Successful Model “M”

Height: 5’9″ (179cm)

Age Group: Mid 20’s

Measure: 34DD 24, 35

A sensual and creative young lady, this beautiful model and TV star is fit, curvy and tall. Her long legs are only part of her charm, however. In addition to her long silky hair, stunning face and adventurous spirit, she is a polite yet very interesting character. She is spontaneous and outgoing, confident and friendly. She is a complete lady with manners, and expects a gentleman to behave as one – as do we all!

Striking beauty hasn’t soured her lovely heart; she is not egotistical or demanding. Of course none of our models have this attitude, otherwise they wouldn’t be welcome or successful here! As an established commercial model and a renowned TV star in her native country, ‘M’ is not shy of the spotlight. She doesn’t seek it out, however, and is not self-centred. Like all models, she is aware of her looks and is always beautifully presented.

Her kind and sweet nature is intertwined with little humorous anecdotes. Almost always upbeat and smiling, you can be assured of an unforgettable meeting with this lovely angel. Please contact us to find out more, and invite beautiful ‘M’ to meet you for a dinner date, weekend getaway or travel vacation.