Restaurant Reservations

Arranging a restaurant reservation for Members is a service we enjoy providing as part of our VIP concierge services. We take great pleasure in trying to secure a table at hard-to-reserve restaurants. While we offer no guarantees, we always do our very best and pull all the clout we can, to get you your table.


Getting a Table at an Elite Restaurant

Very often you will hear of a new or particularly high end restaurant which you’d like to try next time you’re in town. Imagine you find out you have business in a certain city, and there’s that restaurant you’ve always wanted to try. But oh no, there is a 4 weeks waiting list to dine there! How can you get a table while you’re there in 2 weeks’ time?

Leave it to Elite Muse. Your VIP concierge will pull all the strings and use all our contacts to get you any possible chance of any reserve table. If it’s humanly possible, we’ll make it happen. Our powers of persuasion are not those of a novice, and we usually get our way.


elegant restaurant reservations made by your VIP travel ConciergeYour Favorite Restaurant Reservation

Sometimes it’s nothing to do with difficulty. Sometimes you just have a favorite spot where you’d like to meet your angel. When you’re a busy man, stopping to find the number, contact the restaurant and book the table, all with the right dates and times, can be too detailed and time consuming for someone handling more important things. This is where we can step in for you and make the arrangements within your preferences. You don’t have to lift a finger.


VIP Private Dining Reservation Service

Perhaps you prefer not to call personally, as you have a recognizable voice. You want to be able to dine in peace, without paparazzi or interruptions. In this case, having your VIP Concierge make the arrangements for you and your date (not even in your own name), you can slip under the radar of some people, and ensure your dining experience is peaceful and comfortable.

Some of you may routinely want to book out the entire restaurant, and dine in total privacy with your date. For an A list celebrity or VIP, that can sometimes be imperative as a matter of security. Private dining by booking out the entire restaurant can be arranged also. With enough time and budget, we can make anything happen at your desire.


Special Restaurant Requests

If you require a specific table, or wish to be seated in a certain area of the restaurant, just let us know. Perhaps you want a bottle from s specific year, or some other special provision made for your evening. One client may request white magnolia flowers in a vase on every table. Another may request only crisp white linen table cloths on their tables.

Leave it to us. We are experts are organizing and ensuring everything is to your exact expectations. We are very firm with restaurant staff who don’t seem to be taking things seriously, and request proof of items being available. You can be assured your evening at any restaurant in the world will be most pleasant, with smooth sailing.


Elite travel companion presentation by Elite MuseDate Presentation for Restaurant Dining

As for presentation, you may request your date’s attire meet your preferences, within reason. She certain won’t arrive in hello kitty costume! However if you prefer a stylish pants suit & flats as opposed to a long evening gown and heels, or a smart casual look as opposed to a cocktail dress, just let us know.

Some people specifically do not like chunky heels for example. They request elegant stiletto heels or ballet flats instead. Some people prefer deep red nail polish, others prefer only clear top coat. Still others want to see the model’s own preferred look, as long as she’s comfortable.

You may simply like seeing a beautiful woman dressed a certain way, or you may have some event to attend after dinner, in which case she will need to be properly attired. Whatever your preference, discreetly let us know and we’ll be sure to make your date look as pleasing as possible for you.

Nothing is too much trouble for us when it comes to making sure your evening, weekend or week goes as smoothly as possible. Seeing you happy is our ultimate goal, and making you smile is what makes us smile.

Contact us now to book a meeting with a stunning model travel companion, and arrange your itinerary or restaurant reservations.