Islet Of Sveti Stefan


    October 6, 2022


    There is a myriad of beautiful places along the beautiful coastline of the Adriatic Sea. But none are as beautiful as Sveti Stefan, located in Montenegro. Sveti Stefan is the most beautiful island or islet of Montenegro situated about 3 miles to the south of the town of Budva.

    It is surrounded by the blue waters from the Adriatic Sea and joined to the mainland through a small strip of land. It is among the most luxurious resorts for tourists in Europe and is among the most popular tourist destinations in Montenegro. These islands and islets are rare and are often referred to by the term “tombolo”.


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    The first mentions of Sveti Stefan date back to 1442. It was described as a coastal fort that was a key player in a war in the region and is believed to have been built to protect it from the Turks. Because of its fortifications, Sveti Stefan was an important strategic location for several decades and even hundreds of years. In the years after 1950, fishermen were a part of the population.

    And after that, it was discovered and the attractiveness of the island became acknowledged and admired by famous people, they began to come and visit, and facilities were constructed. The homes of fishermen were renovated and luxurious hotels were then constructed. The island was also credited as one of 1972’s top tourist destinations.

    The town’s inner ring is made up of narrow, curvy streets. There are gorgeous churches as well as hotel suites. There are also stunning houses that are built in the classic Mediterranean style. Although it’s a fairly obscure European vacation spot, Montenegro has a lot of energy.

    It’s tiny, yet its well-designed coastline is filled with breathtaking beaches, stunning views as well as mountains rising from the clear waters. Its city walls wait to be explored. Sveti Stefan Island is a sought-after vacation spot. The best time to find these hidden gems is when the Mediterranean temperatures are warm and ideal for sunbathing and bathing in the gorgeous ocean.

    The island’s access is limited to members of the resort, however, the beaches on either side of the island are available to all. It is a spot with stunning beauty that lets you take pleasure in the culture, history, and art of the tiny Balkan country.


    Visiting Sveti Stefan with a Date

    The luxurious hotels and resorts located in Sveti Stefan are nearly a paradise. The island, which is decorated with pine and cedar is a fantastic place to explore thanks to its tranquil ambiance and beautiful beach. The scenery of the place would want you to travel across the island on a boat and capture beautiful photographs at sunset.

    In addition to feasting your eyes at the gorgeous resort, the beach and the parks surrounding Sveti Stefan are one of the most popular attractions. You can have a view of the beach of the resort and the amazing headland views. Bring someone with you with whom you can take the beauty of Sveti Stefan. For those who want more of a hike, the park’s path continues through the forest.

    It is a stunning and serene nature walk along with the occasional luxury home located among the trees. If you walk on along the forests, you’ll reach the small and charming village of Przno in which there is another sandy beach that you and the beautiful companion you’re with can enjoy perfectly for a relaxing and romantic time together.

    You can also try various luxurious tours offered in Sveti Stefan. From beach and park tours, winery tours with wine tastings, to cave tours, this small yet sophisticated and classy islet has it all. The island has plenty of fun activities you can do together with your lady companion and even walking in the streets of the town would be a pleasant and relaxing experience.

    One way to enjoy Sveti Stefan with your lovely date is by a cruise. A ride from Kotor will take you to the Montenegrin coast, and you will be able to enjoy the most beautiful scenery of Sveti Stefan and Budva. The tour is private and can also include guided tours around the islands. You can swim on the beaches located in Sveti Stefan’s south. While you are swimming, you and your companion can watch the view of the island and enjoy an unforgettable time in the crystal-clear water of the ocean.

    The Villa Geba is a chic boutique hotel located in mainland Montenegro overlooking Sveti Stefan. It offers its guests eight luxurious and unique modern suites. It is designed to make you feel at home, with interiors that pay homage to the variety of things that make Montenegro an amazing place to visit. Think Roman columns or Greek vestals, paired with an elegant and minimalist setting.

    Visitors can opt to unwind in the spa’s luxurious private pool or indulge in the ultimate massages in their suites. Each suite comes with cooking facilities, guests can also enjoy dining at Muse, the hotel’s famous bar and restaurant, which has a Parisian bistro-inspired setting and menu. Beautiful decor and an outstanding range of wines are a perfect menu that is a perfect match for exquisite culinary delights. It is the ideal location for you and your lovely date to relax, unwind, and take an unforgettable holiday.


    elite travel companion previewSveti Stefan Luxury Dining

    Sveti Stefan’s cuisine includes both Mediterranean as well as Italian. It also has an extensive selection of international cuisines for those who wish to sample something different while on the island. The best restaurants do not just serve high-quality food but also a pleasing experience and the tranquility of their surroundings. Another great way to appreciate this is by dining with an individual with whom you spend quality time together over a delicious meal and a glass of aged wine.

    The top restaurant at the resort of Sveti Stefan has an outdoor terrace overlooking the ocean as well as Sveti Stefan’s Island. The restaurant serves delicious Montenegrin dishes that are delicious home-cooked dishes, as well as a wide selection of international cuisine.

    They also offer a vast variety of wines and, since you’re dining at a beach it is expected that the seafood served will be incredible and fresh. It is possible to take the adventure one step further by treating your lovely companion with whom you can enjoy the food and views with. Have your lovely date experience dinner here if you would like to impress her.

    While Sveti Stefan is a place of luxury and popularity, sice it is a small island, restaurants are limited. Yet, you can still find the best fine dining experience this islet has to offer here: