Indulge In Sub-Tropical Mauritius


    November 30, 2022


    The Republic of Mauritius is a subtropical island republic in the Indian Ocean in Southeastern Africa. The island nation is located around 900 kilometers east of Madagascar and 180 kilometers northeast of the French Réunion.

    Its outlying regions include Rodrigues Island and several smaller islands. Mauritius is part of the Mascarene Islands, the biggest of which is Mauritius. In contrast, the island is somewhat smaller than Tenerife and around the size of Maui, Hawaii.

    Mauritius was discovered by the Arabs, then by Malay tribes, and finally by the Portuguese in the early 16th century. Before obtaining independence in 1968, the island was more or less successfully colonized by the Dutch, French, and British. Mauritius has progressed from a low-income agricultural economy to a diversified middle-income economy with burgeoning industrial, financial, and tourist sectors.


    Island of Mauritius


    Mauritius’ eastern area has long lengths of sandy beaches. This is also the windiest region of the island, with a lovely mild breeze in summer and a chilly climate in winter, pounded by the southeast winds. The north of Mauritius is well-known for being a popular tourist destination with magnificent sandy beaches.

    Besides being a popular tourist area, away from the shore the North also hides other gems. I’m sure its historical landmarks and legacy will appeal to you. The west and southwest coasts of Mauritius will provide you with a whole new perspective on the island.

    It is the sunniest and driest section of the island, with wildlife and scenery reminiscent of the African savanna. The first thing you’ll notice about Mauritius’ core region is the difference in climate; it’s colder, and the further you travel into the center, the higher you’ll climb.

    Except for the capital city, which is on the shore, the central plateau has all of the settlements, and interestingly, it has more woods than the coastal zone. Mauritius’ southern section, also known as the Wild South, is the most conserved portion of the island.

    It stands out from the other regions due to its spectacular cliffs and strong waves, generating a sense of closeness to nature. The views to the south and southeast are breathtaking, with mountains and sugar cane fields stretching as far as the eye can see.


    Mauritius with a Date

    With all the splendor that is present in Mauritius, it’s hard to deny that it truly is a wonderful destination. Pack your bags and head straight to Mauritius with a gorgeous companion for your trip. A charming, warm woman who is high quality, intelligent, elegant and easy to get along with.

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    The Maison Eureka on the Moka River provides a look at colonial life in the region that you and your date can go visit. This opulent colonial mansion has 109 windows and doors and is now home to a museum including an extensive collection of rare pictures, antiques, historical maps, and Chinese and Indian housewares.

    The background of this colonial building is stunning, to say the least, and after exploring the Maison Eureka, you and your date may meander out on a peaceful nature trail. There are several little waterfalls, lengthy lengths of beautiful foliage, and unusual wildlife species that can only be found there.

    Before heading back, a lunch break of smoked marlin with salad and dry beef curry served with a variety of side dishes is highly recommended for you and your date to try.

    The Ile Aux Cerfs, popularly known as Deer Island, is located off the east coast of Mauritius and is a refuge of pristine natural beauty. This private island is surrounded by the whitest sandy beaches and turquoise seas as far as the eye can reach.

    A private yacht, catamaran, or speed boat may take you and your travel date there from Mauritius’ east coast. The beaches are studded with restaurants serving typical Mauritian cuisine as well as water kiosks providing sports such as glass-bottom boat rides, water skiing, and more.

    Book a night for you and your companion at the five-star resort with an 18-hole golf course. It is required to enjoy the splendor of this island. Spend the morning at the golf course, striking the greens while admiring the lovely lagoons and pure ocean water.

    Or relax by the beach, indulge in some scrumptious local cuisine, or go snorkeling. They also refer to Ile Aux Cerfs as Mauritius’ idyllic island. And it certainly lives up to its name.


    elite travel companion previewMauritius Fine Dining

    Aromatic blends, natural sensations and flavors are the epitome of mystical cuisines that entice the heart and stomach. Mauritian gastronomy is founded in the country’s culture, a unique and diverse blend of numerous traditional cuisines, and an unfathomable taste buds-appealing diversity of food.

    Prepare yourself for a gourmet feast in the refined domain of Mauritian cuisine.

    When you and your date are hungry for a top-quality steak in a comfortable atmosphere then the best Mauritius restaurant to visit is located at the Mall of Mauritius in Moka. It is an upscale eatery with a contemporary décor that specializes in meat dishes for lunch and dinner.

    The beef served is either ‘A’ Choice, Prime, or MSA quality, which has been wet and or dry-aged by the Maître Boucher et Charcutier which also prepares a range of Terroir dishes and products. When you and your companion visit the restaurant, you will be impressed with the cuisine, which includes great cuts of meat, farm fresh birds, and lots of locally produced items.

    Dessert has numerous delectable treats, including a lemon meringue pie and an apple tatin pie with caramelized granny smith apples.

    One of the most unusual Mauritius restaurants, where you and your companion can even receive a massage before lunch or supper, is located along the Grand Gaube Public Beach. While floating on a decked barge within the Lagoon Grand Gaube, the restaurant provides an intimate ambiance.

    The menu changes periodically depending on the number of guests and time of day, although cold platters are always available. While floating, both of you may enjoy a three-course dinner that showcases the tranquility of the lagoon.

    The restaurant offers an excellent range of wines to complement each course of your meal. Seating configurations can range from two to twenty people, with plenty of room for service. You may also arrange for a massage on the barge before or after your lunch.

    The perfectl fine dining experience is just a click away, even when you’re staying in Mauritius. Check out this updated directory for the best fine dining Mauritius can offer: