Irrepressible Bora Bora


    November 24, 2022


    Stunning Bora Bora is a volcanic island in Iles Sous le Vent or the Leeward Islands of French Polynesia. It is located in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean, approximately 165 miles northwest of Tahiti. The volcanic eruption that happened over 4 million years ago created this beautiful island.

    It was deserted and uninhabited for a while before people from Tongan Island arrived. The Tongan islanders are believed to have been the first to set foot on the island following the volcanic eruption. The island was then known as Vava’u. Bora Bora, formed from the eruption, is a mountainous island measuring 6 miles in length and 2.5 miles wide. Mount Otemanu with a peak of 2,385 feet, and twin-peaked Mount Pahia at 2,159 feet, are its highest peaks. Coral reefs surround the island below its clear pristine waters.


    Explore exquisite Bora Bora with a gorgeous travel companion


    Bora Bora’s west side is home to a large lagoon, in which the islands Toopua and Toopua Iti are located and protect a harbor. This harbor is popular among yachtsmen. Vaitape is the main village and administrative center on the west coast.

    Bora Bora Island is French Polynesia’s most popular island. You can expect a lot of tourists and chain hoteliers to visit this island. Although the flock of tourists may seem unattractive to some, it is a good reason that the island is so popular and continues to attract tourists. Its turquoise waters make it a great place to snorkel, and its coral lagoons are perfect for water activities too. The 2,400-foot Mount Otemanu, an ancient volcano, also makes a stunning backdrop.


    Bora Bora with a Date

    Bora Bora is a paradise of luxurious hotels, beautiful beaches, and sparkling blue waters.  A tiny island that is packed with wonders. When you travel to Bora Bora and explore every inch of this island, make sure to bring someone equally beautiful with you. A captivating woman who is compatible with you and has similar  interests.

    She should be an enchanting woman, and a delight to be with. Affable, confident and naturally beautiful, with a passionate heart for nature and elegance. A perfectly matched travel companion can make your Bora Bora vacation not only memorable, but unforgettable. And you can impact her life also, ensuring a beautiful memory for you both, in this exceptionally exquisite location.

    French Polynesia International Airport can be found on Tahiti and there are many flight routes going in and out of the country. Bora Bora is most popularly reached by an Air Tahiti flight. You can also fly directly from Moorea and Tikehau as well as Tahiti and Huahine. Another option is to fly by helicopter from Tahiti. It’s quite exciting!

    The majority of five-star hotels offer helipads so you can fly to the island. A helicopter tour of Bora Bora is an excellent way to enjoy breathtaking views and arrive in style. There are two options available: Shades of Blue or Heart of Tupuai. The Shades of Blue tour offers the best view of the lagoon. While the Heart of Tupuai shows the stunning island of Tupuai. Tupuai, an island located close to Bora Bora’s Island, is a stunning heart-shaped island, adding an extra layer of romance.

    Pearl Resorts manages Le Taha’a Island Resort and Spa. These Relais and Chateaux properties are designed to showcase authentic Polynesian culture. It is located on its island and right next to a coral garden, providing excellent snorkeling opportunities. You and your lovely date can rent snorkels or SUPs for free at the hotel’s scuba diving center.

    You can choose from 45 bungalows that have wrap-around decks and direct water access or one of the 12 villas that offer plunge pools, tropical gardens walled, and cabanas under a thatched roof to be your home while in Bora Bora. Three dining options are available in the hotel: L’Ohiri, Le Vanille, and La Plage. L’Ohiri is a gourmet restaurant that serves five-course banquets made from sustainable ingredients. The spa is also available for you to make use of and there is a floodlit tennis court where you can play.


    elite travel companion previewBora Bora Fine Dining

    Bora Bora stands proudly in the heart of French Polynesia. This has been Bora Bora’s haven since its beginnings as a sanctuary for adventurous souls and those seeking serenity. It boasts stunning natural beauty, luxurious hotels, and romantic vibes unlike any other place on Earth. Other than its stunning island, Bora Bora also showcases its world-class gastronomy serving tourists from all over the world.

    You can’t forget the rich French influence on its cuisine that has captivated many palates over the years. Bora Bora cuisine is a fusion of many cultures. This makes it appealing enough to suit every palate. Because of its geographical position on the map, seafood dominates the area and is served fresh daily.

    There is this fine dining restaurant that is known for being one of the most popular Bora Bora restaurants. The restaurant strives to provide world-class food, with beautiful water views set in a peaceful ambiance. To enjoy the restaurant’s sunset dining, you should arrive before the restaurant opens.

    The restaurant is closed during the day to make use of the sunset views and starry night sky. The best dining experience is outdoors on the deck under the stars. You and your lovely companion can surely enjoy this meal paired with a conversation about getting to know each other.

    Another restaurant, with a Corsican Chef de Cuisine, offers an exquisite, gastronomic menu. It is served in a beautiful, romantic setting. It is an outdoor restaurant but during rainy conditions, the staff takes the 6 tables from the patio and moves them inside.

    A seventh table is located in a private alcove and overlooks the garden courtyard. Informed by his Polynesian roots, the chef of this restaurant cleverly combines exotic spices and local Polynesian foods to create a unique flavor combination. There are many gourmet options for you and your companion to choose from.

    A Yacht Club restaurant is located in a tranquil lagoon-side location. This gives a very beautiful view of the Lagoon while enjoying your meal. The extensive menu includes a wide range of dishes for you to choose from. Many dishes feature a Polynesian flair with a French twist that will surely elevate your senses. While their specialty is seafood, they also serve succulent steaks. Your stay here is definitely for the best.

    Bora bora’s fine dining experience is set in a magical location near the waters and below the amazing spread of the night sky. To know more about the island’s fine dining experiences, check out this site: