Italy’s Gorgeous Capri


    October 29, 2022


    Capri is an island in the Mediterranean situated in the Gulf of Naples just a few nautical miles away from its neighbor, the Peninsula of Sorrento, of which it was once a part. The Island of Capri is divided into three parts: the Marina Grande, where the port and marina are located, Capri, with the Piazzetta at its heart, and Anacapri the most affluent town on the island. It has a surface of just 10 square kilometers, which means it is simple to concentrate on the central area of Capri town and Anacapri when exploring Capri within a day.

    Capri is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations around the globe and is adored for its stunning steep coastline, sea caves that are tucked away in the cliffs, as well as the stylish yet relaxed atmosphere of its island communities. Capri can be described as an island with thousands of faces. You and your companion can wander the paths that wind through the cliffs over the Mediterranean in complete solitude or dive into the clear seas of its rugged shore or hang out in the lively town to shop in the most stylish boutiques in the world.


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    One of the most popular spots for super yacht cruising,  Capri is a popular location in the Mediterranean summer. This tiny rocky island located off the west side of the Sorrento Peninsula has a tangible luxury appearance making it a favorite of celebrities and the wealthy. Credit cards can be a bit tense with expensive restaurants as well as museum-quality jewelry shops.

    But, despite this, Capri is worth visiting. Capri is stunningly gorgeous. There’s not even a smudge of a structure or a neglected garden to spoil the beauty. The cliffs rise majestically from an unimaginably blue sea. There are elegant villas dripping with bougainvillea and wisteria. Even the trees appear to be meticulously trimmed.

    Apart from being famous for its breathtaking beaches, there are really impressive peaks in Capri. The highest peak on the island is approximately 1,932 feet and is located in the magnificent Monte Solaro. You can glide silently over the craggy Monte Solaro on a chairlift. Experience the glory of poetry in Villa Lysis. Find a peaceful spot within the narrow streets of Anacapri and you will surely have a wonderful time.

    With all the splendor and beauty of the beautiful island, the only thing that is missing is a companion, someone that would accompany you. A woman who embodies the same grandeur as the island, a woman with stunning beauty and elegance with a figure that evokes the image of a Greek goddess who will surely make heads turn.


    Capri with a Date

    The island is a treasure trove of scenic and historical spots that should be visited at a slow pace to enjoy its splendor and enjoy Capri’s relaxing Mediterranean ambiance. There are plenty of activities you can do on Capri island. The enchanting Capri island in Italy’s gorgeous Bay of Naples boasts a rugged landscape, with its most famous landmark being The Blue Grotto, where sunlight traversing an underground cavern transforms seawater into a brilliant blue. A reliable ferry route connects it to the islands nearby that include Ischia and Procida as well as the mainland, where gems such as Amalfi, Positano, and Sorrento are waiting for you. A few moored boats and upscale shops create a paradise for wealthy holidaymakers.

    A classic sailing experience, it’s impossible to say that you have visited Capri until you’ve experienced its spectacular, rocky coastline, where luxury villas are nestled in the lush cliffside sea grottoes that line the coastline and sparkling waters that shimmer with a myriad of colors of turquoise, green and blue. Explore the island by yacht with your lovely date and let the views of the Faraglioni imposing sea stacks blow your breath away.

    An excursion through the beauty of the island on an elegant vessel is one of the best things to do there, for a truly memorable day at the sea. You may visit a beachside restaurant to taste traditional cuisine for lunch or go for an extravagant picnic aboard a luxurious boat. You can take a walk through Positano or take an entire time on the boat for a wonderful day in the Mediterranean with a charming lady.

    Within a mere 10 minutes of walk away from the more tranquil town of Anacapri located on the slopes of Monte Solaro, rest like a monarch at a luxurious hotel ideally located near Blue Grotto as well as the botanic Gardens of Augustus. The hotel has elegant rooms that are equipped with all the amenities.

    There is also a shuttle bus that can transport guests to wherever they wish to go. The hotel also has an onsite restaurant by the pool where you and your date can dine and relax. There is also the hotel’s Roof Top Terrace with stunning views, a gym, and a spa that is for two people adding to the intimate atmosphere of this opulent jewel.


    elite travel companion previewCapri Fine Dining

    Most restaurants located on Capri offer menus based on traditional recipes, and it’s not difficult to find local food options to enjoy during your stay on Capri. For a while, there were no sea crossings between Capri and mainland Italy. Trading were not common and the transportation of goods was logistically difficult therefore the island’s historical dishes are all made from the ingredients that grow or are found on the island. These include tomatoes, fruits, herbs, lemons, and fresh seafood. Treat yourself and the special someone with you to a dining experience that only Capri Island has to offer.

    There is a fine dining restaurant that has been one of Capri’s most popular fine dining establishments for over a century and is the favored dinner spot for both locals and tourists. The restaurant offers a menu that features traditional dishes with an updated twist served at café tables set along the sidewalk. You and your lovely companion can enjoy a unique dish that was created here in this restaurant from the 1950s, the pizza all’acqua also known as a lighter version of the classic pizza Napoletana.

    Another dining establishment has been a fine dining destination since it opened and has been awarded two Michelin stars for its gourmet dishes over the years. The head chef originally came from the nearby island of Ischia with experience in introducing traditional southern Italian cuisine to diners across the globe. Don’t miss the restaurant’s lavish dishes that are both delicious and pleasing to the eyes.

    With the wide variety of innovative dishes, it is worth the investment for the sampling menu. Capri’s fine dining scene is well established and is not a thing for you and your lovely companion to miss when on the beautiful island. Check out more about Capri’s dining scene here: