Stunning Las Vegas


    July 22, 2022


    The Making Of Las Vegas

    Las Vegas, situated in southern Nevada close to the Colorado River, is the biggest city in the state. The area that became Las Vegas was first found by Spanish pilgrims in 1829 but then it was the Mormons who first became settlers in 1850s. The place that was to become as what someone now calls “Gambling City” has evolved from what was then a stopping point for settlers en route to California.

    At the turn of the new century, the installation of railways has helped develop the city but it was in 1931 that significant changes and development was seen due to Nevada’s new laws that allowed gambling. Gambling spots and hotels with casinos sprung like mushrooms, making the downtown area to become what they now call “The Strip” where huge hotels, casinos and entertainment complexes became available.

    After World War II, Las Vegas became a place where vacationers and fortune seekers come to try their luck and enjoy everything in between. Currently, Las Vegas has more hotels than any city on the planet, and it hosts 19 of the world’s 20 biggest hotels. Those hoping to visit ought to have no issues finding a travel planner that is exceptional to feature all that Las Vegas has to offer. With no city or state charges and new hotels continually making position, Las Vegas draws in youthful transfers looking for fortunes from its clamoring economy.


    Stunning Las Vegas


    Although not famous for its culture, Las Vegas is home to the Las Vegas Art Museum, a part of the Guggenheim Museum and huge collections of Picassos and works of other top painters and artists can be seen in plain view in their lobbies. Moreover, Las Vegas also houses the Elvis-a-Rama Museum, the Guinness World of Records Museum and the Liberace Museum. Since Las Vegas is a center for entertainment, games and instant money, music is very much part of the nightly entertainment at the strip, and not just some low-quality hotel shows but high-class entertainment. The biggest concerts and shows in rock and pop music always makes important stops in Las Vegas during their tours.

    Because of Las Vegas; legal sports gambling laws, there are pro sports teams coming from this city. However, there are still many major sports attractions for spectators because Las Vegas regularly has title and high-profile bouts at Caesar’s Palace being almost always being the place of boxing matches. And just near The Strip is UNLV which has one of the nation’s top school basketball programs. Las Vegas Motor Speedway, located upper east of the city, holds a few NASCAR events annually.

    And though the high temperatures and the high stakes enticements of the casinos keep a lot of visitors and locals inside all year, there’s a great deal to do outside in Las Vegas as well. Red Rock Canyon is only 105 miles west of the city allows for extreme sports and physical activities such as climbing, camping, bicycling, bouldering in its wide expanse of land with exceptional scenery. Las Vegas is renowned for its elite nightlife, with probably the best restaurants in all of United States, outstanding musical productions everywhere, scores of family-oriented and adult entertainment choices and of course gambling.


    Dating in Las Vegas

    It is known that Las Vegas is home to plenty of beautiful women, both locals and new comers alike. But there will never be a lady the same as the one you have as your refined travel escort date from Elite Muse. Your vip companion who visits you in Las Vegas will be a charming and captivating woman, with common sense and intelligence – a one of a kind. She will encourage you to visit places in Las Vegas that will allow you to create lasting and fond memories. She is genuine, feminine, and a high-class, accomplished woman with a full time career. Her pleasing demeanor and educated conversation will leave you delighted.

    Upon arriving in Las Vegas, you may book at one of the elegant five-star hotels in the area, as Las Vegas is full of them, and have an amazing time with your travel escort by trying out different slot machines right at the hotel. Or, if you’re not into casinos and betting, visit one of the city’s numerous entertainment places for luxurious experiences with private concerts and dining. Las Vegas is home to the most expensive suite in the world, The Empathy Suite, which has everything you need in terms of amenities. All your fantasies can come true for a few days, for the lucky ones to afford the suite. Truly, “the city that never sleeps” has just about everything for every dream you have in your mind.

    Some people think that when you’re in Vegas, you either go big or go home. And while this city has no shortage of these amazing high-end places at all, it will just depend on your imagination. Sometimes enjoying a quiet drink with your beautiful companion is just what the doctor ordered. With the reality that you are in a city such as Las Vegas, joined by an elite woman that can help escort you around the place, it’s such a blessing. You’re sure to enjoy your stay. Experience the best restaurants the city has to offer too. Sample plenty of food choices for you and your elite travel companion, in the city that has everything to make you feel alive.


    elite travel companion previewDining in Las Vegas

    Las Vegas is a foodie’s heaven. With a considerable list of famous chefs’ restaurants and food from essentially every side of the world, it appears to be that each restaurant in Las Vegas brings something particularly amazing and one of a kind to the table.

    If you are curious about the food scene in Las Vegas where cash is not an issue and price doesn’t really matter, you can visit the most high-end spots to eat in the city so you and your gorgeous date can have an exceptional evening.

    Whether you’re eating on the Strip or in the mood to blow obscene amounts of money on high end dining, Las Vegas is sure to have everything you may want to satisfy your cravings. Las Vegas is brimming with restaurants and cafes, new and old. When you really need a chic spot to impress your date, or you’re searching for the ideal cafe for a classy yet memorable dining, Las Vegas can take care of what you need. You can find them here:

    Even if there’s no restaurant with Michelin star currently, there are restaurants that are branches of Michelin star awarded and world-renowned chefs in and around the city. You will still encounter the same feeling, taste and experience of being in an exquisite fine-dining establishment right in the middle of The Strip.

    Your dining experience will be filled with amazing conversations, fulfilling food choices and entertaining services from the restaurant and from your companion whose intention is to make you comfortable and taken care of each time you’re together.