Riveting City Of Istanbul


    October 5, 2022


    Istanbul is difficult to find due to the fact that this is the one city in the world that is located across two continents. Theoretically speaking, Istanbul is the only city on earth that is situated between the two great continents of Asia and Europe. Istanbul is among the most well-known cities in Turkey and is home to an incredible architectural and cultural heritage.

    Although it isn’t the capital city, Istanbul is Turkey’s largest city, with more than 13 million residents, approximately the same as the population who live in Belgium and the majority of which are Muslim. If you’re in search of the most stunning mosques around the globe, visit Istanbul. The city is home to over 3000 mosques, which is the highest number of mosques within cities anywhere in the globe.


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    Speaking of lots of people, back in the year 1502, Istanbul was generally known as being the craziest city in the world. Because Istanbul is both the biggest and most well-known city in Turkey, many assume that it is the capital city. However, it’s Ankara which is the capital of Turkey.

    Istanbul has been home to many great cities and the capital of numerous great empires. It was once a component of the Roman, Ottoman, and Byzantine empires. The city we now know as was founded by Constantine who was the Roman Emperor. In the early days, the city was known as Constantinople which was named loosely after Constantine, the Emperor himself. The city was built by the ruler on seven hills in order to match the ones of Rome. This is why to this day you can still see Imperial mosques on each of the seven hillocks.

    Istanbul is home to the third oldest subway system in the world. It was constructed in 1875. It’s 573m long and situated within the Beyoglu district. The Galata Tower, one of the most well-known buildings in Istanbul is now a major tourist attraction because of its stunning 360-degree views of Istanbul. But, in the past, it was not so revered. In 1348 it was the Galata Tower was known as the Tower of Christ. It was used to house prisoners of war. It is a relief to think that it that is much more elegant today.


    Istanbul with a Companion

    Istanbul is an incredibly beautiful city with breathtaking scenery, a deeply rich history, and amazing food. It is a perfect romantic European destination for any gentleman with a gorgeous, classy, and attractive date, with countless romantic activities to choose from. Get more out of you and your lovely date’s time in Istanbul by going on a sunset evening cruise on the Bosphorus strait.

    Relax and take advantage of the personalized service provided by the onboard crew with delicious food on board like snacks, canapes, and a glass of wine. The cruise is a fantastic opportunity to visit famous sites without the hassle of navigating through huge crowds. If you are looking for a romantic getaway you can take a cruise on the charming and beautiful Prince Islands.

    The Prince Islands are a collection of nine islands, four of which are open to the public where you and your date can go and visit. Buyukada is among the sought-after island for visitors, and is accessible via ferries referred to as “sea buses”. The cruise takes an hour or two to the island The Prince Islands provide a slower-paced, relaxing respite from the busyness of the city.

    There aren’t any motorized vehicles in Prince Islands. That means you and your significant other can either rent bikes or enjoy a leisurely ride in a phaeton a horse-drawn carriage around the island. You will feel as if you’ve gone back in time, you admire the stunning landscape and the seemingly unspoiled Victorian homes that line the streets.

    St. Regis Istanbul is situated within the Nisantasi district, which is on the European side of Istanbul. The rooms in this hotel have a cozy feel they are decoratively decorated using aluminum and copper Art Decors where you and your lovely companion can relax and unwind. Every room is equipped with the services of a butler.

    The hotel is home to a high-end bar and restaurant, but guests can also go to the numerous dining venues around the hotel. St. Regis Istanbul has seven floors that are designed and constructed with natural materials and stunning art. The basement has an Iridium spa that has seven massage rooms as well as a hammam (Turkish sauna).


    elite travel companion previewFine Dining in Istanbul

    Istanbul is a city of world renown with a rich and varied history, and a unique location between the East and the West both culturally and geographically. Istanbul is home to a variety of many different civilizations and is a place that bears the mark of Romans, Christians, Turks, Muslims, modern Europeans, Arabs, Jews, the ancient Greeks, and even Vikings!

    It is among the most important cities around the globe. One could say that Istanbul is a fusion of cultures that is unlike any other in the world and its top restaurants reflect this. Because of the uniqueness of this city, Michelin will soon unveil its food guide for this place and will reveal the cafes which will receive Michelin stars by end of this 2022.

    Visit a fine dining establishment situated near a renowned Hotel within the Sultanahmet neighborhood. The first thing that grabs your eye and leaves an impression is the breathtaking panorama from Istanbul and the main sights of the Sultanahmet region.

    The view is stunning not just in the evening and at sunset, but during the day, as the sun rises shining at its peak. The atmosphere is one of the most relaxing at night. There are live music and entertainment, and the place is a great place to taste delicious authentic and unique food.

    The restaurant has a great range of wines and speedy and efficient service, which is typical of a top-of-the-line restaurant. The restaurant’s famous Pilic Topkapi dish is a must-try. Pilic Topkapi is a chicken dish that was cooked to a traditional recipe that was sourced from their Topkapi Palace, which, according to the restaurant was served to Sultans in the Ottoman Empire.

    This dish may not be exactly the same, however the fact that it’s succulent and delicious is undisputed!

    The next fine dining restaurant that keeps pace with the times is a panoramic vogue restaurant, located in the Beşiktaş district. It’s an extremely trendy and contemporary restaurant that is designed to follow the fashion trends which is a mixture of modernity and class, giving the restaurant its distinctive design.

    The restaurant is a place that combines a beautiful view of Istanbul from its windows with modern cuisine and service. Concerning cuisine, here you can taste European, international, and oriental dishes, including such well-known as Spring Rolls, Sushi, and Tom Yam. There is also a wide choice of gluten-free-friendly menus and a wide variety of vegetarian choices.  The food served requires special attention.

    It is distinguished by its simple elegance. The restaurant offers an extensive selection of drinks and wines. For lovers of fine dining, this is a must-visit place the beautiful modern restaurant in a city rich in historical events.

    To find the best dining places within the city, check this list of fine dining restaurants in Istanbul: https://istanbeautiful.com/top-10-best-restaurants-in-istanbul/