities among tourists to the Turks and Caicos Islands.

    And the islands feature an abundance of colorful coral formations and generally calm seas in which to enjoy observing them thanks to the Turks and Caicos Barrier Reef. The Turks and Caicos Barrier Reef is the world’s third-biggest biggest barrier reef. It is protecting Grace Bay Beach from strong waves and keeping the seas calm and pristine.

    From sea turtles and coral formations to starfish and eagle rays, the reef is home to a plethora of colorful and exciting aquatic species. In addition to the barrier reef, the shallow blue seas around Providenciales are home to numerous magnificent smaller reef formations that are great for snorkeling—even for novices.

    COMO Parrot Cay Luxury Resort is located on one of Turks and Caicos’ smallest cays. This archipelago consists of eight main islands with several hidden coves, gorgeous beaches, and reefs. The main airport in the Turks and Caicos Islands is Providenciales International Airport, which is where the majority of the resort’s visitors come.

    The private journey from this airport to the COMO Parrot Cay will take around 50 minutes. This includes a 15-minute drive to Leeward Marina, followed by a lovely 35-minute boat trip. COMO Parrot Cay is the only hotel resort that can be found in Parrot Cay and was created by British interior decorator Keith Hobbs, who combined a relaxing beach house aesthetic with a calming contemporary style.

    Daily light illuminates delicate cotton-covered chairs and teak furnishings in whitewashed rooms. COMO Parrot Cay’s accommodations include hotel rooms, family suites, and gorgeous beach villas, as well as multi-villa private estates with private pools and panoramic views of the Caribbean sunset. Depending on the accommodation chosen, you can have a whole pool to yourself or just a few steps from your accommodation, the sand and saltwater will greet you by your feet.


    elite travel companion previewParrot Cay Luxury Dining

    Because Parrot Cay is a small private island with only one luxury resort, it is no surprise there are not that many restaurants present. There are just two restaurants on Parrot Cay, both of which are owned by the same luxury resort on the island.

    Many of the restaurant’s components like ingredients on the dishes served are acquired locally, and seafood is harvested fresh daily to assure quality. Yum!

    The first restaurant is a bright, airy room with views of the island and the sea. Located in the middle of the island, it offers both indoor and al fresco seating, making it a classy yet laid-back setting. The restaurant is more formal, serving modern Mediterranean and southern European cuisines, with a focus on modern Italian food.

    The restaurant also offers a brunch menu for visitors. You and your lovely companion can have a sunset dinner at this restaurant, talk about your plans, or get to know each other more.

    The second restaurant is a poolside terrace restaurant that is regarded as one of the best in Turks and Caicos. The restaurant serves light, Caribbean, and local mixed meals throughout the day, particularly for lunch, and modern Asian dishes at night, including Japanese and Thai tastes for dinner.

    When it comes to Parrot Cay, exclusivity, privacy and amazing dining experiences are to be expected. Come and check their site for more information here: