Majestic Musha Cay


    November 30, 2022


    Musha Cay is a majestic and beautiful islet that has acres of lush, natural beauty and provides an exclusive private luxury island resort for luxurious travelers. It is home to a main manor and villas. It is located 85 miles southeast of Nassau among the 700 islands and islets of the Bahamas.

    It is part of the Exuma Chain district. Musha Cay is one of 11 islands that make up Copperfield Bay and is a privately-owned island in the Atlantic Ocean.

    Musha Cay is known for its white sand beaches, clear blue water, and lush tropical vegetation with temperatures ranging from 21 to 28°C. It is regarded as one of the most luxurious holiday islands in the world. Musha Cay is a lamb-shank-shaped island when in 2006 it was conjured into a resort.


    Majestic, luxury Musha Cay


    Musha Cay is a vacation island reserved solely for luxurious travelers who can have complete access to the island once they get there. Only a few people are allowed to stay on the island at any given time.

    With over 11 private islands and 40 sugar sand beaches to explore, there are endless opportunities for adventure both at sea and on land. Allow your imagination to run wild as you watch a legendary 3-mile sandbar vanish, visible only for a few hours each day.

    Snorkelers and divers adore these pristine coral reefs. Enjoy a variety of ala carte items such as fireworks display and treasure hunting with a pirate theme. There are also typical resort-style activities available on Musha Cay such as cruising, fishing, and diving, exploring a secret village that is too unique to the island.

    Musha Cay Islands are out of this world beautiful. You could fly there in a private jet landing at Georgetown Airport on the island of Great Exuma, arrange a scenic cruise, or a 20-minute flight to Musha Cay from there. Musha Cay is the ultimate location for making your romantic date a magnificent reality.



    Musha Cay with a Date

    Musha Cay is decorated in a tropical style, has its own private beach, and exceptional staff who will cater to your every desire, it is a one-of-a-kind island that is ideal for a date. When you book the entire island, pair this exclusive experience with an extraordinary, stunning travel companion.

    A naturally beautiful companion to escort you around the gorgeous island. She exudes cheerful warmth, sophistication, and intelligence. She manages a successful career while being graceful, sweet and interesting all at the same time.

    Selecting the company of such a high quality woman to enhance your luxury travel will make your travel experience memorable and special. Allow your desire to become a reality, and the team at Musha Cay will create a one-of-a-kind dating experience for a once-in-a-lifetime memory with your model date.

    You can drive a golf cart around the island. You can get a nice selection of beach toys, such as jet skis, as well as a lighted grass tennis court where you can play tennis ball.

    If you are looking for a blue lagoon experience, two Boston Whalers, a 23-foot Jet Boat, a Nautilus Rib Catamaran, and a 37-foot-long Midnight Express are available for snorkeling, diving excursions, and drop-offs on one of Copperfield Bay’s islands.

    Also, the island offers jogging paths home to scenic caves, and adventure trails filled with rare flowers. After a very long day, relax in one of Musha Cay’s five charming tropical-style villas or The Landings, a large-windowed building that overlooks the dock and serves as the restaurant and guest clubhouse.

    The interiors of the villa are enriched by non-Balinese pieces and provide comfort for your stay, having rooms furnished with vintage magic posters. A villa at the hilltop houses breathtaking panoramic views.

    On the crest of Musha Cay’s highest hill sits 10,000 square feet of exceptional luxury and a commanding 360-degree view of Musha Cay and its ten uninhabited neighboring islands. There is a soaring living pavilion and private sauna at your disposal. Luxury and privacy are what’s being offered in this island.

    You could also stay at an artfully designed cottage whose front door opens onto a pier that runs straight to the endless ocean. Furthermore, a villa perched on a rocky outcrop is a few seconds walk from its own private beach. It is encircled by a wide, shaded porch.

    Moreover, there is also a villa that can turn your romantic date dream island into a reality thanks to a thatched roof cottage with a charming little gate that separates you from your private crescent-shaped beach, where you can bathe under the stars.


    elite travel companion previewMusha Cay’s Dining

    Musha Cay allows you to make the most of your time. Musha Cay’s talented chef uses local ingredients and seafood blended with air-chartered ingredients of your choice to create sumptuous tropical delicacies for your guests.

    The cuisine is excellent, and the staff creates its own mealtime magic, staging beach barbecues, and if the tide is low enough at dusk, drinks, and dinner on a long, scorpion-tail sandbar in Copperfield Bay. Musha Cay’s menus are tailored to guests’ preferences and complemented by fresh local seafood and a 500-bottle wine cellar. You’re welcome to dine at any of their escapes.

    A regal, hand-carved table fit for a kingly feast sits beneath a soaring timbered roof. Musha Cay’s Balinese Beach Pavilion is the ideal venue for your gala farewell banquet. With the sounds, scents, and breezes of nature joining you and your date for dinner, billowing white fabrics, gorgeous teak beams, and lighted reflecting balls add to the magic.

    The Beach Pavilion is also an excellent location for daytime, open-air lunch buffets, being adjacent to Musha Cay’s freshwater swimming pool and one of our ideal beaches.

    Musha cay caters to a unique dining experience that will satisfy your palates, set in a very special table right at the Main Dock for candlelit dinners over the sea. The steps leading down from The Landings are lit by torches, and the moon’s reflections off the gentle waves surround you like sparkling jewels.

    Sea life swims through the translucent water, and the mysterious dark outlines of distant islands can be seen in the distance. Delight your senses in a barefoot dining experience on powder-fine sand, where you can choose this option as often as you want at Musha, on a half-mile-long Coconut Beach with the moon overhead.

    Combine it with a night at Musha’s extraordinary state-of-the-art outdoor movie theater, where you can watch your favorite movie on a giant screen under the stars after a buffet of freshly caught seafood and grilled sirloin.

    A cutting-edge amphibious boat arrives at a seemingly infinite stretch of pure white sand, and a ramp magically descends to you and date, step off the ramp and begin the most magical of walks, with water in various shades of blue and green on both sides of your private paintbrush stroke of sand.

    After the most delicious picnic lunch and wine, you board a boat for the two-minute ride back to Musha as the sandbar slowly sinks into the sea.

    Sometimes all you need is to get away. Consider organizing a date of a lifetime for your date. They can take you to any of our forty private beaches because they have eleven islands. They can whisk you to a mile-long pink-sand beach in minutes aboard one of our extraordinary fleet’s watercraft or a romantic hidden cove on an island all to yourself. View their dining options here: