Magnificent Santa Barbara


    August 9, 2022


    Santa Barbara was given the name by Spanish explorer, Sebastian Vizcaino, in 1602 to honor Saint Barbara who was a third-century Christian martyr. When Spanish colonists came to the area in the 18th century, along with the Chumash people, they constructed “El Presidio”- a fort that was built to defend part of the California coast from invasion from the outside, establishing the stage for a Spanish-style of architecture that has lasted until today.

    The city is nestled within the Santa Ynez Mountains and the Pacific Ocean located on the Central Coast of California. Santa Barbara offers sweeping ocean views where a cold-water current flows and Spanish-style architecture located 144 kilometers to the north of Los Angeles. The area we are in that is known as the “American Riviera” because of its location along the coast and also having an imposing mountain range just only a few miles away.


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    Red tile roofs adorn the rolling green hills that gradually flatten into sandy beaches and bustling harbors. Stearns Wharf connects sea and land by offering fresh seafood restaurants and an aquatic life center. The close Channel Islands and wine country provide more scenic adventures and the historic theaters that line State Street is ideal for unwinding and watching events.

    Other notable historical sites comprise other notable landmarks include the Santa Barbara Mission, known as the Queen of the Missions for its splendor, as well as the famous Santa Barbara County Courthouse. These gorgeous structures provide an insight into the past and are a reflection of Santa Barbara’s Spanish history. Santa Barbara has a sub-tropical kind of climate which means it has mild, moderately wet winters and very warm and bright summers.

    Locals and visitors alike are delighted in Santa Barbara’s top eating options, including local and organic food, and shoppers can head towards State Street for stylish finds. If you want to experience a modern twist, visiting the Funk Zone is a must. The red-tiled roofs of white stucco structures are replaced with more modern structures that were once part of Santa Barbara’s historic industrial area.

    Wine tasting rooms as well as microbreweries, art galleries, and other local shops that are innovative and located in warehouses from the past provide a thrilling experience just steps away from the beaches and the downtown. Santa Barbara is a bright sunny place that makes it easy to enjoy the finest things in life and to discover an even happier, more vibrant you.


    Dating in Santa Barbara

    The city, Santa Barbara, encapsulates coastal Southern California modern chic juxtaposed with Spanish-style buildings dating back to the 1600s, making this place a perfect spot for that romantic date that you’ve been planning. The best date needs the best location to make it memorable. Santa Barbara is the perfect venue for such memories to be made with Santa Barbara’s interior and architectural design style that has roots in the Mediterranean and Spanish-inspired architecture.

    It is typically highlighted by rich red tones and smooth wood textures that contrast stark white walls. The sophisticated seaside town is a must for all types of people to enjoy. There is a long list of exciting things to enjoy in Santa Barbara, things such as wine tasting and all-inclusive tours. Traveling to Santa Barbara and exploring its premises is much better when you have a gorgeous Santa Barbara escort model to share your moments with. A beautiful courtesan woman that is educated, elegant, high-class, and interesting. Start your day by taking in the sights in Santa Barbara, starting with the city’s most famous attraction.

    The Old Mission was built in 1786. The Franciscan mission is a showcase for Spanish colonial architecture and a rose garden that is open all year round as well as a museum that houses nine rooms of artwork, artifacts as well as period recreations. Visiting this place is a must and tour around with your beautiful date.

    Go downtown to the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. Santa Barbara Museum of Art has a wide and impressive collection of art from the Victorian era together with photographs, sculptures as well as other items. The main attraction of the museum is Portrait of Mexico Today, which was created by the famous Mexican artist David Alfaro Siqueiros. The perfect way to end your day is by dining with a view at Stearns Wharf, a pier full of seafood eateries with stunning views of the harbor.

    Touring around Santa Barbara can drain your energy. The Simpson House Inn is a perfect place for you and your beautiful companion to stay and get some rest. Relax and pamper yourself during your Santa Barbara vacation by booking a cottage or guest room in the Simpson House Inn. The hotel which is exclusively for adults is situated within an acre of English gardens, it was recognized with the highly coveted “Santa Barbara Beautiful” Award.

    It also has 15 guest rooms situated in the Victorian Manor and Carriage Barn as well as English Cottages. It is located amid a Victorian estate, built around 1874. Simpson House Inn invites guests to unwind with its unique blend of historical style and modern comforts. There are afternoon refreshments, a glass of evening wine, dessert nibbles, and a delicious breakfast buffet in the morning. Breakfast is served either in our main house or in your room. It’s the perfect place to meet your GFE escort companion for coffee before going off on your day together.


    elite travel companion previewSanta Barbara Fine Dining

    With its American-Spanish history and surge of immigrants and tourists, Santa Barbara became a basket full of different cultural and historical dishes with some hint of cuisine fusions. There is no doubt that everywhere you go, good food spots wait for you to try. Bring your beautiful date along and enjoy together the dining experience that Santa Barbara has prepared for you. Here’s a guide from Michelin for the best dining experience in Santa Barbara:

    A Spanish restaurant that is just a few blocks away from the beach. Inside the cream-colored building with the roof covered in red tiles is a modest and chic place that is brimming with imaginative designs. When you walk into the restaurant there is a lively bar, surrounded by soft pink chairs as well as an explosion of lights welcomes you.

    Choose a seat on the popular counter made of wood or sit outside on the inviting and gorgeous patio. If you and your companion aren’t sure about the best dish to have, don’t fret as the servers are familiar with the menus by heart. Try asking for any food recommendations and follow their example. It usually starts with tapas, such as the savory pan con tomate before eating hearty chorizo and Pollo paella.

    A tribute to El Bulli olive is a current favorite, while carpaccio with mustard seeds as well as aged sherry vinegar are aptly popular. A separate menu of gin and tonic which includes variations of the classic makes the perfect start.