Romantic City Of Rome


    October 5, 2022


    Rome, or Italian ‘Roma’, is a city with a very long and very rich history. It is also the city that is the capital city of Roma Province in the Lazio region as well as of the entire country of Italy. Rome is situated in the middle of the Italian peninsula, along the Tiber River which is about 15 miles inland of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

    Rome was built on a hill that was the dominant feature of the last downstream river crossing, which was the place where the Tiber was made possible by an island midstream. The Hill, or Palatine Hill, was one of the hills usually referred to as the seven around which the ancient city was built. Other hills include the Capitoline and the Quirinal and the Viminal The Esquiline and the Caelian as well as the Aventine.


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    It was once the capital of an ancient empire and republic which was ruled by a polity and armies that defined the Western world in the past and left indelible impressions on history as the physical and spiritual home for Rome is the Roman Catholic Church and the place where major pinnacles in intellectual and artistic accomplishment came forth.

    Rome was called the “Eternal City” by the ancient Romans due to their belief that no matter what took place throughout the world the city of Rome would never change. The city’s central area can be explored by walking through the city, surrounded by magnificent monuments and monumental remains that transport you back towards the “glory that was Rome” that is now a capital, a place of worship, and a tribute to the imagination and creativity that was the accomplishments of the previous.

    Rome’s scorching, dry summer days, with temperatures that often exceed 75 degrees are usually cooled down in the afternoons by ponentino wind, a west-facing wind that originates out of into the Tyrrhenian Sea. The tramontana, a cold and dry northerly wind is a frequent visitor to Rome in the winter months.

    Although the majority of Romans are Catholics, however, the city has several other religious communities as well. Jewish individuals, for instance, resided in the city for many thousands of years. In the 1930s and after World War II, Italians from all over the south and also from rural Lazio came to work in Rome, the capital city.

    Its population increased rapidly in the 1950s and the 1960s and grew from around 1,960,000 in 1951 to greater than 2,610,000 by 1967. The population growth then slowed down, because many Romans relocated out of the city itself and moved to other areas within the Roma province. The Roman countryside, known as the Campagna was among the few areas in central Italy to be settled in antiquity.

    With its rich historical significance, Rome is the third most popular capital city of Europe and the 14th in the world. It draws visitors from all around the world eager to explore the city’s stunning archeological sites and monuments; as well as its famed cuisine and lively atmosphere.


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    Rome is a stunning open-air museum, and there are the top places you and your lovely companion can explore. Colosseum is the most prominent emblem of Rome. It is a magnificent structure which, with nearly two thousand years it will take visitors back to see the way of life prior. Explore the famous Colosseum, the best way to recreate the excitement that once occurred in an iconic and sought-after monument around the globe.

    Explore Rome’s most stunning monuments, squares, fountains, and tourist attractions with someone competent and genuine, a woman with grace and beauty. It’s a city where it can easily be moved between low-culture and high-culture with resort getaways, local hangouts, and outdoor activities. The luxurious resort area in Rome offers a variety of historic and contemporary properties that are alluring and are all large, which both tourists and locals can benefit from.

    Offering the most spectacular view over Rome from its elevated position on Monte Mario, the Rome Cavalieri, A Waldorf Astoria Resort will exceed you and your date’s expectations in so many ways. From its Michelin-starred dining area to its lavish spa and pool that is resort-style, up the 15 acres of lush greenery, and its world-class art collection, this resort offers an elegant refuge away from the hustle and bustle of the city that will satisfy the most discerning of luxury travelers.

    In the hotel, all rooms have living and sleeping spaces and include a variety of fashionable features such as their lavish marble bathrooms and large balconies for an al fresco breakfast or evening aperitifs. If you want to experience the ultimate luxury, select rooms on the Imperial floor that has access to their lounge. But when you want to experience the highest level of opulence, opt for the Planetarium suite that has works of art all over and a huge private roof terrace, with a Jacuzzi.


    elite travel companion previewFine Dining in Rome

    Take your pick of culinary talent throughout Rome in which you and your lovely date can indulge in food at every bite, and enjoy the Roman eating experience. After that, you can both enjoy the numerous options from locally sourced and produced products.

    The renowned restaurant is one of the top culinary spots in the city and is considered to be among the top restaurants in Rome by tourists and local foodies too. This is the sole restaurant in Rome that has 3 Michelin stars.

    It is located at the top of the classy Rome Cavalieri Hotel, the striking dining room is furnished with unique antiques as well as stunning artwork from the hotel’s vast collection of tapestries, paintings, and unique glass artifacts that are hand-blown.

    The restaurant also has huge windows that show breathtaking perspectives of Rome. The menu offers inventive Mediterranean dishes that are supported by fresh and natural ingredients.

    The menu is complemented by a wine cellar that holds 53,000 bottles that are some more than 100 years old. The perfect setting for a truly Roman summer experience, dine alfresco with your lovely date on the terrace in front of the twinkling lights of the city.

    Situated at the top of the gorgeous Hotel Eden, this restaurant’s dining experience offers stunning views across Rome while they dine on Michelin-starred fare from the restaurant’s head chef. With the best Italian products, the restaurant creates its version of Italian classics.

    What sets this place apart is the level of care that is put into the presentation of every dish. Each dish that is prepared in the kitchen appears as if it belongs inside one of Rome’s numerous galleries. The most famous dishes are the delicious ravioli made from horseradish and veal and calamarata pasta made that is topped with coconut, steamed oyster, and rocket.

    No matter what you and your beautiful date choose, make sure you have dessert. The menu offers a stunning variety of delicious desserts that are visually appealing and delicious. For you to see the best guide of Rome’s finest restaurants, view Michelin’s food guide here: