Exclusive Guana Island


    December 16, 2022


    Guana Island, the biggest tropical island and the most unspoiled gem of the British Virgin Islands, is home to elegant and exclusive luxury resorts that are one of the Caribbean’s most secluded hideaway oases to rest in nature. Only a few visitors get access to the 850-acre estate, which includes seven beaches, mountains, gardens, organic orchards, various hiking routes, and even a herd of flamingos.

    In this location, where the brilliant Caribbean Sea meets the enormous Atlantic Ocean, you will discover first-class accommodation, dining, and services in a family-run legacy of understated elegance that has been refined for almost a century. Guana Island is among the 16 inhabited islands in the British Virgin Islands out of the roughly 40 islands present.


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    Archaeologists have found that the seafaring, Arawakan-speaking Taino clan landed here from South America in the 14th century, after being forced out of the Lesser Antilles by the Caribbean, and named and created agriculture and fishing as part of a prosperous community. Christopher Columbus traveled to the archipelago in 1493 and dubbed his finding Las Once Mil Virgenes, after the tale of Saint Ursula and her 11,000 virgins.

    The coming of Columbus precipitated the extermination of practically all populations. The rugged islands were regularly swapped between the Dutch, Spaniards, and eventually the British throughout the decades that followed. By 1773, the British Virgin Islands had gained semi-autonomy. Although the islands now have a constitutional government, they remain British territories.

    Guana Island was called after an iguana-shaped mountain on the island’s northern shore. In the 18th century, two English Quaker families who had slaves planted cotton and sugarcane and processed those harvests in what are now stone remnants right above the salt pond has found the island once more.


    Guana with a Date

    There are not many islands in the British Virgin Islands that can compare to Guana Island. Its pristine acres encapsulate a dreamy vision of the Caribbean at its best. Mostly undeveloped, extending from immaculate white-sand beaches to ridgetop tropical woods, this paradise perfectly balances wildness and elegance. It makes an excellent destination for a magical date, a place that will amaze both you and your stunning model travel escort with pure beauty.

    Guana’s main beach is a half-mile stretch of shimmering powder-white sand reminiscent of Caribbean daydreams. Delight yourself in this luxury travel destination with a companion whose presence surely elevates and makes your vacation worthwhile, whether it’s for business purposes or much-needed rest. She should be a woman of glamour, class, and elegance and also shares the same interests as you. Explore and enjoy the island’s offerings and create wonderful, unforgettable memories together.

    Starting on the island’s land excursions, you and your date can choose from a variety of activities on Guana Island. Badminton, tennis, volleyball, croquet, ping-pong, or even bocce, lawn bowling, and horseshoes on the beach are all options. Of course, if you don’t want to exert so much energy, there are facilities, hammocks, and a private beach bar to keep you occupied.

    An island is not enough without a water trip accessible. Guana Island has a fleet of beach toys available, including stand-up paddle boards, paddle boats, kayaks, sunfish, and Hobie-cat, as well as snorkeling equipment for you to choose from. Further experiences include diving, water skiing, kite surfing, local and deep-sea fishing, and wakeboarding.

    If you and your beautiful date want to venture beyond Guana, take a day or half-day boat journey to Norman Island for lunch, or any other British Virgin Island location, including the renowned Baths at Virgin Gorda. The Spa, which offers a wide range of lavish and holistic treatments, is located just steps from White Bay Beach, where nothing but the sounds of the sea and gentle breezes will distract you.

    Stay in a warm hotel with your lovely companion that is built out of native stone and coral on the foundations of an 18th-century Quaker estate. Scattered along a picturesque ridge and cooled by the soft Sea breeze, you and your date can stay in one of the 18 unique rooms and villas that offer a domineering view of the Caribbean and the Atlantic. Tucked away into the mountainside is Guana’s biggest and most glamorous villa. Enjoy idyllic views from the vaulted ceiling living room, dining room, or expansive verandas with an infinity pool that overlooks both the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

    An even more stunning villa situated on the scenic ridge, the harbor villa has spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea can be another great option. Enjoy panoramic views from vast patios. Relax in your private infinity pool. The only lodging on remote North Beach, a universe unto itself. This Villa offers the most private location on the Island, with its private pool and rooftop terrace nestled into the dune above Guana’s dramatic North Bay.


    elite travel companion previewGuana’s Fine Dining

    Guana’s globally trained chefs provide delectable farm-to-table fare, supported by veggies from their self-sustaining orchard and freshly baked bread and muffins. The occurrences of the orchard and products obtained within arm’s reach impact daily dishes.

    During your stay, you and your date can eat fresh and healthy food. The organic Orchard supplies guests with nutritious vegetables at every meal and decreases dependency on imported food. However, due to the size and population of the island, there are only a few eateries nearby.

    You can view more about dining experiences right in Guana’s exclusive area here: https://www.guana.com/dining/

    Scrub Island, just 3.3 miles away from Guana Island, has a restaurant with fine cuisine and panoramic views. The restaurant only uses the highest quality and freshest local and foreign products.

    This restaurant serves visitors refreshing contemporary Caribbean cuisine with an American flair with a broad variety of dining options, ranging from fine dining fare to casual dining. Choose from delectable Caribbean staples or a hand-cut premium aged steak or chop.

    Dining here with your lovely model travel companion is an adventure in and of itself.

    Each gourmet offering is carefully orchestrated to deliver a unique perspective and will leave you with great memories of this dining experience, from dining alfresco to a splendid Caribbean-themed beach party under a starry night sky.

    Examine the night sky while relaxing beside the fire pit. Escape to Scrub Island for a laid-back evening of four delectable courses. Breathtaking vistas. Indulge in an unforgettable private dining experience.