Explore Dazzling Turtle Island, Fiji


    December 16, 2022


    The Yasawa Islands are home to Nanuya Levu, where you’ll find Turtle Island Resort. Turtle island is a stunning, exclusive island encircled on all sides by the dazzling Blue Lagoon. Your little island serves as a playground; its allure is like a siren call, luring you to explore this natural paradise’s peacefulness. An intimate universe is waiting for you on the other side of the limits of time. As you soar high above the water, you have whisked away to a realm where enchantment and recollections go hand in hand.

    A person first set foot on the shores of Turtle Island in the year 1972. He was looking for a location where he could heal and call home. After founding and successfully selling a multinational media firm, he exemplified the ideal of every aspiring business owner. Despite this, prosperity had taken its toll on them. He had run too far, too quickly, and for too long. He was exhausted.


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    Because they were mutually dependent, it is difficult to determine whether he came upon this paradise or whether it found him. He reforested the area, watched after the animals that lived there, and made friends with the locals so that he might start a family. As he tended to the island’s needs, the land helped to mend his broken spirit. The result was the beginning of a love affair that would last a lifetime between this gentleman, Richard Evanson, and his Turtle Island.

    Despite the island’s 500 acres, there is only room for 14 couples to stay at a time and experience the serenity of Turtle Island, making it a truly quiet escape from the world. Opening in 1980, Turtle Island has been providing visitors with an authentic and eco-friendly experience that respects Fijian heritage ever since.

    Every one of the resort’s 100 staff is a native Fijian. All of the island’s energy needs are met by solar panels, and all of the island’s food and drink are farmed or caught there. All of the beachfront houses are also handcrafted by talented Fijian artisans. Turtle Island’s amenities and ambiance are designed to help visitors learn about and appreciate the region’s rich cultural heritage and to let them meet and connect with other visitors.


    Turtle Island with a Companion

    The richness of their experiences amazes, motivates, and deepens your gratitude for being there. Time weaves a tapestry of beautiful memories. One of the world’s most famous tourist destinations offers pure enjoyment, relaxation, and romance. This island is an all-inclusive resort with just 14 pairs of visitors. Your Fijian villa offers breathtaking views of the Blue Lagoon, Yasawa, and Fiji Islands.

    Tropical flowers float through the resort on gentle breezes, while the warm, blue oceans of the resort’s 12 private beaches invite you to relax and rest. Discover the island’s secrets with a travel companion. A woman who shares your passions and interests in life and the world. She is beautiful and refined. She’s a kind and welcoming person who clearly believes in herself. A fantastic trip companion to make Turtle Island memorable.

    A seaplane voyage from Nadi International Airport to the beach and a warm welcome on Turtle Island conclude your vacation. A private charter will transport Turtle Island visitors. You may reach this island by sea or by plane. Charter flights from Nadi take 30 minutes. Because your visits are so significant, Turtle Island eagerly anticipates your arrival. The crew will say farewell at the dock when you leave.

    Turtle Island is the South Pacific’s most stunning experience, with 500 acres and endless beaches. For a week, you may book Turtle Island for yourself, your friends, or your date. Escape to Turtle Island for a romantic Blue Lagoon date or a once-in-a-lifetime island party. Being there will define you and will surely make you believe that living in this kind of paradise is unmatched and practically incomprehensible.

    They provide peaceful, comfortable lodgings, 14 bures (Fijian villas), delicious food, world-class wines, and an astonishing assortment of water sports, culture immersion, and memory-making activities. Each bure has a “Bure Mama,” a personal concierge who fulfills all visitor requests. When you book Turtle Island, they’re happy to provide total privacy and unmatched service.

    During your stay, enjoy a ride to Long Beach at dawn, trot along the water’s edge, and stop for a champagne toast and breakfast as the sun rises. Or, go for a ride as the sun goes down. The leafy trails will give you shade and let you be alone as you ride. It’s beautiful to ride a horse, whether running free or pulling a rider. Both you and your date will have an amazing time together horsebackriding.

    Fiji is widely recognized as the global center for soft coral. Unparalleled marine richness awaits scuba divers, with over a thousand fish species and hundreds of coral and sponge species to explore. Hundreds of fish species, cephalopods, turtles, colorful reefs, plant life, and a dizzying display of amazing South Pacific sea life may be found in the clear, pure waters surrounding Turtle Island.

    All these make it an ideal diving destination. Bring your dive card because you’ll be able to go on at least one dive every day during your stay. When diving, there is no better spot than Fiji, where the water temperature ranges from a pleasant 75°F to 80°F.

    A sanctuary for the mind, indulge in the serenity of your own personal 500-acre island paradise. A total of 14 spacious and bright villas are spread across the famous Blue Lagoon’s expansive lawns and gardens. You can relax in private and enjoy the ocean views at your beachfront home that was built to complement its natural surroundings.


    elite travel companion previewTurtle island Luxury Dining

    The cuisine is a gastronomic treat since it is cooked using freshly caught fish from the surrounding waterways and fruits and vegetables cultivated on the island. Visitors to the idyllic Turtle Island resort are welcomed like family by its kind, engaging, and noble hosts.

    The island’s Fijian cuisine is uniquely influenced by the fresh harvest of local ingredients and the longstanding custom of serving regional specialties.

    Flavors go beyond the basic, clean, and humble ingredients, such as lemongrass, slipper lobsters, and tropical soursop, which is why the food has been named the “Best Food in Fiji” by readers of Travel & Leisure.

    Enjoy one-of-a-kind dishes made just for you and your dietary needs. Succulent Australian beef, delicious natural fruits and vegetables cultivated on the island, and freshly caught Yellowfin tuna from the fisherman of the adjacent towns.

    Get away from it with your significant companion for a romantic meal, or have a lively dinner party for your new acquaintances.

    They carefully choose wines from small, artisanal wineries in the world’s best wine regions to complement the island cuisine.

    You will probably be experiencing these vineyards for the first time during your visit since they are located just far enough from the main tourist routes in France, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. They love discovering new and unusual foods for you to enjoy.

    Dinner for two is one of Turtle Island’s most romantic, marvelous, and unforgettable events. The Blue Lagoon pontoon serves meals via boat. The lantern-lit environment is whimsical. Cliff Point, a lagoon-side rock protrusion, is perfect for a dinner date.

    Your food may be made onsite or delivered via a trolley. Find out more about the island’s dining experiences here: https://www.turtlefiji.com/cuisine/