Discover The Magnificent Sanctuary Isla Sa Ferradura


    January 13, 2023


    Isla Sa Ferradura is a magnificent sanctuary surrounded by lush tropical plants. Isla Sa Ferradura is a 35,000-square-meter private island in Ibiza’s San Miguel Bay. It is a 3.5-hectare islet joined to the larger island by a discreet two-sided beach. This resort, found at the Bay of Sant Miquel on the island’s northern coast, is the most recent and opulent addition to the island’s housing choices.

    Isla Sa Ferradura had a complete renovation after a change of ownership and is now accessible for business rentals as of May 2017. Everything is updated to provide a sleek, cutting-edge, and contemporary vibe. In the interior, a neutral and subdued color palette dominates, giving this hideaway its original Balearic vibe.

    Smart, cutting-edge technology is installed throughout the building, and the property itself has significant intrinsic value. Isla Sa Ferradura is entirely self-sufficient and has a negligible effect on the surrounding ecosystem. All the gray water from the house is recycled and used to irrigate the garden below the ground.


    Discover the magnificent sanctuary Isla Sa Ferradura with your luxury travel companion and vacation escort


    Isla Sa Ferradura is one of the few privately owned islands in the Mediterranean that is accessible for vacation rentals, making it a true jewel. This rocky 3.5-acre islet in the bay of Sant Miquel on Ibiza’s north coast is the perfect playground and party pad for hedonistic adults, thanks to its proximity to the mainland through a sandy isthmus.

    The lavish white hacienda can accommodate up to 16 people and has a pool with an infinity edge next to a palm-shaded patio and a second pool with a freeform lagoon design along a meandering walk. As if the main house’s eight plush guest suites, modern lounges, and private theater weren’t enough, the island also has a fascinating cave complex with a hot tub, sauna, spa, and beauty salon.

    The 750-square-meter sea-view roof terrace is the real show-stopper, with its shaded pergolas, two bars, dance floor, and DJ decks allowing visitors to throw their private concert or party whenever they like. In 2018, the World Boutique Hotel Awards named Isla Sa Ferradura the best private villa in Europe.


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    The destination lends itself to peaceful restoration and romance.  A huge patio is a focal point for the living, eating, and lounging areas. Opening the inside to the terraces, outside chill-out locations, and al fresco eating areas is a breeze thanks to the floor-to-ceiling sliding windows that vanish entirely into the double walls.

    One of the best parts of Isla Sa Ferradura is the rooftop terrace, which is 750 square meters in size and offers breathtaking ocean views. Isla Sa Ferradura is undoubtedly one of the most luxurious private islands in the world, thanks to its two bars, shaded pergolas, DJ mixing deck, and stage for private performances.

    Guests of this high-end property will have access to their bar. It’s easy to catch the bartender’s attention at the bar so that visitors can have a private party with unlimited beverages all night. Similar to the pool or rooftop bar, the private bar at the luxury villa offers a breathtaking panorama.

    This lovely retreat features a spacious 23-meter swimming pool on the terrace, a free-shaped Laguna pool among the beautiful tropical plants, and a fully-equipped gym, yoga studio, and massage room. The spa, which spans an expansive 250 square meters and is decorated in an Oriental style, is housed in its structure in the center of the tropical gardens, directly across from the Laguna Pool and the fitness center.

    Included is a bar, changing rooms, a sauna, a steam room, a plunge pool, and a Jacuzzi. Simply said, a massage is the best way to unwind. Having a massage in a spa room or luxurious pavilion by the pool is the icing on the cake. Massage therapy is a great way to unwind, and in such a serene and private setting, you’ll feel like a new person afterward.

    Ferradura’s allure is not limited to the fact that it is Ibiza’s sole private island but more to the hedonistic isolation that it provides. Be ready to be picked up in the island’s private automobile or arrived by yacht or helicopter.

    There are lovely grounds surrounding the main villa. There are nine opulently furnished double bedrooms, including a master suite, with suite baths and private balconies from which to take in the stunning Mediterranean vistas.


    elite luxury travel companion previewIsla Sa Ferradura Fine Dining

    The assistance provided by the resort is not only knowledgeable and prompt, but it is also discreet. Each meal the senior chef made was a triumph in terms of flavor and presentation.

    It would be best if you dined on the rooftop during your leisurely meals, where they will serve you traditional Spanish tapas and paella. Apart from the meals, you are treated to red mullet stuffed with ratatouille and served above a bed of champagne and parmesan risotto.

    Just thirty minutes away from Isla Sa Ferradura is a restaurant that has been awarded a Michelin star and is located on a rural estate in the middle of a pine forest with a view of the Mediterranean Sea.

    This restaurant is a tranquil refuge where nature sets the pace, and nothing can interrupt or stain the enjoyment of having a good meal.

    The home is nestled amid the pines and offers a lovely patio with tree cover, making it an oasis of tranquility on this otherwise crowded island.

    Because the chef was keen to involve his team members in preparing the food, aside from the classic cuisine of the restaurant, they also creatively created new dishes. The latter draws its influences from Mediterranean practices and is centered on a team-based way of cooking centered on overarching themes.

    It also includes contributions from specialists in various domains like history, biology, and food production. It is an educated yet serene dining experience with a focus on sustainability, reflecting a journey through the history of Mediterranean civilizations through its expansive tasting menu, which is served with a variety of sourdough bread.

    It is a serene hideaway that offers an exceptional combination of eating options. The meals are creative reinterpretations of classic cuisines from the Mediterranean. Each mouthful is a colorful and texturally varied ode to its own story, which is told via its flavors.

    The numerous possibilities for fine dining within the island are possible with their amazing kitchen staff and world-class culinary team. Find out more information about it here: