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    October 31, 2022


    Paris is the French historic capital of politics, economy and is also the capital city of France. One of the biggest cities in Europe, Paris and its suburbs are also France’s biggest urban region. Paris is located in the center of the Ile de France region on the Seine River. The Seine River divides Paris into the Rive Gauche on the south and the Rive Droite on the north banks. The City is split into twenty “arrondissements” or districts which are identified by numbers 1 through 20.

    The original name of the city was Parisii and was established by the Gauls. However, it was when the Romans arrived in the year 52 B.C. that they changed it to Lutetia. A lot of the well-known boulevards and city center structures were changed through Haussmann as well as Charles Louis Napoleon Bonaparte. They made the streets larger, squares and places were created, and buildings were rebuilt completely.


    Explore wonderful, famous Paris


    The city’s atmosphere was transformed by the use of space and perspective. The key elements that can be seen in the Avenue des Champs-Elysees, whilst conserving historical buildings like Notre Dame. It also inspired other French cities to alter. A large portion of the city was designed by Haussmann in the 19th century.

    Paris surely is one of the most stunning cities around the globe. The nightlife in Paris is full of famous cabarets, such as those at the Moulin Rouge Lido, as well as Crazy Horse. It is home to many historical landmarks. It is a city with many faces and is one of the cities that is rich in design, culture, art, beauty, and history. Whether you’re standing in line to view Mona Lisa, trying to get that perfect photo of the Eiffel Tower, looking for the best croissants, or simply wandering around Montmartre, Paris is a city that will grab your heart with its charm.


    Exploring Paris with a Date

    There are plenty of things to explore and experience in Paris. Go up the Eiffel Tower and walk along the Champs Elysees, visit the Louvre and take in a myriad of exhibitions and shows, or just stroll through the banks of the Seine while you read to yourself in French within the Tuileries gardens or simply enjoy the Parisian lifestyle! In this rollercoaster ride that will take you from awe to romance, Paris leaves you with unforgettable memories.

    You’ll become more fluent in French and be aware of your capacity to speak Moliere’s language. Your travel to Paris would be more meaningful for sure when you explore the city with a lady companion that is strikingly beautiful and elegant. She is a woman of dignity and charm that will surely captivate you at first glance. Visit the many places in this city with a travel date that can escort you through Paris’ secret ways and have the best time together.

    Spend some time exploring Paris differently and discover the historical center of the city of lights while cruising down the most stunning avenue. As the evening draws in and the sun sets over Paris the iconic Jean-Sebastien Mouche slacks off its moorings as the port slowly sags away. You’re about to embark on an incredible dinner cruise. It is a slow process as the city in lights reveals itself while you gently glide through the sparkling seas of the Seine.

    The romance is in the air, the magic is on exclusively for you. The elegant menu reflects the stunning setting and showcases culinary expertise, guided by the highest standards. The dinner cruise can be named among the top memorable experiences of your trip to Paris. You can start your dinner with your beautiful date with an ice-cold bottle of Chardonnay from France served while you do some sightseeing and people-watching.

    When traveling for work or vacation to Paris, stay in this grand building which was once home to prince Roland Bonaparte. It’s included in the French “Monuments Historiques” and has an ideal location, right next to the Seine and in front of the Eiffel Tower. The rooms also have views towards one or both of these famous landmarks and have balconies with private balconies offering the chance to take the most romantic selfies.

    Hotel group Shangri-La has roots in Asia and therefore, you’ll see lots of cultural and aesthetic influences, especially when it comes to food. The dining experience in the Shangri-La Paris is something very exceptional, with two sophisticated restaurants, one of which is Michelin-starred. You and your lovely date can surely enjoy the food from one of the restaurants and have a relaxing time in the hotel.


    elite travel companion previewParis Fine Dining

    Paris is the capital of the world of Haute cuisine. It’s safe to say that the Parisian food scene is different from any other in the entire world. From award-winning eateries with lavish interiors to trendy bistros with creative twists, this culinary city is brimming with famous eateries. With three Michelin stars, this famous fine dining restaurant located in Paris is regarded as a French culinary treasure.

    The restaurant’s chef and owner continue to cook in the restaurant every day and use the ingredients from his biodynamic farms. The vegetables he grows are recognized as having the ability to “never see the inside of a refrigerator,” and the freshness of his vegetarian-based meals reflects the fact that each dish is an achievement and a fantastic opportunity to relive the bounty of every season.

    As you and your lovely date dine in this restaurant, try their most famous dishes including Carpaccio made of radish and scallops, Onion gratin, and Lobster with Cotes du Jura. If you are dining in the middle of the day take a sip of water in summer by having an ice-cold tomato gazpacho and mustard or with a minted cucumber salad. In winter, it’s an enjoyable way to warm up by preparing a creamy celeriac gratin or potato and leek soup.

    Ambrosia was a favorite of the gods of Mount Olympus, and the food served at the renowned exquisite restaurant for fine dining in Paris has the same quality. The restaurant, which is rated three Michelin stars, combines delicious flavors with artistic plating. It is located in a chic townhouse situated on Place des Vosges, this restaurant is awash with style and sophistication. The main values of the restaurant consist of Quest for a stunning product, cooking with passion, and providing the finest.

    Through the seasons the proof of simplicity and the transformation of the product are the result of the constant collaboration between the search for quality and respect for the past. The menu of the restaurant offers numerous mouth-watering dishes like a floating island made of white truffles made from Alba, the creamy Jerusalem artichokes, and Fricassee of lobster with chestnuts and pumpkin served with deviled sauce, to name but just a few.

    If you and your date are planning to dine in this restaurant, formal attire is essential. A suit and tie are required for men, as well as a dress for women to impress. This is to maintain the elegance and classiness of the setting. Paris is a haven for food enthusiasts and people wanting to explore and enrich their palate. To know which ones are the best in Paris, check out the updated list of Michelin-starred restaurants here: https://guide.michelin.com/en/fr/ile-de-france/paris/restaurants