Mediterranean City Of Marseille


    October 5, 2022


    Marseille which is also referred to in English as Marseilles is the second-largest city in France. The capital of the Bouches du Rhone department and the region of Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur, it is situated along the French south coast and covers an area of 241 square kilometers, making it the third-largest metropolitan region in France following Paris in addition to Lyon.

    Marseille’s population, which is drawn from all regions of the Mediterranean as well as other parts of Europe and Africa is always multi-ethnic, which is why it’s been impossible to define the city as a “typical” Marseilles. In 1880 more than one out of six residents of the city were foreign. Being one of France’s most populous cities, and one of the most important commercial hubs, in recent times, Marseille has made significant progress in creating a sustainable tourism industry.


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    It was known to the early Greeks as well as the Romans in the name of Massalia, Marseille was the principal trading hub within the region as well as the largest port for commerce in the French Republic. Marseille is now France’s most populous city along the Mediterranean coast, and also the biggest port for freight, commerce as well as cruise vessels. Marseille was named in the position of the European Capital of Culture in 2013.

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    Marseille with a Date

    Grandeur and grit coexist harmoniously with elegance and grace in Marseille as this eclectic city has got a lot to offer to you and your elegant date. The vibrantly multi-cultural port city with a heritage dating back to classical Greece and a legitimate claim to the title of the second city of France.

    At one time, it was viewed as unsafe and dirty, and without the glamour of Cannes or St-Tropez, this dark sheep of the Provencal coastline has seen a surge in its cultural zeal in the last few years since it was named a European Capital of Culture. The introduction of a couple of new and luxurious museums is only visible evidence of self-confidence and optimism that is almost tangible.

    Marseille’s main attraction is the bustling Vieux Port, or the old port, brimming with masts and pleasure boats and yachts. Uphill lies the historic Le Panier neighborhood, the oldest area in the entire city. It is also worth exploring the Republique area, with its fashionable boutiques and Haussmannian structures, as well as the Joliette zone, which is centered around Marseille’s most iconic Cathedrale de Marseille Notre Dame de la Major.

    At the top of Marseille’s peaks, La Garde, a lavish 19th-century Romano-Byzantine Basilica Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde is one of Marseille’s most visited iconic landmarks. Built on the ruins of a fort from the 16th century that was, in turn, an extension of a chapel from the 13th century, it is adorned by colored marble, magnificent mosaics in Byzantine style, as well as murals that depict ships sailing in the waters from The Bonne Mere.

    The campanile is adorned with the 9.7m-tall statue in gilded gold of the said Mother mounted on a 12-meter-high pedestal and the top offers 360-degree views across the town. With a breathtaking wild coastline that surrounds Marseille, the Riviera as well as chartering a boat is a fantastic method to discover.

    With the stunning Basilica in Notre Dame de la Garde dominating the architecture of France’s second city, the turquoise Caribbean-like waters are surrounded by high limestone cliffs and dotted with tiny islands. It’s Golden Isles off Hyeres comprise Porquerolles, Ile du Levant, and Port-Cros which are a park of national significance as well as a bird sanctuary that is an absolute highlight and offers the most beautiful views of the Riviera.

    After a full day of spending quality time with your companion, accommodation is of no worries, as Marseille is known for being hospitable, with a Grand hotel that boasts a classical design, a five-star boutique hotel with plenty of artwork, and a warm environment. There are only 12 rooms available and they are all decorated in a minimalistic style.

    The elegant bar at Hotel C2 also serves as an ideal spot to hang out for guests and locals alike. The most serene rooms are located in the back, which faces the garden and patio. The garden has an exquisite subterranean spa with a whirlpool tub along with a hammam. There is also an indoor pool, which is built out of rock.


    elite travel companion previewFine Dining in Marseille

    Within the City of Marseille in the south of France seafood is a major component in the cuisine scene, with plenty of food items taken from the land around. If you are dining in the center of Marseille or along the beach the distinctive culinary flavor can be observed in the dining establishments that are run by world-class chefs.

    With three Michelin-starred restaurants and a five-star hotel situated on the water of the enclave’s small beach Anse de Maldorme, overlooking the ocean just outside Marseille, you can be sure to experience something worthy.

    You can sample the sophisticated food from a well-renowned chef who is celebrated for his dishes that celebrate the abundance of seafood in the region and with a touch of influence from the distinct cuisine of Marseille, a blend of French and Spanish flavors.

    The menu is divided into sections that cater to shallow water, marine, and land-based dishes and includes anemone that can be served in three different ways might it be breaded, custard, and as light fritters with caviar on each occasion, as well as rock lobster, served with almond and embers, cucumbers, and horseradish.

    If you visit this restaurant situated in a grand hotel it is possible to enjoy gourmet cuisine that has been awarded Michelin stars and a restaurant with a stunning view across this city Notre-Dame de la Garde and the Vieux Port.

    The chef behind the menu combines the bounty of the coastline with classic recipes that incorporate flavors and spices from the Mediterranean. Take a look at this pan-cooked veal chop accompanied by the calf’s head and Marrowbone sauce, or the Daube-style lobster, accompanied by the compression of chard with caviar and burned cauliflower.

    You could finish it off with a chestnut and rum souffle with celery flavoring. Marseille’s diverse culinary scene is one thing you had to consider when visiting, especially with a date. To find more of Marseille’s Michelin-star awarded and luxury dining spots, visit their list here: