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    October 29, 2022


    Few places exude luxury and glamour as much as the coastline in southern Italy making it one of the most luxurious places to relax, recharge and enjoy its beauty. The town of Positano is situated over The Salerno Gulf region of the Tyrrhenian Sea. The picturesque area is a popular tourist spot that has managed to retain its old-fashioned attraction and charm while incorporating the latest amenities.

    Its luxurious nightclubs and gourmet food brings it seamlessly into the 21st century, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Along the Gulf, some of the most important places worth visiting are Amalfi, Positano, Salerno, and Maiori. Although all of them have plenty of entertainment and excitement however none is so brightly as Positano. We wonder why it wasn’t named the Positano Coast!


    Savor Picturesque Positano with an elite dinner escort and travel courtesan


    If you’re planning to travel to the region of art, old tradition, and awe-inspiring wines, this charming town is one not to be missed. Positano is among the most must-visit and beautiful European tourist destinations. The town’s beautiful buildings, its mesmerizing mountains, the clear blue waters, and the stunning views make it among the top beautiful places on the coast of Amalfi.

    Positano is a popular destination for a variety of visitors looking to escape reality to enjoy a relaxing vacation. There are many features of Positano to make it a perfect location for people who want to take a break and have the best experience. From the beautiful villas to the numerous mouth-watering dining establishments, a perfect evening vacation in Positano is easy to achieve.


    Positano Date Scene

    The perfect date to impress your partner is not a difficult job to do in Positano. There are a lot of romantic things to do during your time in Positano in the entire course of your stay. Positano is stunning as it is and spectacular from an extended distance. One of the best methods to view it from a distance and appreciate the beauty of it all is to take an excursion on a boat.

    Many businesses can take you on a cruise and you can even charter a boat for yourself. And hiring a tour operator or a captain to take you around is the best option to ensure that you can focus on the breathtaking panoramas of Positano. When visiting, it is more fun and thrilling to experience the beauty of Positano with a darling companion that can hold your interest while being beautiful and elegant at the same time.

    Going out on a boat to the sea as the sun begins to set and watching as this beautiful town begins to glow is an unforgettable experience that can only be coupled with a romantic evening on a boat with a lady by your side. Relaxing on the boat together with a glass of wine with the view of the town in front of you will be a beautiful and memorable moment that gives each of you butterflies. A night boat cruise is a wonderful option to begin an evening of romance or to end an evening magically.

    Positano is filled with hidden pathways and alleyways that take visitors to fascinating places and breathtaking views. It is a joy to wander through Positano and getting a spot with an unbeatable perspective of the city in the evening is fantastic as well as fun. The city is as mesmerizing in the night as it is when it’s daytime. Positano is a great town to discover.

    If you decide to get away from your hotel and explore everything Positano offers it will be clear in no time that this place is home to many talented artists. A stroll along the well-lit and winding roads will lead to more than one art gallery that is filled with unique art that you simply can’t buy or replicate back home. The Liquid Art System is an international network of art galleries all over Europe that showcase contemporary artists creating work that is global in terms of theme and context, however, they also have a touch of local flavor.

    Take the time to look through some of the most original and creative artworks by some of the most talented regional artists. If you’re lucky, you might happen to catch artists at work at the gallery’s Lab Space, where you’ll be invited to be part of the process of creating. Check into a luxurious adult-only luxury resort located on the hill. As soon as you walk into the main lobby, you’ll start to appreciate the care for detail and the craftsmanship that the hotel has earned a reputation for throughout the region.

    Starting with the floor tile that is hand painted, to the antique furniture, each room is special. Enjoy a luxurious ocean view suite while waking up with breathtaking views from the Tyrrhenian Sea outside your bedroom from your window. After arriving, you could choose to stay the night. The resort’s Michelin-starred restaurant serves authentic Mediterranean dishes that are inspired by Naples and the coastline.

    The evening becomes unforgettable when staff light up 400 candles inside the dining area and transform it from awe-inspiring area to one of the most memorable. If you’ve got an entire week to indulge in Positano or you’re just there for a short weekend trip there are plenty of locations that you can take your companion to explore, indulge and enjoy. From fine dining to top shopping, Positano’s best attractions are waiting for you. While there, revel in everything it can offer and snap lots of photos to reflect on the experiences you had and the memories created.


    elite travel companion previewPositano Dining

    Positano, the place where it is believed that the Greek Gods used to holiday in the past, is long admired for its amazing product and delicious cuisine by foodies from all over the globe. Fine dining is among the top experiences to have when you visit Positano because there are many gorgeous restaurants to visit and delicious food to be enjoyed.

    Dine at the many places in Positano, you can’t go wrong by booking a table at any nearby exclusive and ultra-romantic restaurant. If you need a guide, you’ll never go wrong with Michelin’s:

    There is one place tucked into a gorgeous corner of the coast. This restaurant features a dining terrace that overlooks the sea, making it a prime date-night spot for both sightseeing and savoring. Savor fresh seafood and the classic Dom Perignon from the cellar as the stars whirl over you, and the oceans are awash below.

    From delicious prawns and steamed mussels to the local favorites like the lemon strawberry sorbet and squid You’re bound to find something you’ll love. No matter where you choose to eat with your companion there is no wrong with Positano’s promises of prime delicacies, where everything tastes heavenly.