Explore Little Pipe Cay


    December 16, 2022


    Little Pipe Cay is a unique jewel nestled inside the Bahamas’ 350 Exuma Cay island chain, and it is the product of nearly fifteen years of painstaking cultivation to convert an already stunning island into a coastal paradise. The island is conveniently reachable by a private plane, helicopter, or yacht charter and is situated 270 miles off Miami and 70 miles from Nassau.

    It is also only two miles from Big Major Cay, the famous swimming pigs’ home. This 38-acre self-contained private island getaway can also be reached by sea, plane, and land with Staniel Cay being its starting point, a separate Exumas island with an exclusive yacht club. It is a short, picturesque boat ride from there to the island, where you can take in the beauty of the land as it begins to unravel around you.

    You will never again have to bother about not having enough room to yourself with acres of Little Pipe Cay oceanfront. The private island is renowned for its beautiful seas, fine, white sand beaches, and a wealth of leisure activities. Blissful, heavenly solitude in paradise.


    Explore Little Pip Cay with a beautiful travel companion


    Little Pipe Cay is unquestionably the true essence of the par excellence tropical island fantasy, complete with every amenity imaginable and more than that you can think of. Its magical beauty has already been known to ease travelers into the revitalizing pace the island is living, providing unrestricted freedom to indulge in the pleasures of sun, sand, and sea.

    Private charter access, translucent bottom kayak rentals, an Olympic-length freshwater pool, and dreamy top-tier spas are among the top-tier amenities. A seaplane jetty tempts guests with vertical exploration, while extensive dock frontage for any watercraft size promises nautical adventure.

    Little Pipe Cay is regarded as one of the best private islands in the Bahamas among experienced travelers, not to mention the entire Caribbean.


    Little Pipe Cay with a Date

    Little Pipe Cay, a private island is praised for its exquisite natural bounty, which includes blue crystalline seas, green meadows, lush tropical rainforests, and an infinite supply of powdered white beaches and shorelines.

    Spectacular beauty is combined with an endless list of activities and a plethora of gorgeous accommodations that have mastered the art of laid-back luxury. Little Pipe Cay surely awaits your arrival and there is nothing left to do than pack your bags and head straight into this exclusive island. But being exclusive means fewer people around.

    To enjoy your travel and the excursions that await, bring an elite travel companion with you, whose presence warms your heart. An elegant, cheerful, naturally beautiful lady that is easy to be with, and with whom you can share and learn new things. An intelligent woman with a sense of humor, whose poise and confidence make her fun to be around.

    A sea barn located on Little Pipe Cay houses yachts and water sports equipment, and there are hundreds of feet of dock frontage to handle small and big boats, with a deeper drafting dock towards the island’s operations end. A superyacht can be moored in a variety of nearby locations.

    With different yachts, boats, and or canoes available, there is no other more luxurious way to explore Little Pipe Cay and other neighboring Cays and Islands. Have a yacht ride with your lovely companion and go to landmarks or well-known spots around Little Pipe Cay. You can go scuba diving or snorkeling with trained individuals to see the colorful world under the surface of the sea.

    Other than exploring the world below the surface of the sea, you and your lovely date can also enjoy the island from above. Have a helicopter ride and see Little Pipe Cay on a different level. You can also include in your aerial tour the other cays and islands and see the beautiful Exumas chain of islands.

    Even if it is for a corporate visit or a much-needed vacation, Little Pipe Cay is a place for you. Five exemplary estates surround a 5,300-square-foot central property in the Little Pipe Cay, ranging from majestic plantation-style estates bursting with colonial pride to trendy beach cottages for you and your gorgeous lady companion to enjoy.

    Each residence brims with similarity and comfort in gleaming communal spaces wafted by the sweet-smelling sea breeze pristinely maintained with stylish furnishing, lush gardens, white sandy beaches, and a hill overlooking an infinity pool offering stunning views of the azure waters and outlying islands. Another five majestic retreats are highly automated with properly equipped kitchens and living areas, assuring every guest the uttermost amount of control and living space when needed.

    Encompassing eleven fabulous ensuites in total scattered across the island, bedrooms are customized with three in the crowning Manor House, whereas the Harbor Master, Beach Cottage, Buttonwood, and Sea Grape estates all offer romantic getaways with two bedrooms each. Twenty-two discerning guests can be housed in total with the utmost comfort and luxury.

    Builders made certain that these houses were strategically placed on the island so that every guest has access to breathtaking seascape views, and some overlook or are on the tip of one of the island’s pristine private beaches. Little Pipe Cay also has several services, such as a gym and spa, and it is fully crewed to give visitors such as you and your companion an unforgettable island experience.


    elite travel companion previewLittle Pipe Cay Luxurious Dining

    With Little Pipe Cay being an exclusive island, there is no chance of finding a restaurant within the premises. To fully enjoy the island with your lovely female travel companion, hire a private chef and other staff to accommodate your needs. You can plan on having a lovely sunset dinner with different courses prepared by the chef for both of you.

    When traveling somewhere as elegant and exclusive as Little Pipe Cay, with a VIP travel companion as exclusive as those from Elite Muse, you don’t want to skimp on the comfort and luxury. The price of privacy and exclusivity, is arranging staff to assist.

    As your personal luxury travel concierge, allow us to make the appropriate arrangements for you, as a complimentary service. It’s our pleasure to ensure your stay is unforgettable.

    You can also prepare a lovely dinner date on a yacht for you and your stunning date to enjoy. Indulge in your meals while taking in the cold night breeze as the yacht cruises around Little Pipe Cay. You can customize every dish according to your liking on both dinner plans.

    You can also arrange to have different bottles of champagne or wine to complement your meal. Having a conversation with your gorgeous bikini model escort, getting to know her more.

    Creating a beautiful connection begins with good, easy-flowing conversation, positive energy and natural chemistry.

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